Impeachment Trial done as pre-determined by Putin, McConnell and the Russians! Доброе утро, хочу быть русским!

The Impeachment of Donald Trump is done and over with really, now.

His Republicans in the Senate don’t have the balls to remove him from office, they are scared he will send in people to primary them, and call them names publically and scar them, for their own reelections. Sadly, they believe he is their way to stay in office.

I applaud The Democrats efforts to inform the Senate and to bring the Impeachment Charges to the Senate as a whole. The House Managers, especially Adam Schiff, have made fine presentations of why the House Impeached Trump. But you can’t stop fear, or blind loyalty it seems, no matter how good the presentation was.

So, as, the Trial continues today with Trump’s lawyers coming forward to produce his side, I say this, let them have fun. Can’t stop it, so why try anymore it was a forgone conclusion before it started and I knew it, before he was Impeached and predicted it too.

The next Question to come up will be in November, on the 3rd when Americans go to the polls to vote. Will the Election be clean or will Russia and China at Trump’s bidding control it no matter how we vote, like they did in 2016? Will The Senate and House of Representatives allow Trump to do it all over again to stay in Office for another four years? What damages will America, it’s Constitution and It’s Laws suffer and what will it mean for future Presidencies? How about what damages the Senate is allowing to incur on our Republic and our Democracy as we move forward? If Trump can do it and get away with it so will future Presidents and we now head toward a Dictatorship! I will remember this time in history when a Democrat is in Office and does the same thing exactly and it happens with a Republican Minority in The Senate too.

Well as it happens today is my Sixty Fourth Birthday,! I have survived for sixty four years and I have outlived my fathers age, he went at 55, my mother at 59 she went and my Step-fathers too he also went at 59.

I have survived a brutal childhood which includes beatings and verbal abuse by both parents. I have survived a Military Career which went sixteen years, in three branches also. I have survived a fall which ruined my military career aboard ship, causing six herniated discs in my spine. I have survived Lung Cancer also in 2013. And I am surviving helping my wife with her cancer, which is now stage four breast cancer metastasized to her bones. So, we do her treatments every three weeks and blood draws and then scans every 3 months.

So As January 25th, starts of 2020, I want to say this to America, as a proud Disabled Veteran who served well, and has 5 Honorable Discharges from Three Branches. to Trump’s two letters of 4f from his Doctor and no service time at all, I gave my all, I served. I can’t change what Congress will do next or force the Senate to Vote to remove Donald J. Trump. Yet I can ask all Americans to think twice before you re vote in Donald J. Trump as President again. Because if he does get a second term, I firmly believe you all may as well get a subscription to Babel and learn Russian, because Putin owns him and will own America before Trump can finish, a Second Term, as President.

Доброе утро, хочу быть русским!

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