How long your legacy really will be.

Whats next in life, lets see, I started life and then overcame 99 siezures as a baby, by being dropped on my head at 9 months old. Then, worked my way up in age, with attention deficiet disorder and hyperactivity, having trouble in school and at home.

By, the time I reached 12 years old I had been put into a Institution for Emotionally danaged children and released. I went back to Grammer School and graduated as all the other students stared at me, like i was a freak or outcast.

Then I went on to High School years, where I would not make it through because I was too distracted by too many things. Yet I made friends there and when I did drop out I kept some. I went onto go to work in factories then, working sometimes 80 hours a week. Yet I did not really fit in anywhere, I was like an odd wheel in a square world so to say. Just not one to fit any model or mode that there was.

I left home and went on to join the Army first, then The Army National Guard and finished in The US Navy, for a total service time of 16 years. I had a marriage and two daughters and I did the service for them not for me, until I was injuried. We had homes and two of everything, until I was Discharged Medically under Honorable Conditions. Then that marriage and my daughters were gone one day when my first wife decided she wanted a divorce. I never fought it and I lost my daughters in the process.

Overcoming had by then become a way of life for me, I went thru a very bleak couple of years then, walking the streets and living in a YMCA. Struggling job to jon, meal to meal. I even worked to eat, cleaning resturants and doing dishes. Making menus, I still survived.

I went through the loss of my parents who died each of cancer, in their fifties, when I was in my 30’s. I not only lost my parents I lost my step-father who raised me to it also. I survived and paid my part to bury those who raised me. It’s called life I always have said we do not live for ourselves but fot others.

I continued, and foung a woman, I loved and spent 28 years with, I married her. God Bless her soul, for she passed on me also from cancer and I have never missed aperson more than her. Pretty, smart, able to communicate and always there she was with me. We had two of everything, like my first marriage,except children. I never wanted more children and missed my two daughters until I comtacted them after they reached legal age. Nut, ny then my daughters were not interested inhaving a father, they wanted a piggy bank, a ATM as one of them called me. Well thea ended those rerlationships basically for me, I am nobodys fool nor shall I be used by anyone, in such ways. I love my daughters and their children too, but, I am no fool. I went back to school, at 37 to graduate at 40, and get a Degree. How many do that!

Life continued as i said for me, and my wife too. Then came the sad endings once more for me. First I stood side by side and helped my wife with her breast cancer over 16 years. Doctors, hospitals, chemo, radiation, remission finally. Then I got cancer in the middle, lung cancer almost got me, but I wa slucky, I losta lone and a third of my right lung but survived. Then my wife’s cancer roared back. We battled it, my wife and I, till agter a 16 year fight the cancer in her would not disappear. We turned from chemo and radiation when it would not work anymore to immunio theraphy for her. In the end itfailed, cancer keeps coming. I took her to Doctors, tests, Chemo, radiation, Immunio-theraphy and all failed. In the end, she was in and out of hospitals, rehab facilities and back home and back in twice in her final six months. In the end i went to see her down the road in the Rehab dacility she was in and she couldn’t feed herself anymore, no one was feeding ger now, so I brought her home amd hospiced her for her final ten days of life. She passed at least with me near in our home we shared together knowing I loved her, and she lobed me, for those were the final words we spoke to one another. I kept my word to her, I burioed her next to her son she had lost when he was younger. And I prepared the headstone for both of us, so I will be buried next to her whenI go too. I paid for all, and went through the motions in tears and sobbing, but I did it all.

Today I have sold all my wife and i owned together an dleft the area we lived in and the home we had behind. Why, some ask me, simple, I could not live there and not be depressed any further, by her memory. I love now in a new state, a new condo and I am trying exteremly hard to start a new life for I am now only 66 about to turn 67. Life is lonely and yes I miss my deceased wife and I talk to her picture daily telling her I miss her. I ma old now, at least it feels that way to me, I have seen the world, I have loved two women and had two daughters and two different loves. Creating a third one is tiring for me now. It is hard, for I am old my body is aching, my joints hurt, my muscles don’t work the same anymore and even my teeth are failing now and I meed massive repairs. As my wife wasdying, I was grinding my teeth down in my sleep in worry, so I have bad teeth now and tey are being crowned and capped and more now.

