Welcome to the Holiday Season of 2022 all and I hope and pray for happiness for all!

November 21st, 2022 has arrived, and the Holiday Season shall be upon us all very soon, with Thanksgiving up first on Thursday. I want to wish all a plentiful Thanksgiving and fun times with their families. For many like me, it will be a slow season, quiet and filled with memories and loneliness acutually. When you start your holiday season, build the memories with your loved ones, partners and each generation, for as you grow older you will have just those memories to live on.

I know the Holiday Season for many will be filled with fun and joy, and presents and gifts and togetherness, it is the way it is meant to be. Yet, as I now know, there is a point when it won’t be so. Many like me, who have lost the partner they loved so long, are suddenly entering the Holiday Season alone, for the first or second time. As I do, I am trying hard not to get depressed or down, I am trying hard to look up and make it an adventure instead of a time to get depressed. Any Doctor will tell you, Holiday Season, can be the worse time of year for those of us who are suddenly alone. We miss the ones we loved, who have passed and we tend to shy away from involvements with others, for fear of bringing them down with us. Plus we do not want to start new relationships or commitments, so soon after our loses.

I hang onto the memories of my wife who passed due to cancer in August of 2021. Her laughter, her advise, her smile and her involvement made my life better for 28 years. I would never give up one day I had with her, I have no regrets regarding our life together, just that I could not save her in the end. we fought the fight against her cancer for 16 years, before she succumbed to it, and in the middle I overcame lung cancer too. I miss her in more ways than one, as a confident, an advisor, a communicator and much more. She was indeed my better half.

So as the Holiday Season starts this week and people rush to and fro, to get food together for the Turkey Day of 2022 and we do so in a country filled with threats and violence raised by a former President, we must forge ahead in a positive light and way. I want all on Thanksgiving to stop and step back for a second before you eat your big meal, or settle in for a football game or movie, stop and look around you, think of those who love you and you love in return, count the blessings of having them in your life and be thankful for all you have each day. Family is everything folks, it’s not, do I have a big turkey on my table or plentiy of food, it’s who you are with that counts. You will learn that as you age each year that goes by, as the numbers diminish of family around you and you begin to miss each of them and are left still.

I have come to tell myself, I have no choice in being alone, for I could not prevent the passing of my wife of 28 years. I did all I could for her and I learned I had to move on in my own way, away from the home we shared and the life we shared, otherwise the depression would have gotten me. As I sit here today, I have to steel myself for the Holiday Season coming up and keep my head up and try to keep my mind busy. I do not know why I am still here and alive without her, but I do know I am, and I must try to stay positive and as busy as possible.

Each of us deals with loneliness in different ways, some go out and search for company and enter bars and clubs and drink our way through, some of us do not drink we read, build puzzles, read books and walk alone. Some of us pick up hobbies and toys and games. For me I try to read alot, I try to buid puzzles yes, for I am that type of person. I have reached out just a bit, by playing Billards on Monday evenings and then bowling on Thursday nights. yet, as Holidays appraoch there will be periods of none of that, and it will be harder to survive and carry on with it.

I have been told to get off my ass and go out and find someone to be with. I just don’t have it in my heart to do so, nor do I wish to pull anyone else down with me in anyway. So, I don’t approach or ask anyone out, i shy away from such things, for I am not sure I can handle any emotional connection at this time. On one hand I would prefer to have a partner or friend to share life with, on the other I can’t be sure if I am strong enough to handle it again. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, as the year rolls on as I say, it is not that time for the Holidays ahead. I do wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and a great Holiday Season as it begins. I will never and never have been one to force myself on anyone or into anyone’s life, so I shall carry on alone. I shall walk, watch tv, read books, build puzzles, play video games and carry on. Hopefully it wil be enough for me. Time shall tell is what I say. Welcome to the Holiday Season of 2022 all and I hope and pray for happiness for all!

The Vagabond Life

BY: William M. McCurrach 11/17/2022

When I was young, it was fun to roam from family to family,

From home to home,

Never realizing, I was alone!

I couldn’t stay at home, where I was used, abused and ignored,

So I would roam, roam and roan, like a vagabond without a home.

As I got older, I kept running you see,

I had no choice, for I came from a violent family,

LIke a vagabond I would roam, from family to family, wishing for a decent home.

As I grew and aged I came to see, the vagabond life was not for me.

I wanted a home, a place to stay, a place that was mine,

Both nite and day.

I wanted a wife as part of my life,

and children to love and keep,

I found what I wanted once and then it escaped me,

And back to being a vagabond became a way for me.

