Delusions? Where?

A delusion is a false belief that is based on an incorrect interpretation of reality. Delusions, like all psychotic symptoms, can occur as part of many different psychiatric disorders. But the term delusional disorder is used when delusions are the most prominent symptom. Now recently, someone who thinks they know better than anyone else called me delusional, and said I had no idea what I am talking about. SO, I just want to point out I am far from delusional, but they may be themselves.

There s no delusion, in the fact I was with my wife for 28 years, and I took her to Doctors, MrIs Cat Scans and more. I took her for her dental work, I paid for all her medical cost, and in the end all her cancer care too. Sound delusional to you for me to say that? I doubt it. Cancer is a killer and costly for the patient and those who must pay the cost of the treatments and more.

Is it a delusion that, I was with her for 28 years and she told me she loved me before she died, nope. Was I delusional when she was dying and I watched her daughter and her sister sit next to her hospice bed in my dinning room and discuss how they were going to divide and figure out what they were going to get out of my house as she died? Nope I have witnesses to it all.

Is it delusional to anyone out there that my sister and I sat by as my wife died, changing her, cleaning her and making her as comfortable as possible as she died? No delusion there correct?

Is it delusional that the daughter wants to complain after my wife is gone as to what she did as she died, and how much it cost her to bury her mother, not really so far correct? Where the real delusions come into play is not on my side folks. The daughter wanted to do something for her mother’s burial and get involved because I was an emotional wreck and I said ok. So she called the Funeral Home and set up the grave site burial and ordered the urn for her mom’s cremation. No biggie there for sure, but did she pay for that, no, I did. I paid burial costs, cremation costs. urn cost and for the plots we will be in together, and my wife is buried in now, not her daughter.

The daughter wants to argue and complain because she spent two thousand dollars for a reception after burial for a reception, that should have never been, but I allowed to pacify her. I told the daughter many times, your mom wanted simple, no reception, no pomp and circumstances, period keep it simple. You wanted it as her daughter, you invited your friends and not mine or your mothers, so that is not delusional on my part either. The delusion here is you think you paid for your mom’s burial, you didn’t I did and i have the ten thousand dollars worth of receipts to prove it all, no delusion there, so tell me where you paid for your mom’s burial? ‘ a delusion on your part, not mine.

Was it a delusion for me, when you stood in my driveway and demanded to get into my house, after your mother’s death and I told you three times, no and your own son had to tell you, he said no mom lets go? Nope,ask your own son! Because I have witnesses to that one too in my sister and her man. No delusion there woman, is it?

Was it a delusion that during your mother dying in my home, you came saw her and then when told she was dying and asked to send your children on their vacation alone, you choose to go with them and left your mother to myself and my sister to care for? Nope, no delusion there right?

Was it a delusion of mine that you texted me a list of items you and your aunt wanted after my wife died, all the gifts you gave her while she was alive, nope, I have that list in my phone and computer too. No delusion there, is there.

I won’t go further here, but I want to point out, I am not the delusional one. If all you did was pay two thousand dollars for a reception and make a few damn phone calls, you didn’t pay for anyone’s funeral cost, that’s delusional. I said no pomp, no show, no production was what your mother requested, what you did was add a reception and tried to add a brunch too and more, why , it wasn’t for my wife or me, it was for you and your friends you invited. That’s sad!

I remind you, I paid for 28 years of caring, comfort and homes for your mother too. I paid for all her prescriptions, clothing, doctors and more, on a disability pension and social security, not you. Don’t cry and call me delusional, when you make well over 200 grand per year, have a rich ex-husband who has millions, and you only contributed two grand for a reception. That’s sad and that is delusional on your part. Your living in a world of false beliefs, false ideas and thoughts and grieving, I get it, we all are. But don’t, be stupid and be very careful what you say about me, I have proof of payments, I have paid for all involving your mother and her death and life for the last 28 years. Where were you?

You took money from us for your children’s college funds for years, amounting in ten of thousand of dollars, is it delusional of me to tell you your mom had no money or income at all, I had it and allowed it and gave it. Facts are facts here.

Whats a lie and a delusion on your part, well here is one for sure. I set up estate sales after your mother died, I specifically, told you not to come, because of the emotions that would occur if you did. Instead you sent your 17 year old daughter in to see what was for sale and what we were doing. None of your business, nor was it hers. My sister told her she shouldn’t be there and your daughter got upset. Life is rough you know that, yet you sent her in with a bag full of photographs for me to have, that’s how i know you sent her. I have the photographs to prove it too. I didn’t chase you 17 year old daughter from the house and give her nothing, I protected her and kept her safe, helped her pick out the mementos she wanted, and gave them to her cheap. I boxed em, talked to her and even walked her to her car as she left and carried the box for her. I hugged her as she cried also. and waved goodbye when she left too, as i cried. Thats no delusion, that’s facts.

I am sorry you didn’t get into the house at least for you, but not me. I am glad i kept you out, no delusion there. I know you wanted the coat rack, no it’s mine. I know you wanted to pillage the house for as much as you wanted, sorry, not yours to take. I didn’t appreciate you telling my sister, not to allow my children to pillage the house before you get to see it either. My daughter and their families never even came to Connecticut about your mother dying, so why do you do these things? Why would you say these things about people you don’t even know? It’s sad and delusional.

Let me close you delusional conversation for you and all who read this, I have no delusions about reality or fantasy, I know my wife died on August 10th, 2021, I know I buried her on August 20th, 2021. I know I went to her grave site, have you, no. Did I keep the promises I made to my wife and do things as she wanted it ,yes, did you, no. In your grief and sadness, you even accused me of blocking you from calling me, I never did. I was Hospitalized for 10 days for depression and an attempted suicide on my part and my phone was turned off and unpaid for. I never blocked anyone. Did you ever wonder or think I was in worse shape than you, over my wife’s death and I reached out to a hospital for help? Nope you didn’t, I am not delusional, you are.

Now we come to the end here, your mom is buried, her headstone is in place, you accuse me of doing things and saying things I never did and act like a child who is spoiled and I am to blame no thank you. Do me a favor, take your feelings of self blame, and greed and self-pity and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine, ok. I hope you can live with yourself, for you missed your father dying by 20 minutes and then you missed your mother dying, also. You should be ashamed of yourself for missing both of their deaths, for going on vacations when you should have been there for them. Then you cry you didn’t get all you wanted from me or my house of your mother’s belongings, when you yourself told me, your fathers wife gave you only three items of his and sent you on your way. I gave you a damn trailer load and a SUV loaded with items, but you still wanted more that’s greed on your part, not mine. Wake up, I am not going to let you have all you wanted, nor do you have any right to any of it. When your mother and I set up our wills and the Living Trust I remember what you mom told me when I asked her why you were no to be a beneficiary of her will or the Trust. She said and I quote verbatim, my daughter has all she needs, a home, and makes over 200 grand a year, and lacks nothing.So she left you out of her will and that wasn’t my doing but hers.So, do me a favor, grow up, live with what you got, enjoy it all, and in the end move on, please, no more nasty texts, no more phone calls, it is obvious to me you never cared for me and I never really cared about you. Don’t bother me on Facebook eithe ror any other social platform I blocked you period, Good Luck!

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