Someone asked me what I want next in life, I just want peace, to be able to have a female for companionship, someone i can communicate with, and laugh with and enjoy. I want to be able to relax and basically hope to die in peace without pain. Will that happen for me I do not know, for I have no control over fate or destiny, but I only comtrol my own actions daily. I now go day by day when I wake up to when I sleep.

Fate and destiny has kept me alive this far and I am here for some reason, I do not know why, anymore then anyone else may. I have a belief, that we are all placed here, upon this planet for a reason none of us can fanthom as we go thru life. We have our mission to complete, in someway, someday, and then we are recalled to from whence we came in the end. The Good Lord puts us here for us to interact with other human beings, in the end we shall all be remembered not for the money we made, the possessions we owned, but for how we treated others in life. People do not stand over graves, and cry, over material possessions folks, they stand over graves and cry ove rthe person they miss, the onethat treated them well and respected them and was always there for them. Those are the ones we miss, those are the ones we would like back in our lives again. We are remembered for how we treat others and only loved for that reason, always remember that! Remember, as you go through life, it is the interactions you have with others, how you treat them, that makes your memory to them worthwhile and as long as you live in their memories, will be how long your legacy really will be.

Odds/ and opinions/ Politics and Thoughts

January 6th, 2023, began at 5:30 am for me, I awoke onc emore with back spasms and pain, which is fast becoming the normal for me these days. Yet, I persist, and keep walking, and doing what I have to survive is all.

These days I tend to watch the Celtics and the NFL when I can when they are on. I love both, but, refuse to pay the prices to go see them live, they are just crazy. Being elderly, on Social Security and disability, I tend to watch my money closely and go day by day the best I can.

When, you get to a certain age like me, in your mid to high 60’s, you just want peace and quiet and in the end, someone to share it with. I have the peace and quiet now, I miss having the someone to share it with. My guess is, I will have to get out and find someone to be with, but to do so, I will have to learn the area I live in, here in Massachuetts.

Well, I do play pool on Monday evenings with the gang at the clubhouse for fun, Then on Thursdays I Bowl for fun too with the group here from the condos I live in. Walking I try to do daily if i am up to it and my back lets me, these days. In the meantime I write my blogs here, chat online and watch mobies and shows. I started a puzzle a while back but it is like the 5th one since last March when I moved here, but, I got bored with it all, so it sits waiting. I read now and then, but you can only read so much before you get bored also.

So, what do tou do, when your going on 67 in a few days, and you have a back that goes out on you and you live alone? I am not sure it would have been any different for me in Connecticut, then it is now in Massachuetts, age is now becoming a determining factor in all I do or try to do. I have seen card playing clubs here, majong playing cluns and domino playing clubs here also, but I have not joined them. I am tending to avoid gettng involved with the women here in the condos I live in, gossip would rule the place if I did and women tend to talk. Plus I do not beed to as one put it to me, shit in my own backyard, it would make living here a drama circus on a daily basis.

So I guess I shall start looking for things to do and places to go. Maybe events, or clubs, I don’t know what the area I live in offeres up here. Most I have looked ta here in Westborough is geared for the younger crowd of course, so I shall have to expand my looking some to see what else there is. Maybe, try to look into Meet-Up and their events, or things along those lines. Most of what I see so far in this area is aimed at younger crowds and couples, not senior singles.

Anyway that will give all an idea what is happening for me here, so far on my new life. I have been watching this farce on a vote for Speaker of The house happen now for three days and 11 rounds. Now, let me say this, if I ran 11 times for the same position and my peers didn’t vote to give me the Gavel and Seat, I would drop out, from pure embarrasement! How can Kevin McCarthy sit there through each vote and know they don’t want him as Speaker of The House and keep going? It must be humiliating at the least.

Will he get The Speaker of The hOuse position and Gavel eventually, naybe, but, what shall be left isa spineless, weal Speaker of the House, he is giving away far too many concessions period. You can’t be Speaker of the House under the concessions he is giving away. He will be the shortest term ever for a Speaker.

In the meantime the Legislative Branch of our Governement is basically shut down and incoming Representives can not be sworn in either. Things have come to a stop in The House and McCarthy has not budged and is stubborn and so are his opponents, sadly. The damage this battle is causing to the country and the Republican Party, will not disappear if McCarthy gets the gavel and Spreakers seat, for a long while. You can’t have a Speaker of the House who has no spine or backbone or power left, because he gave it all up, to get the seat. It won’t work, the Republican party wil run over McCarthy and he will look like an ass.