I don’t wnat to be a vagabond, it is just not me,

A vagabond is not the life for me.

I choosea different route, I joined the military,

Life became a routine, that grew on me,

Then, I was injuried and discharged you see,

Turns, out I was back to a vagabond life for me.

It lasteda few more years, as my eyes filled with tears,

I figured it out, and did not shout, and found another you see,

Who agreed that a vagabond life was not for me.

We joined at the hip and got married, it was like a story book fairytale,

Together we had it all, a big home, and cars and two of everything we needed,

IT was then, I knew as I do now,

The vagabond life was not for me.

I don’t want to be a vagabond,

Living out of suitcases and boxes and bags,

A Vagabond life is not for me!

Because a vagabond has no home, a vagabond lives alone and a vagabond is always on their own,

with no place to live, is stuck alone,

To die alone on their own.

A vagabond is not what I want to be, So please hear me!

Stop Enabling Donald J. Trump.

Last night, Former President Donald J. Trump, declared his third run for the Presidency of the United States. The fact that he is doing so, should bother not only his fellow Republicans, but all Americans. He should not be capable of doing so, nor should he be allowed on the legal front either. In American History no President has committed crimes and done so much damage to the American democracy and Republic as Donald J. Trump has accomplished. Sadly, he has followers and that shall be a problem for America. If this man, wins in 2024, America is done as a democracy and republic, and we may as well be russians. or communists, or as some have said a dictatorship. The fact that the Republicans are so scared of Trump, that they have no guts or balls to stop Trump is a sad discussion and subject as well as mark against the republican party. MItch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham and others, kissing Trump’s ass and backing him will destroy our country. It’s damgerous folks and i don’t care what anyone says.

Trump lost in 2020, he denied he lost and refused to concede. He set up an attack and insurrection against his own country and governement and when forced to leave office, he threatened to hang his own vice president. Then he set up the riot against the capital and brought in the Proud Boys. Qanon and Oath Keepers. Yet he is still allowed to run again? Why?

Worse then the above, DOnald J. Trump left office and took hindreds of secret and top secret documents to his home in Mar A lago, for what purpose I ask you all. Why didhe have them, who did he show them to, who was he going to use them against, who is he going to blackmail with them? Did he show them to Russians, North Koreans, or anyone else.? How many Chinese, North Koreans, or Russians visited Mar A Lage and saw these documents?

I remind all now, by allowing Donald J. Trump to run for the Presidency in 2024, he was twice Impeached in one term, he stole secreta nd top secret documents and he set up attacks on our capital and against our politicians, almost killing them. We watched as his people destroyed the capital, and almost destroyed and took apart our country and now he can still run! Why?

I will say this, Donald J. Trump is not runningt to win election to the Presidency, he is runningt o stop the indictments and charges against him. The charges in New York, Georgia and bt The Federal Justice Department should be enough to stop him from running. Anyone supporting Donald J. Trump must know, his odds of winning are very low #1, number two dangerous for the violence will restart. Why are we allowing a man who is under investigations in three areas or more to run for the Presidency, please explain that?

I would love to see one reporter, for CNN or anothe rnews agency on Television, go to the prison and jail cells of the members of the OathKeepers, Qanon Members and Proud Boys Members and interview thjem and ask them how they now feel about Donald J. Trump. Now that they are convicted felons, can’t vote, and have to serve time and pay fines for doing what Trump told them to do on January 6th! Ask them how they feel about him running again, and tey being locked up as he eats steaks, drinks champange in Mar A Lago and play golf on the countries dime.

In the end do me a favor CNN, lets talk about Trump’s failures! His failures to sell steaks, water, his cheating of students with his Trump University. His cheating of contractors in New York and beyond, The Charges the Governement may bring, Georgia may bring and New York too. His Twice Imeachment, his getting the capital destroyed! Are you scared of Donald J. Tump? Seems to me, that Congress fears him or they would ban him from public office! They are cowards and they are going to sit back and let him try to do it all again.

Donald J. Trump should be banned from public office, he should be arrested for the crime he has committed. Instead The Justice System won’t charge him because he is now a candidate for the Presidency again. New York and Georgia have no such deal with Congress, they should proceed and charge him. Yet, again, cowards ruled the roast here don’t they, in the meantime, Trump will run an dbe protected by these stupid agreements. Congres is filled with cowards and enablers of Trump,that is why he can do this.

Stop Enabling Donald J. Trump. stop protecting him, start charging him an dprotecting the country we live in. Ban him now, charge him now, indict him now and lets get him a public trial for all to see on tv. I think all are scarred! It is sad as hell.

