Donald Trump,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from all Americans, who you have screwed over, what goes around comes around, and it’s coming!

Now that the Funeral for George Herbert Walker Bush is over in Washington, DC and the man will be laid to rest today at his Presidential Library, it is time to discuss Presidential behavior.

When one is elected to the Presidency, one is supposed to be gracious, kind and endearing to those who came before you in  the Presidential line. Your supposed to get along with your predecessors and get advice from them, not call them out for acts, and treat them like shit. Trump does just that and then wonders as can be seen on his face at the church, why no one except the Obamas said hello to him. George W. Bush had no choice but to shake Trump’s hand and say hello and thanks for coming, for it was his father’s wishes to have number 45 there. Trump should have stood up and walked down the front of the pew and been a big enough man to start at the far end and say hello to each former President, starting with Carter, yet he did not do it. Carter was ignored, the Clintons were ignored, and in the end sadly, it stood out to the american public on tv, just how ostrichsized Trump really is from his predecessors. He doesn’t call them for advice, or for help in anyway, he believes he is an island of his own and can do all by himself. Sad. It is also why, he is failing so badly at all he does as President.

Besides the above incident, Trump is now in the deepest hot water of his life and it is closing in very fast, as Mueller gets closer to him in all ways. Trump believes he can’t be indicted as President, but I warn you Donald you can be indicted. Even if you are not indicted in Office, as soon as you leave it, the indictments will come and the charges, there is no doubt in my mind. What will be even worse is when the Russia Investigation, lead by Mueller, is released to Congress, The Justice Department and the American Public all at once, a firestorm will drive you from the White House. As subpoenas now fly at your organizations in 13 different places for tax records, operation records and more, all will come out as to how you are profiting from being President. Yet we already know you committed tax fraud over many years Donald, and on top of all of this you colluded with the russians to win the White House, and since the day you won the republican Party you have been Obstructing Justice left and right.

Here is something else to consider Donald. Don Jr., Ivanka, Jared and Eric are all at stake in this legal game that is being played by you. Don Jr., Jared, wil be indicted I am sure for the trump Tower Meeting you had them hold with Russians. Don Jr. and Jared Kushner both lied to Congress and the American Public about that meeting and now all know it so, guess what happens.

Ivanka screwed up in a different way using the emails the way she did, after all your shouting and rating and raving about Hillary misusing the email systems of the Government your daughter went right ahead and did it too, not the brightest candle in the wind is she? So at some point she will have to pay a price too. Sadly Donald you were dumb enough and blinded by the want of power and your simple megalomaniacal mind, and narcissistic personality, to put your own children at risk for criminal records and possible jail time, and ruin their lives just like yours. Bad enough they will come for you Donald, and it is now in process, but it’s even worse they will come for your children first to get to you. What kind of a father, using his children to commit crimes and protect him, and hangs them out to dry? Your own children Donald, are you that sad of a case, you don’t realize it yet?

Many, believe that the Flynn sentencing brief filed by Mueller’s and his team, asking that Flynn serve no time, contains three additional cases. One of which is a criminal matter and the other two of course will be Russia collusion and Obstruction of Justice cases I am sure. I ask you Donald now, do you honestly believe you can pardon your son, daughter and son in law, plus political operatives and still stay in the Oval Office?

Final thing to think about Donald J, Trump for you as we close in one the Christmas and Holiday Seasons, January is coming very fast. Early January 2019, comes the Democratic Blue Wave in The House, the Subpoena Power, the Investigations  will increase and they will block all your bullshit. You will be the biggest dead duck in the Oval Office ever. They will investigate the Russia Collusion and Obstruction of Justice, they will go after Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, Donald Jr. Ivanka and Corsi. They will put the breaks on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and  look closer at the North Korea Negotiation with KIm Jung Un. Oh and just so you know, you can shut the government down if you wish, but the only wall you will get, is going to be the one in House to block your border wall too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from all Americans, who you have screwed over, what goes around comes around, and it’s coming!