Next subject to tackle, so to say. The near death of a young 24 year old NFL Player due to heart problems here. I doubt very much if the illness or almost death of Dumar Hamlin, will be blames on the NFL in anyway. First off the condition that happened to him, is a rarity in and ofitself in sports and in the NFL. When one plays the game of football one understands that you are taking a chance in the first place for it is a violent sport. Secondly, I believe it was a hidden condition Hamlin either did not know he had, or did know but woul dnot admit to, because it was his goal to play in The NFL. Now, I am not saying Hamlin hid the condition, I am saying this condition he suffered, is a rare one and is nota common occurance at all. The NFL did the right thing and did it as fast as possible, the equipment and ambulance needed and medical staff were present and kept Hamlin alive. I am sure The NFL and The Bufflao Bills Organizations are covering all the costs for his care now, as he slowly recovers, Hamlin will neve rplay football again in my opinion, the danger of someone with his conditions and what he has experienced now having it happening again are high. God Bless Hamlin and keep him alive and bring him back to health,

Yes I cover many subjects in my blogs on and off and i know sometimes it seems likea scattershot view of the world I present. When you get to a certain age, you have more time to listen to news of all kinds don’t you! LOL!

The world has changed in so many different ways in my lifetime. While the constants remain as standards the society in America goes up and down and changes always. The status of men and women go up and down with each generation of mankind it seems. We argue over who is the more dominant sex, who can hold what jobs, who has what options in life and why. We argue over common care and health for all, we argue over who has earned retirement or not, and so much more. In the end, are we not all equal, whether we are male or female, black, white, hispanic or asian? We all want the same things, to be able to stay healthy, to be able to earn our own way, to live peacefully and in the end, die in peace too. So tell me, why do we argue over the color of our skins, or the races we are part of, the answer is simple, we all want the same things in life, but we tend to blame others for not getting them. If you don’t get what you want, it is usually because you don’t press to go get it yourself, or you allow others to push or shove you aside and they take it. Do, yourself a favor folks, no matter what your age, color, race or anyother thing may be, never surrender, never give up and in the end go for what you wnat most that wil make you happy in life. If you don’t we only have so long on this planet, it is your own fault. Not everything is easy folks and the world and society competes at everything out there, make sure you do too, or you shall lose out. It’s just a bare fact all must face in the world and deal with each day.

God Bless America!

OK, January 4th, 2023 is upon us all. The New Year is beggining to roll in well, as I hear of old friends passing away, who I knew in my younger days. Sadly, we can’t live forever folks, none of us will, and we need to accept it and our owb humanity and do the best we can while here on earth.

Life is too short not to do what you like best, whether it be reading, writing, exercising, walking, talking, entertainiong or anything else you can think of. Do what makes you happiest, do what makes you deel unique and you and do it for yourself and so others will know who you really are, before you depart this planet, I alwayshave said we are here to do what the Good Lord gave us to get done, what exactly it is we shall never know, and onc eit is done we get recalled to the side of the Father, our time is done.

So, do me a favor folks, live, live happy, live fully, live to make your heart and the hearts of those you love content. Remember the one thing none of us seem not to, when we depart Mother Earth, we are remembere3d not for how many material things we have or how much money we have, we are remembered for how we treat others, and that is how it works. The memories we leave behind with family and old friends is how history will remember us, I can say that time and gain and shall.

Once, it is over, it is over folks, there is no breaching the wall to comebac, there is no magical return to life. We go back to where we came from once we pass, and that is no lie. Now, I know it sounds sad, and it sounds like defeatism, but it isn’t folks, what I am saying is life is too damn short to not have agood time, love who you shall, laugh as you will, enjoy all you can and most of all, treat others with respect, honor, dignity and be remembered for being you.

Changes arecoming in our country and in the world everyday. Wars are fought, politics are acted out, and people live, laugh, cry and die daily. We have lost many famous, we have lost many brave, and one thing I can tell you as an American who served his country for 16 years in three branches of service, we are the greatest nation in the world period and will always be as long as we have a constitution, and a republic and we maintain it and not destroy ourselves from within. Once more I remind all, what Ben, Franklin said one the Constitution was signed and the Nation began, We have a republic now under a democratic rule and we shall have it as long as we maintain it, and protect it. Never forget folks, how lucky you are to have the freedoms you have, to vote, to go where you please, to work as you please, to beable to bear arms as necessary, to be able to pray and whorship as you wish and to have equal rights. We, Americans are the lucky ones, for our forefathers mad eit so and it is our job to mainatain it and bette rit not destroy it.