November 14th, 2022/ Thoughts

November 14th, 2022 is now here. As this day begins, I reflect some on life as I have lived it and as it has occurred for me. Each of us grows up differently, in our own families and each family raises it’s own in their own way. So yes we are going to have in grown or taught differences, it is how we integrate it all into society as we go along in life that counts. Some of us close ourselves off and judge others quicker than others, and some of us are easier going and accept things as they are and move on. How we handle the differences is what makes our world exist and go round these days.

I grew up in the projects of Waterbury, Connecticut’s North End in the 1960’s. We had it all white, black, hispanics, it didnt matter, we were all on the same level, struggling to survive in the world. We played together, we laighed together, we cried together and we fought together and against one another. We also learned to be tolerant of one another, to walk away from trouble when we could and in the end, that we could make friends of anyone no matter color, creed or nationality. I think more people need to grow up andunderstand, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what nationality you are, what creed you are, or where you are from, what does matter is simple, tolreance, open communication, listening and respecting one another. We have no right to make judgements on anyone, nor do we have the right to hate someone when they did nothing to uis. Those who judge too quick, lose folks.

Now, that said, I moved on in life after those projects, and grew up and then joined the military. When you do that, you no longer put yourself first in your life, you put your fellow countrymena nd womena nd families first. You serve your country and you do so with everyone. We all breath folks, we all hurt folks, we all laughed, we all cry, we all bleed, we all shit the same and we all urinate the same. We all dress the same. So, tell me why the fear if someone is a diffent color, or someone speaks differently, or acts differently? It is what we are taught by those who raise us is what it is. So, at some point in life, we grow old enough, smart enough and bold enough to make our own decisions and we must do so.

I do not approve of predijuce, discrimination, segregation, or antiseminisim. I do not believe in the MAGA bullshit either. I don’t believe in the Woke Movement either, what ever it means. What I do belive in is simple, honest and true, we all must live together, we all must get along and we all must accept our differences, and say, ok, you have your beliefs, I have mine, we don’t agree, but, we all have the right to live free and be who we are and survive. I tire of anger, I tire of verbal insults, physical fights and violence. You don’t like someone or something walk away, let it be, do your own thing and move on. Never force yourself on someone else, never force your beliefs on someone else, never force your form of sexuality on anyone else either. You do and people take these items as attacks on themselves. Don’t go there, there is no need for it.

Final word for today, before you do snap-judgements, attack others, shun others, learn who they are, and why they are who they are, what there experiences maybe or may not be. Snap Judgements lead to misunderstanding and problems, just don’t do it, is all. Politics will always be a subject I comment on. MY one comment on the political climate in America is this. The Political climate is worse, because it is being agravated by Trump’s denial of his loss of the 2020 Election annd his refusual to conceede and accept defeat. It is foolish, sad and in my opinion, sad. He lost period by the same margins in the electoral college that he beat Hillary Clinton with. It’s over, let it die. Stop destroying America, over lies, let it be. Secondly, don’t allow Trump to run again and if he is allowed to, turn the page Republicans, he is destroying your party and our country. He cost you the mid-terms, and in the end, you need to find a new leader and head for your party, period, he is dangerous and noxious to the party and country. He is dangerous to America’s security in all ways.

Relationships, some advice. Take it or leave it!

Hello all! It is Friday November 11th, 2022. When I stop and think of how it is to live as a single person, after a long marriage and life with a partner and lover of 28 years, I sometimes wonder, why people do not understand, in reality, what it really takes to make a relationship work that long.

I try at times to advise others, in how to have a relationship that works, and some get it and some don’t. It is important to start at the beggining when talking relationships. When I say beggining, I mean when you are still single and roaming around, hoping to find someone to be with.

I make this point for a good reason. Do yourself a favor, whether you are male, or female, understand yourself first, before venturing out to meet someone else. Find yourself, as a person, what do you like to do, what are your real likes, and dislikes. I say this because, in order to like someone else, you must first like yourself in all ways. You must be able to care for yourself, keep yourself going, laugh and have fun on your own too. So, take a good long look at yourself first, are you, an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like sports, books,writing, walking etc. I say this because as a single person, what you like and what hobbies are, drives you and can get you noticed by others. Once you know yourself, you grow to learn what it take for someoneelse to like themselves too.

Now, you are self-suffiecient, know what you like to do, and happy at doing it, that is when you can be yourself and find a partner for a relationship, but, I remind all, it is the only way it will happen for you. As i say, like yourself first and foremost. If you don’t like yourself, you will never like anyone else.

