Feb. 11th to the 15th, Compromise Donald!

Today is February 11th, 2019, on the 15th, President Donald Trump has promised a shutdown once again of America’s Government, if he doesn’t get his 5.7 billion dollars for a wall on the Southern Border of America.

We don’t need a shutdown once again and it’s affects not only on the American People and Economy, but the world would be disastrous. What we need in Washington, DC. right now are adults, who understand the pain and suffering we can face if this happens to compromise!. Compromise is not a word Donald Trump likes to hear nor does he want to do it, yet his stubbornness and stupidity and unwillingness to compromise will hurt too many and put in danger our national security.

If he shuts down the government again, He will create a national emergency of a different nature far worse than any wall. You will once again cut security from the southern border, the airports and ports on both coasts of America and the drugs and criminals will flow at at an ungodly rate. Do you care, Donald Trump, really?

The Wall or barricade or fence or whatever you are calling it today, is worthless and a waste of American taxpayer dollars. They will go over, under or around it and you know it because you have seen the tunnels already, wake up!.

I will tell you this Donald John Trump, the Mueller Investigation is just the tip of the iceberg you are facing, it is minor compared to what is coming from the House of Representatives, and The southern District of New York Prosecutors Offices. Your about to be buried in legal matters you will never solve, nor extricate yourself from and you know it already. Don’t you think, you are fighting too many battles on too many fronts at once? I don’t care how good you think you may be, you will fall.

You want to create a Legacy for yourself Donald J. Trump, then compromise with the Democrats, you can make alegacy of cooperation and compromise and have something to show for your time in office, by doing so. If not the only Legacy you will leave behind will be one of the most corrupt, and illegal President in American History, who colluded with Russia to get the Office, who Obstructed Justice, broke the Emolument Clause numerous times, took money from other nations while in Office and so much more like Misuse of Power, Lying to the American Public 24 times a day , on average.

You now have 19 women accusing you of Sexual Harassment, Taped and televised, video of you saying your grab women by their gentiles and you can get away with it cause you are famous. Sad!

You bad mouth women daily, and on top of all this you had the guts to get on public tv and ask the Russian to find Hillary’s Emails for you! Sad! Then you cry no collusion, it’s witch hunt! Bullshit ! You will deserve all you get before it is over. I think Elizabeth Warren is correct Donald, you may not be President by 2020, and you may not be a free man either. The evidence is so huge and massive right now, if I were you Donald I would do the right thing now, I would first and foremost, compromise to keep the government going, and secondly, think seriously of Resigning the Presidency. If you don’t Resign here is what you are going to face, 1) Impeachment Proceedings 2) Indictments waiting for you from the Southern District of New York’s Prosecutor’s Office 3) The Mueller Report being Released in full, in the near future. 4) The Anger of The American People as it grows and grows and heads to Washington, DC. to come see you. 5) Calls of Treason against you will start soon enough for people in your campaign passing information on polls to the Russians to help you get elected. I remind you DOnald John Trump, your Daddy Fred, would be so upset with you for ruining his family name and reputation if he were alive, he is rolling over his grave in pain from all you have done, I am sure.

What would your Dad, Fred Trump say to you, when he learned you put your children at stake to win the White House? What would Daddy fred say when he learned that Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and even Jared Kushner have all committed felonies and can be prosecuted because of you an put in prison too? I wonder how good they will all look in Orange Jumpsuits in the near future? Don’t You?