I know not what others served their country for i know only me. I served for 16 years, I gave my body and soul to the belief o f what this country is. I derved for those i loved, to keep them safe, it wasn’t for me. I got injuried on duty and I tried to stay in more was was forced out. I do not and will never regret the yeras i spent in the military or the lessons i learned while serving, and in the end I am a Proud Disabled American Veteran. I shall die one too, screaming if I have to, keep America Free, to keep our rights and our comforts and in the end, to keep America great as it is. I shall never spouse stupid MAGA Chants or wear stupid MAGA hats, nor shall I ever allow anyone to tell me who or what to vote for. But, I shall vote my heart and my head and do so honestly and not cry or complain win or lose, for no where else in the world do they have a right to choose. God Bless America!

January 2nd, 2023 Begins

January 2nd, 2023, a new Year, a second day and away we go is what they say. What is the next big story or thing to happen, don’t know but, I am sure something will. Each day isa mystery to me and I awake and my mind spins and thinks and yet, I am alone here always. Ever since the passing of my wife in August of 2021, I have stayed alone, on my own and bothered no one. I don’t approach women much and iI definitely have dated no one, it seems. I do not wish to play comparrison games, in anyway, so I basically let the women pass me by. I smile, laugh and joke and then just move on. I don’t believe I am any women’s dream at almost 67 soon.

My birthday is a few weeks away now, and I would never believe I would be alive at this time or age. MY life has been one thing after another and in someway I am surving still. It is a bit of a mystery to me, and not easy to be alone in a world as it is today. Crazy as the world is I watch it go by and stay alone and survive on pure emotions and physical abilities and what I have learned to do in my life. As we age we do become more self-sufficient don’t we.

Anyway, the dating things and meeting of the opposite sex is not happening in my case. I tend to mind my own and avoid any mention of dating. I am lobely yes, andi am tire dof being alone, yet, I fear rejection, I am no spring chicken anymore so to say. The Dating scene when you hit your sixties goes to shit folks, people are already set in their ways, physically, mentally and emotionally and to find compatability under thos situations is rough. No one ones to compromise of change in their 60’s and many are like me widowers, or divorcees.

We all act like we want someone, but when we see someone we don’t know how to make an approach, or if we should it becomes wishy washy so to say and we stumble and walk away. I know been there now many times, and I won’t make the mistake of getting involved with someone who will blab, talk or compare me to another rman, or is in my immediate area these days, like I was told, Never shit in your own backyard. I loive in a condo in a tight knit area os 55 plus people. It is like being in a mall of people, and if you say or do one thing wrong it spreads like wildfire, all around you. So no matter how many women I meet or see here, in this condo compound, I do not cross the line, doing so, would be dangerous and nasty I think if something went wrong.

Sometimes it is crazy, I steer clear of it when that happens. MY mother God Rest her soul, told me when I was young, don’t ever hang your meat in public outside your butcher shop, it can either go bad, or get cut off. LOL, She had a point, and if any man ever lived in a condo compound like i do, they would know, women talk about men, like we do about them. I just don’t like being part of a meat market situation, where they ladies are screaming Where’s the Beef!

For those of us 55 and up, who end up widowed or divorced, we tend to be careful with who we date or meet, for any reason, but more so when we are alone and hoping to find someone. We set high standards for ourselves and for those we meet or want to be with. What we forget is, the fact we are alone and will stay alone unless we can basically, find a way to compromise out standards or values it is how we shall stay. We tend to use past relationships to judge and choose present ones a little too much. So, the comparrison makes it difficult, to attack to or find someone.

The dating scene is tough these days as it is, and we struggle through it all. Money is tight, and people are fussy. We tend to use the past to compare against and in the end, it doesn’t always work, we tend to find out if we don’t take a chance we will never find romance again. Romance only happens if we allow it to, but few of us have the guts to do so. In the way we end up alone more than anything else. Ah life goes on anyway doesn’t it? We tend to end up lonely and sometimes angry because we feel we can’t find someone to be with, but in the end it becomes our own fault, doesn’t it!