Now, let me say this, men and women do not think the same way, about finding someone for a relationship. They are not looking for the samethings. We are run on different systems as men and women, so to say. Yes, both sexes, look for certain things in common, looks, cleanliness, kindness, then not everyone is attracted to each other, otherwise it would be widely easy to find a partner, it isn’t.

Men and women both look for who they are attracted to yes. Women and men do not look at age differences the same. Age does come into play, for most, you want someone in your preferred age range I agree, for most it is 5 years younger or five years older. Then, for what reason, do you want a partner ,comes into play!.

Do you want someone to share your life? If you do, you must understand women run more on emotions and men on common sense and logic. I am not saying men can not be emotional, or women lack common sense here, I am saying, that they look at relationships differently from those points of view.

So, look for compatability after you look at who you are attracted to. Look for open communication. Look for honesty, truthfullness, and be careful of selfish people, who only want for themselves. Selfness is a killer in all ways folks. Means if your in a relationship and all the person you are with talks about is themselves, what they want, not what you both want, time to re-evaluate!

Communicate openly, honestly, people look at hygine, we do not associate with slovenly people. People do not like impolite or rude people either. Learn manners folks. If your a man learn to not only communicate well when you speak, but, learn the biggest lesson of all, listen folks. Listen to what the person you are interested in is saying, not what you want to hear, but, what they are really saying. Stop, hearing what you want to hear, and listen to what the other person really is saying, take the translators off. We are all guilty of not listening well, when I say well, I mean don’t throw your own filters on what people say, be open, listen fully.

Be open to who you are with, and women have things they expect from us men. Some want us to be in charge, some want us to be 50/50 with them and some women want to be in charge too. Which one you want, makes a large difference here. Everyone whether male or female, no matter age, race, color, or creed, knows whether they want the power to make their own choices and decsions, just keep that in mind as you go through life. Some have no ability to compromise, if someone can not compromise, run the otherway, save yourself the trouble.

So as you start searching, or reaching out and doing what you love to do and have fun doing it, people will notice you and vice versa. It is a natural occurrence in life, we smile at one another, we frown at one another, we laugh, we cry, yes, even men can be emotional too. Being yourself is vital, at all times.

Once in a dating situation we tend to start evaluating one another. Do youself a favor folks, remember all relationships build daily, this is not an instant process. It is an on going process. Do youself a favor don’t think someone owes you something, in a new relationship they don’t. Don’t start asking why are you not helping me, why aren’t you giving me this or that. accept what you get. If it is not enough, and you can’t talk it over honestly, get out, Your expectations may not be met by the person you are dating, if not, talk it out before you dump the relationship, if you don’t you may be sorry later. Women have a process they go throughg after being hurt, men don’t really. Women look for red flags, things that bother them big time, men don’t. men look for is she bossy, is she demanding, is she foolish, os too silly or not intelligent. Women look at, is he capable, is he strong, does he laugh, can he help me, wil he help me, is he polite to me and others,. Women look for manners, in men. Women want men who treat them respectful, be respectful please both sides. If you are not respectfull to one another, get away from each other it is not going to work.

So lets rehash here and maybe next time I will go deeper into relationships. But, it is time to go over important points here.

  1. Be yourself and like yourself. If you don’t you can’t like anyone else.
  2. Do what you love and like to do, first and foremost, your are still single.
  3. As you do what you like someone will notice you sooner or later, let it happen naturally.
  4. Be polite, use manners, be open to talking to others.
  5. Listen, to what people say, without filters.
  6. Be honesty, not rude.
  7. Open communication is vital
  8. Compromise must be used and learned
  9. Do not think you know it all, no one does, be open to learning new things.
  10. As you go forward and get older, people get set in their ways, you either accept that or don’t. if you don’t move on.
  11. The biggest clue I can give on top of all of the above is this, do not force anything you do on anyone else, people reject that and will walk away.
  12. Help others where you can, but remember help only with what you can, don’t overstep.

Ok, above is some advice I give on relationships, to people I like, who ask me what to do at times. Now, let me say this, I am not perfect and I speak and advise only from things I have learned in my life. I am not one hundred percent correct and it may not work for everyone out there. No man or woman is perfect folks, but we try and that is what drives life on earth. At no time, am I saying, follow what I say 100 percent, or I am correct and you are wrong, I am saying these are suggestions about building and finding relationships, I offer. Again, offer is the key here, I am not twisting arms, forcing nothing on anyone else and never would. I hope this advice helps some find good relationships in their lives and helps to make life better for all.