Fates, Destinies, New Years, 2023 arrives soon!

December 31st, 2022, the end of the year is here folks and soon enough 2023 shall start, hopefully for all a new year, a new beggining or a restart and new ways to do things again. Hopefullu, those of us who have suffered loss, in one way or another can find a way to move on and enjoy life again. I know today that it is hard to move on from the loss of a loved one, I lost my wife to cancer in 2021, and wish to God she was here today, but she is gone.

I remain alone now 17 months after her passing, stumbling through life, and going day by day, feeling hopeless to find any female companionship of any kind. Most women are nice enough, but I shy from asking them out, or dating anyone, I don’t think any of them would be interested in me at 66 years old. Plus I fear rejection and at times incompatability and being taken for money or used. There is a danger when you get widowed and alone aftyer a long relationship or marriage, so I tend to avoid involvement or approaching any woman. I watch and walk by, I may admire, but, will never approach, it actually makes me uneasy to try, for I feel lost here in a new state and area.

Some have said I should try Dating Apps like Zoosk, or Ourtime or others, I have tried a few and in the end, I got no where so far. It sems to me, I find these dating apps full of phoney profiles, old ones and players or scammers who onoy want money. I find it sad that they don’t make women, who find someone, or who are looking to scam a man leave and take down their profiles. The upkeep is less than I expected. and in the end the cost can hurt a senior persons’ income, if not careful!

Don’t get me wrong folks, I love women, but I try to avoid comparing them to each other or to my deceased wife it is not fair to them in my mind or heart. So, I watch from a far and just mind my own these days, I care for and clean my condo, and my car, do my own cooking and laundry and walk a lot. I walk outdoors here or I walk a mall nearby.

I have taken up bowling which I enjoy in a league here, but that wil end soon enough I believe. I do play pool with some gents here in my condo area, and that is about it for me. My life is not taverns or bars, and although I may go once in a blue moon I do so alone and barely talk to anyone really. I am not your social animal, that many others are. I guess I am like a lone wolf, who is tired of being a lone wolf and stuck in that mode these days, out of fear of rejection or being used. Even lone wolves get tire dof being alone, as to what to do next I have no idea.

As the New Year begins, I do not make resolutions in fact never have like many do. I go day by day and try to live my life to the best I can. I don’t spend money or go crazy at times. I pay my bills and live in my own 956 sq. Feet condo, in sleepy Westborough, Mass. I write books, blogs and poems, and chat onlone for fun. I watch movies and television shows, and keep to myself, yes i laugh, yes I try to have fun, yet I am alone in a world that can be cruel, mean and unreasonable for many reasons or ways. Life shall go on for me, if I die alone well it is then my fate or destiny and no one can control fate or destiny, anymore than Mother Nature can control Father time or vice versa.

12-30-2022, Memories, Time and Aging

December 30th, 2022, I awoke once more at 5:00 am and find myself sitting here, wondering why I can ot sleep these days. It has now been, over 16 months since my wife passed away from Cancer and I had to bury her/ Each day i awake I think of her and how I miss seeing her smile and hearing her voice and advixw for me. Yet I also know, by far, I have no choice in what the Good Lord has done, nor do I have any control in destiny or fate. Acceptenance is all I have, so I find myself accepting it all and moving forward, even is my life now seems very hollow, empty and alone without her. For 28 years it was her and I against the world and we did all, we survived and we fought as one.

We are now closong in on 2023, and I know at some point, and hope at some point the loneliness and emptiness I feel daily, can be filled again. I know there shall never be another, like my deceased wife, but, I hope there will be someone, for companionship, for laughter, and for doing things together once more. Time shall tell I am sure, but, I have no guarantees on anything and neither does anyone one else.

Memories and Time. Aging!

William M. McCurrach 12-30-2022

I am now old and I know it too,

My body aches yet it carries me through,

Each day, I get up, my eytes do open,

Thoughts flash through my brain,

I know no two days or moments are the same,

Yet I know, I shall keep going on and on,

Until the Good Lord recalls me and then I shall be gone.

I can not control, how my life goes, I can only live in the frame I was given,

Yes, the body we are born in does not last forever,

We age, we grow old, we grow slow and then we slow down,

Yes i know, like those before me, I shall be buried in the ground.

Fate and Destiny are not mine to control,

Nor is Mother Nature or Father Time,

Yet the memories of the years I have lived and gone through,

Keep me going to a point, just like you.

Once my mind starts to fade and my body starts to stop,

And I know it will happen you see,

All I ask is to buried, with the woman I loved, next to me.

I was blessed with those i loved, and know it deep inside,

I had a mother, a father and a step-father too,

Brothers and a sister, who always got through,

I had more than two of everything in my life, even two daughters and yes two wives.

Homes I owned the places I lived, the service I did give,

In the end I served all I could, in all ways I knew how,

IT doesn’t matter anymore, when you grow old, for people are too busy,

And you or I will no longer be bold.

My life runs down and what keeps me going these days,

Memories, memories, is all I can say.

I hope once I am gone, those who knew me,

Will have memories of me, to help them carry on.

New Year Wishes, for 2023

We be closer to 2023 now then ever before, today is the 29th of December now. The Christmas Season is gone an dthe New Year will begin in two days or so. As 2022 rolls to it’s close there will be reviews of who died and what happened in 2022, and we shall reflect on the past and look ahead to the future too. We live each day, we wake up to, to the best of our ability to get through. For me I try to not bother anyone, and enjoy the day as it does run. I awaken and stumnle from my bed, with visons of a life full of fun times ahead. It doesn’t always go the way I wish, for somedays, can be a bitch. In the end I do the best I can, to smile and walk and move along, hoping to walk into or meet someone with whomI can share the rest of my life and maybe call dear. Here my friends is my wish for the New Year!

May your New Year begin with laughter and joy, may we all mingle with those we enjoy. May we share a frew drinks, dance to some tunes, may our laughter go well past midnight you see. May we find someone who we want to be with, may we stay with those we give a shit a bout, may we try to enjoy our lives and live them out. I pray we all get to smile and laugh, and I hope we meet people who give back. May we lal intermingle whether married or single and find and make friends that can last till our end. May the money we need to survive be there, may we cry very few of any rears. May our loved ones be healthy and wealthy and wise, and may those we love, bea surprise. We beed to give and to give back, for that is how our lives go fast. So, as your New Year begins, let me say this to all out there, Enjoy Life, Enjpy laughter and enjoy tears, for ir is all a part of all of our New Years.

For some it wil be travel, some it will be romance, for others it will be the thrill of the dance. For all of us, each day that goes by, leaves us wondering just why. Never stop thinking of what is next and hoping in life for what is best. never give up on old friends you see. for one of them can be like me. Loyality, and Honor and caring and sharing is what life is all about. do yourself a favor and figure that out Honesty in all we do, is what makes life worth living through. never intentionally hurt another, whether it be a sister or a brother. Understand as the old year ends, we all want to be happy and healthy and be able to live and laugh again. Life is too short to stop living, just remember life is not about taking, as much as it is about giving.

So as 2023, gets ready to ring in, Remember those we lost, those we have now and those we shall meet. For life is about today, and our interactions my friends, remember for your own good, to be happy again each day. The sun shall rise and it shall set, and each new day will bring things we shall not forget. The passing of an old year and beggining of a new one, tells us we shall and should have faith, caring and sharing in the new one. Persist, move forward and acchieve, for in the end it is with honor and dignity and caring and sharing that we achieve what we want most. reach for the Best in Your New Year, Show others you have empathy and try to show you care and can share.

I want to Wish All, A Very Happy, Fruitful, Joyous, and Healthy New Year !!! May 2023, be a year of the best we all can be!

Writting and Poetry !

Good Morning December 28th, 2022! My eyes have opened once more and I am still here, alive, and for that alone I should be blessed and so should everyone else in the same way. Life I always say can only be controlled by mankind in ceratin ways, we can control our own reactions to others, we can control what we say or do, and we can control how we take and give back to trhe planet and each other. In the end, we are at the mercy of somethings also, 1) Faher Time, 2) Mother Nature, and they have a long term, relationship no man or woman can change or control. We live within the means and enviroment we are destined and fated to be in. We can move locations to change the weather and temperature, but, all of that depends on factors too. The biggest is money and the ability to pay for where you want to live and how you wish to live. If you can not hold a job, you can’t maintain a lifestyle you want. Yet with all the economic factors and the envormental ones too, mankind seems able to adapt better than most don’t we? Just an observation I have made this am, as I started writing here.