One last thing, I remind all, I have lived through two long relationships in my life. One was 12 years long and ended in divorce, what ended it was simple lackof communication and hiding of one’s past, not mine, The send relationship I live through lasted 28 years, and ended with the passing of my wife. Just in case someone thinks i have no idea on relationships, I wanted to mention this. You may Take the advice or you may not, Take or Leave it Folks! Be well and if you have questions or comments feel free, to leave then here on my blog page, or you may e-mail them to me, at bmccurrach20@gmail.com.

Election is over, Now lets discuss facts.

Thursday has arrived and it is now going on two days since the mid-term elections in America. November 10 th, 2022 is now, post election and the results are still be counted, for all to see and no results are final yet for the House or the Senate. It is now also, 15 months sinc ethe passing on my wife, of 28 years. Like her passing and these elections, the recovery from both shall take myself and this country, a while to accept and understand.

Politics in America these days, has many twists, turns and ups and down to it. Sadly, we still have the Trump, MAGA problems. I remind all Americans and someone must, we did not havea violent society like we do today, before Trump! We did not have the clashes we have, nor did we ever hear of The Proud Boys, Qanon, orThe Oathkeepers before Trump brought them into play by calling for them to stand by. I remeind all who sit here and want to blame Biden for the economy, he inherited this mess, he didnt create it! Trump created it, with his stupidity. Biden didnt tell Putin to attack Ukraine either folks, but, he is handling helping Ukraine survive and hanh on just fine. STop blaming Biden and wake up, no President can fix the problems caused in America by DOnald Trump and his MAGA follower sin 2 years, period it takes time.

That being said, let me go on to a very interesting converstaion I have yesterday morning and on a ride back and forth to an appointment I had at the Veteran’s Hospital. I am a disabled veteran as I am sure i mentioned in my blogs before, so, I asked for a ride to the hospital for tests I needed done, The driver assigned to me wasa black woman and very talkative and friendly. We conversed going and coming and while waiting in the hospital also. Our converstaion wasinteresting on many points. 1) We discussed politics and the races as they were happening, to be reported. 2) We discussed Trump and how we both think he belongs in a jail cell somewhere and not allowed to run for office ever again, 3) We discussed the Warnock, Walker race in Georgia and what we both saw, plainly, Walker is an idiot and fool. 4) We discussed the difference between whites, blacks, hispanics, orientals and colors in America. 5) We discussed ingnorance in peoplein general, and how there are ignorant people in all races, colors and creeds in America. It was an interesting time because, we found out as few Americans do, on a short ride under two hours each way, that color and sex do not matter. We had the same opinions and thoughts on all subjects.

Look let me say this to all Americans, all, not just the whites or the blacks, or the hispanics, or the Orientals, or Indians we have here in America, we want the same things folks. We want peace, we want prsperiety, we want justice for all, and equality. We want fair elections and to be heard and listened to. We want to be able to house our families, eductate our children and raise them properly, we want good health, and we want to live in a society the is a democracy and a republic. We must work together to rid this nation and country, America, of internal hates, predijuce and discrimination and more. But we need to eliminate this stupidity of the MAGA movement and trump first and foremost.

I want to live in a world in peace, don’t you? THis MAGA movement shit is stupid folks, Make America Great Again, who the hell thought it up and why? America has been and will be the greatest country in the world and great in it’s own right for going on 247 years now. We are still the only nation where everyone can register to vote and be heard, we still can choice our own religion and freedom of speech. We have equal opportunities to work, better than any other nation in the world. So, what do they mean Make America Great Again, it is and wil always be the greatest nation in the world, so shut the hell up.

Slogans as just that folks slogans to get your attention for elections. Period! Read em, like em, hate em matters not. In the end it is actions that count. The global econonmy is affecting America, the war in Ukraine is affecting America, and this MAGA Movement shit is too. The Woke Movement is crap also in America. Listen to me carefully America, we allo want the same things, we got divided and many got used by Trump, and in the end he led you wrong.