Well, next subject, writting itself. As some may know i write these blogs and some do read them. I also wrotes some short stories and many poems too. Writting for me can be therapatic, it can be a way to release feelings and emotions, and in the end it can just be a way to make money if your good enough at it. I di remind those attempting to write stories, poems or even blogs, whatever you write must be that which can catch someone’s attention, hold their attention, and by word of mouth shall be passed around, so in the end people rerquest more from the writter. That is if you are trying sell your works. Coherence is needed in story line and plit and characters.

Poetry however is a little different in many ways. Poetry for the Poets who write, hasa special meaning to themselves, That meaning and the words as they are framed and presented, usually show emotions, feelings, or situation the individual has lived through, or experienced in someway, and it is their way of putting it out there and revealing it, to others. Not every poem is loved, and some fail, and when some do hit, they live on forever. Many poems unknown or realized by many, beome somgs or song lyrics. And for those, it becomes the combination of music and lyrics/ poems that sells the song. So, for this December 28th, 2022, I will leave you with a poem I wrote last year at this time of year:

Imagine, What Shall Be, Shall Be

BY; William M. William McCurrach


Imagine you were me, and in a place of growing old,

I wonder why, as you age, life seems to turn each little page.

We learn as we age, what to do or not to do,

In the end we know what is right or wrong,

Yet we know we must go on.

Now imagine, a room, filled with dim lights,

Music playing and singers in the night.

The door opens across the floor,

In she walks and your ‘re lost in her beauty

Her smile and her style. Forever more.

You know you have no chance, you know she is beyond

your reach,

No matter what you say or do or how you preach,

She will forever be beyond your reach.

Imagine what would happen, as you hear her sing,

Her smile beams across the room, and it brightens any


Each man sighs and smiles at her, and she sees all of them

you see,

But all I can imagine is ,would she notice me. That I cannot


There is a dream in everyone’ s life

There has to be you see

For in all our lives there shall always be,

One that gets away or one you can not reach.

Take it as fate, or destiny

Take it anyway you can from me,

There is an old saying out there,

What Shall Be, Shall Be,

In the end, imagining is all I can do,

That’s all I can say to you!

I learned early and so young

Somethings you just can’t do or get done

The reach is too far, the distance too much,

So, it remains a dream in one’s imagination.

Yes so far, out of touch.


Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year too!

Merry Christmas world! May your Christmas day be filled with family and friends, may it bring you joy and hope and presents that you want and need. Just remember it is about gathering, family and friends, not about material things at all.

As the Christmas day begins for all world wide, I hope it brings out the good in all, from them inside. May you laugh and play, may you eat all day, may the company you have be cheery not mad. May the Day be filled with all you wish, from nice presents and good and special people, who should be your best gift. For as we celebrate the religious part of it all, remember not all are as lucky you see. So be good to all and make it a season to be bright.

That said, next up will be New Years and a new beginning world wide. Lets all hope the New Year is better than the last. Lets hope it brings new friends and some from the past. Lets hope the money to live is plenty and we all can survive as we need to, that way we see our way through. As 2022 begins to wind down, don’t forget the ones you loved, or who helped you and were around. Don’t, be mad, or angry, or sad you see, for the New Year is coming and it will be, 2023.

We can’t control the elements, ot the time and we be here for only so long. Remember you are remembered for how you treated other when you are gone. You want people to have good memories of you when you are gone. It is the ones who treat others with respect and caring, that their memories become worth caring and sharing you see. So before you make judgements, or mistreat someone, remember it is part of your legacy that it will stay on. New Years are meant to be new begginings in all traditions world wide. why, because we all really want things better and we know it inside. Don’t run, walk my friends, walk and let the world know you are proud, you are true and you care too. For in the end when our time is done on this planet, we return to from where we came, to sit down next to our Lord and be judged without pain.

As Christmas Day starts in 2022, I am sure there are family with many of you. I am sure children are plenty and waking up happy, and parents will laugh and cry and even get sappy. As the afy goes on and yes it will, the children will play, the adults will talk and in the end, we all take a walk into contentment and peace you see. Yet we must remember, the next day shall arrive and we have to be ready to do what it takes to sray alive. So be careful and have fun and remember our lives go on and we are here till whatever mission the Good Lord gave us is done, then we are recalled. Life is short in all reality, for it goes by quickly you see.