Trump couldn’t, sell water he failed, he couldn’t make a Trump University. He cheated contractors by paying them pennies on the dollar, and they hate him too. Trump failed at so many things it is sad to see. Then he ran for President and promised to Make America Great, remember? Then he won, became President passeda tax bill that benefitted himself and his rich cronies and left you and i and middle americans and below to pay for it. Failure and hurt us all. He failed to build his wall he so proudly espoused about too, the parts sit on our southern border never done. He almost killed Americans by suggesting Americans; drink bleach to kill covid, are you kidding me? Wake up Americans this man is not Presidential or even capable of holding the Presidency. Now this man ran for reelection, got his ass whipped by the same margins in the electoral count, as he won by. Stop and think of that exact numbers folks, yet he could not accept it, and would not concede. Then, he leaves office and takes with him secret and top secret and above documents and hides them in Mar a Lago. Then he gets caught with them and is now prolonging all the charges being brought against him, why, so he can make a run again for Preesident, and get that Executive privilage once more is all. He is looking for the legal protection the Presidency provides to keep him out of jail and not convicted.

Let me say this to all out there, if you or I were to take secret or top secret documents from Washington of any kind mind you, we would be sitting in a cell dying and be forgotten by now. So , tell me America, why is everyone so scared of Donald J. Trump at this point? Why do people fall for his slogans and bullshit acts? He is nothing more than a con man who got lucky period. His daddy gave him his millions to start him on his way. He is aphoney, narrissitic personality who is a danger to society. Wake up open you eyes stop blindly following him and supporting him, there is no reason to, he doesn’t give you anything in return, and never will. He feeds off of you blind loyality folks, and makes the world a more angry andhateful place for all. Why do we the taxpayers have to pay to repair the damages to our capital he instigated and caused by calling for the riot and insurrection he did on January 6th? Isn’t his to pay for not ours? You tell me folks!

Do me a favor ladies, seniors, and democrats of all kind, grab your independent friends and go Vote for the Democrats !

November 8th, 2022, Election day in America.

While Americans I hope stand in lines, vote by mail, vote in person, and I pray they get heard, we will await the results. The sad part is too many Americans are upset ove rthe economy, but I remind all, the economy did not go bad in the past two years folks! The truth is, One President can not correct the prior Presidents mistakes and mess up and Trump blew up our economy, he is encouraging violence, unrest, and the Maga republicans do his bidding daily and blindly.

Sadly, Americans, need to realize, the economy wil not get corrected by the Republicans, they have no plan to do that, or any plan for the future of it. They want to kill Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, leaving millions of Senior Citizans without health coverage or incomes to live. The Republicans are taking awya women’s rights, if your a woman you should think when you vote, what right do the republicans have to tell you what to do with your bodies and reproductive systems? They killed abortion and Roe!

America you have a choice today, that choice is go backwards, or go forward. Survive or lose out women! If the women in America have any guts and brains, they will go to the polls, they will vote heavily against Republicans, period.

The Independents should join the democrats and vote blue folks, the women should vote blue and the seniors too. If you don’t seniors, women and independents, you will lose rights and benefits of many kinds and The Republicans will raise your taxes. middle income and below. No one started the Ukraine War, but, Putin, we area democracy we support freedom.

Do me a favor ladies, seniors, and democrats of all kind, grab your independent friends and go Vote for the Democrats !

Live and enjoy each day, for that is the real way to be. Take it from me!

Sunday has arrived once more for me and all who are alive. Some of us prepare and go to church to pray, for forgiveness and to be thankful, others love each day in thankfullness for being alive and skip the Sunday rituals of church. Each of us are different in what we believe or do not believe, that is for sure. One person is a fan of country music, one may love roock and roll, another may wnat classical or opera, yet we all dance and live to our own beat and our own inner musical notes of time.

Being a man who was born in 1956, I want to say this to all, no generation, had any better times than mine. We had Elvis, we had The Beatles, We had songs that still ring out today when played and people still sing along. We had creativity, and style from long hair to short, from cars to sports stars. Parentrs worked, provided and cared for us as kids, we didn’t have console gaming, we had board games for cold and wet days. When the weather was nice, we were outside, playing with friends, exploring nature and running and jumping and laughing with others. Now, not all of us were with others mind you, some were like me, an outcast, laughed at for being different or not fitting in. It is how my youth did begin.

Yet, I overcame by exploring nature, running the woods, climbing trees and hiding in hoods so to say. I ran alone and always did as a youth, it was what I was and who I am today in many a way.

Children, have to feel wanted and feel like they fit in, before they get accepted by society and others. It takes time for some to figure out how to do so, so they call us outcasts. The truth is we are not outcasts, we are just ourselves, and until others go well he or she is ok, and let us in, we have figured how to do it alone on on own, and make it work anyway.

Boys, run, jump, play ball, explore nature and more,

We experiement, we check out animals, the woods, mather nature and soone ror later as we grow, we begin to notice the opposite sex, don’t you know. For some of us we do so, in our teens, for other sof us, we do so in the inbetweens. For some like me, it started young and for others boys, it started a lil later than most. I never worried about who was what sex as a child, I just played with both sides. I played dolls with my neighbors who were girls. I ran with the boys in the woods too. I learned that it doesn’t matter what sex you are, male or female, it is how you treat others that counts in life. We all tend to be different as we grow, some are angry, some are joyful, some cry, some laugh, some argue and some agree is all. But, if you stick with who you are inside, in the end it works out, overtime, you wil find your way, fate and destiny happens to us all is what I say.

Now I know, this growing and maturing is not easy for all of us, but it happens for a reason. It is called the cycle of life folks. Born, raised, taught and guided is what most get, some are not lucky enough to get all of that, they do so on their own mostly like i did. Again, I was aloner, a lone wolf type,, scrap and fight for what I wanted and avoid if i could as i went. We all do it different some physically, some mentally, I avoided the physical mostly except at home. There I had no choice an dthe beating would come and i would survive them too, parents, sometimes are not meat to be parents. So I did what I could until I found a way out by becoming a kid who was away from home more than home at anytime. I had surrogate parents and families who helped me through. I wa slucky to have found them.

We grow and age slowly, and we begin to realize, at one point of another, we do not live forever, We want to leave something behind so we are remembered and so we can help those we love. Some of us do it with money, some with advice, and guidance, and other through what we say and do. Yet in the end when we are long gone and our cycle oflife ends, we want to leave some kind of imprint or mark on the world for our families or survivors to see. It’s just a part of our human nature is it not folks/

So, for me, it is my writings, poems, stories and letters to others. It is my thoughts on politics, the gae and times I live in and through. The thoughts on my reasons for all I do. The decisions we make in life, is what makes us decent human being or makes us good or bad, aren’t they. I made decisions, and i kept my word is what I want to be remembered for. Some will say, I am full of shit, others will call me a liar and a bad person. In fact, I am not. Yet some will think so.

Look, life throws curve balls at you as you age and it is whether you hit them or let them pass that makes you. We can’t control how we are raised, we don’t always control our own hormones, but, we can control what we know to be right or wrong and how we handle those situations. I make judgements and decisions not base don what is best for me, I make those decisions on what is best for all involved icluding me. I live with loses i should never have had, I accept what I have to and can not change, and I move on. Don’t we all do that in life?

I made promises to myself an dothers growing up and i kept them. I promised to serve my country honorably and i did. I did 16 years of sevice to Uncle Sam and i am a Proud, Disabled Veteran daily in my life. I made promises to old frineds to tell truths and I did so helping others in their lives an dletting them understand it all. I kept promises to myself and my first wife too. Ipromised her the day we got married, if you ever look at me and say you wnat a divorce, I wil not fight you. When it happened i didn’t fight, but the collateral damage was my lose of my two daughters. They stayed with her. I had no place to raise two girls on my own and no way of doing so so I did what I thought was right. Did it work, well, to a point like most things, but I missed their lives, they missed mine an din the end many years later we said hello again. It isn’t perfect and will never be, and yes it hurts me. But at least I know I tried to keep them safe.

I made many decisions, I wish I could change over the years, haven’t you. I suffer from not being able to speak my mind or heart when it come sto emotions, and love. I married twic ein my life and neither wife, heard me say I love you much, but knew I did love them. There are women I loved I never told i loved them so what did I do, Iwrote it out and sent it to her so she would know. She knows now, but timehas marched on and we have both been married twice had our children and our lives. She knows, I know and that is all a man can do, be honest, I was scared, I was young, I was lost and i moved out of the way so others could be there instead. But, life goes on, doesn’t it.

We all make decisions folks, we live with those decisions once we make them and we carryon. As I always have said in my life, I am me, for who else can I be? I also say, there is no fighting Mother Nature unless you are Father Time! Menaing they constantly struggle neithe rwinning, nor losing, but, in tandem forever more. It is just a fact of life, we can’t change fates, destinies, we can’t control living or dying either. I have seen too many die before I thought their time was up. We don’t control how long we are here on this planet. I have a way of thinking of life, and it goes like this: We are born to a plan beyond our control. We are set upon this planet and born to complete missions, we have no control over. Thos emissions are preset by the creator, and we are here to complete them, When wedo complete them, we get recalled to from whence we came. Otherwise folks, once we reach and achieve our destiny, our purpos eor mission, we get recalled. That is how I prefer to look at life, and death, whether you agree or not, is not my problem it is only what I believe.