Onward we must go, for humanity has a path to hoe, we must keep striving, learning and grow, just so we can be better as human beings don’t you know. Happy Holidays to All, and May your time be filled with those you love and care about, and in the end I hope we all figure it out. Be safe, be happy, find contentment, and be the best tou can be to each other.

Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year too!

Happy Holidays/ Personal/ and Trump, December 24th, Christmas Eve

December 24th, is upon us! The shoppers will be rushing for the last minute items today and the weather is cold, be careful for ice and the like. I know we all want to please our loved ones, mates and children too, but do it right and no accidents ok? Happy Holidays to all of you out there.

The world is still here spinning and fine, yes we have wars going on, but it has been that way in history for all time. As Americans always do, we support the underdogs in each war and we want the peaceful people left along. It is how we Americans like it and in our own way, we as a country do it.

Next subject folks, some want to know how I am doing alone now, on my own without my wife who passed now over 16 months ago. My answer is I am slowly easing back into a lifestyle as a single man. I have not dated anyone or asked to either as of yet. I am cautious and fearful of rejection when I do try to. I have been told by many I am a handsome guy, I don’t buy it. Never did and I guess never will. Many will tell me, oh, your good looking, you will be fine, you will find someone, to ths I say, if, I shy away it is my own fault I am alone.

On the dating front I have tried online websites and no luck so far. I talk to some a few times and they disappear on me, what I am saying ot doing wrong I do not know. I know I am not like the jolly ole english lad who laughs alot and dances a jig, I am 66 soon to be 67 in a month. Age has a lot to do with it that is for sure. I am trying to ease back out there, I bowl, I play pool and I walk alot. I don’t see many my age doing the same and so I don’t talk a lot really. Maybe thats it, or maybe it is I am too guarded in many ways. Whatever it is, it looks to me like my loneliness will not change very soon at all.

Next the turmoil and problem of Donald J. Trump, is beyond measure in America. No Man who ran for President, was President and wants to be President again has ever done all the criminal acts he has. IT is sad to see a portion of Americans still running around with Red MAGA Hats and supporting this man. The facts are the facts with Donald J. Trump and if your one of his supporters still, then you are blindly following someone, you shouldn’t.

Lets talk Trump facts now and I shall list some for you here:

  1. Domald J Trump is well known in New York and business, as a con man who paid contractors pennies on the dollar for work they did.
  2. Donald J. Trump failed to sell water, with his own name on it and steaks too.
  3. He created and was responiable for Trump University and cheated people out of thousands.
  4. He promised many things when running for President in 2016 and delivered on one only.
  5. He delivered on a tax bill for himself and his rich cronies is all
  6. He failed as a President and was laughed out of the United Nations, when he appeared there.
  7. He failed in dealing with the covid pandemic period and suggested Americans drink bleach to beat it on public Television
  8. He failed to build his border wall on the southern border and the proof still sits there in shambles.
  9. He lost his reelection campagain, by the same margins he won his Presidency and refused to concede the Election.
  10. He has been shouting election fraud from before the 2020 election and ever sin, all lies.
  11. He gathered and created the mob and directed them to attack the capital and tried to stop the certification of the results.
  12. He snuck himself into a treatment for covid and hid it from the American People
  13. He committed insurection against his own country and goverment
  14. He, when he left office took with him secret and top secrets documents to his home, illegally.
  15. He hid said documnets for over 16 months untill it caught up with him. Over a hundred os them.
  16. He refused to return said documents to the people and my question remains what was he doing with them, why did he have them. Who did he show them to?
  17. Now we have the States of New York, Georgia and the Federal Government building cases against him and Trump still talks election fraud bullshit.
  18. Now he has declared himself a candidate for president in 2024 once more, he must be banned from doing so and removed from any ballot in my opinion.

The Above list is not all of Trump’s failutres, but a good part of them publicaqlly known. I submit my fellow Americans, Donald J. Trump is unfit to hold any public office and he should not be allowed to run again in anyway, for any public office, he is unstable and dangerous. To Congress, create a lever for the 14th, Admendment and enforce it immediately, lets stop the farce and danger of Donald. J. Trump now, lets save American democracy and our republic and our Constitution too. For Donald J. Trump wants to throw out our constitution, and that is the foundation of America. So No! Stop him now or we shall face the same mess and dangers we have already been through, once more. Stop Donald J. Trump now!