Each day we live, each person we meet, each thing we accomplish, leads us to our destiny and fate. So, here is to fate, here is to destiny, here is to a good life and one i hope is not filled with strife. Enjoy life each day, talk, laugh, cry, sigh,rethink and get by. Live and enjoy each day, for that is the real way to be. Take it from me!

Loneliness- 11-4,2022

Many a day I write blogs on politics the status or the world and post them. I rant and rave over different things and sometime speople may think I am senseless in what I write here. Yet, it is an outlet for what I see and feel about America and all the is going on in it.

Every now and then I may start a story to write or write a poem for all to read or in this case one of my own feelings in this time and age and all I am livingh through. So, on that basis, I give you today my original poem I write this am,

Loneliness 11-04.2022

Waht is loneliness is what some ask,

It is waking up and knowing it is just you,

Walking alone down a highway or road you woul dnever do,

Being alone as the Holidays go by,

Thinking of the one you miss,

Whose life went by.

Lonelinessw is an isolation no one likes,

Yet we all know it at one time or another, and it is not nice.

Loneliness is a feeling of no one to talk to,

A quiet time, when you live in your own mind.

Loneliness is a feeling inside and it is something few can hide,

Some of us live it daily for we know,

There are only a few we can love so.

So when I feel lonly and alone,

I sit back and close my eyes and think of when she was here.

The lauigther, the joys, the times we did share,

The moments of tenderness and carinhg you see,

They carry me through to the next day for me.

So as time goes on, and I struggle through,

Just remember like I do,

YOur not alone in being lonely you see,

Not as long as there are many like me.

So, put on a brave face, dress up and smile,

Cry Laugh and even style.

Be yourself and hope will shine through,

For someone will see you,

Who may be lonely too!.

Stop this MAGA nonsense and anger in America.

It seems to me, common Americans are going to end up paying for everything that goes wrong in America in one way or another. We struggle to support ourselves and our families and to pay our bills on amonthly basis, and in the end bills just keep growing and others get richer. Companies like utilities, gas, oil, electric and more raise prices for the same services we get every month and need to survive. They claim it is more expensive to produce them, but in fact they are only increasing their prices, to gouge and get richer.

American companies havea greed problem, now the average citizen has no way to fight back eitther in rerality. We can’t refuse to pay, or the services that keep us warm and light our homes and more will be tirned off on us. So we try to budget everything we have and our health gets affected because we can’t pay medical costs, and food costs rise too now. Someone tell me what are senior citizens like myself supposed to do to survive in America?

I live on Social Security and Veteran’s Disability payments. It isa forced budget for me, so I do very little, eat as necessary and dress the best I can to survive after paying all my monthly bills. So, who hasa solution for this problem out there, anyone?

The rich get richer, the bigger companies keep charging more and they feed off the poorest peoplein the country. How about, giving the common American Citizen a break, you already have billions if your a huge company or corporation! It is sad to see in America what is happening!

At some point, all Americans are going to realize the finacial mess we are in in America. Our Federal Deficiet climbs each year by trullions, and no one is cutting anything back, except, what is affecting the poorest Americans, our services and needs. How about leaving our Social Security alone we paid into, leaving our disability payments alone. our medicaid and medicare alone, and charging the rich more. They have excess we don’t, we are the poorest in America! You make a 300 grand a year salary or paycheck, you can afford to pay your fair share in taxes and help out.

The rich get richer and the poor pay the price for it all. Why?

Also, let me say this, The biggest criminals in America are the rich ones! Elon Musk buys Twitter, and now wants to charge users, why? Trump runs his life and businesses, sits home eating steaks and champagne, and draws a pension, medical and dental and more from Uncle Sam and he is the biggest criminal around. Why do we let him do so?

The other thing that bugs me more than anything today, is how legal cases are being postponed and made to go on longer than necessary in our Justice System. Trump should have been charged long ago now in the January 6th attack on our capital, yet because he has money and political followers, the Justice System is delayed! If you don’t think that Trump is delaying the process, stretching it out, then you are blind! He postpones, he files brief after breif and appeals from one court to the next and gets away with it. Why is it being allowed?

If you think I am lying or being foolish in saying so, consider this: As Trump postpones and delays everything he can in the courts, his followers who stormed the capital, are now in prison, many of them for the crimes Trump instigated and asked them to do. Why, because Trump has money an dthey don’t, period!. Ask the Qanon, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers members how they feel now, sitting behind bars, paying huge fines and serving time for what Trump asked them to do, as Trump sits in Mar a Lago, eats steaks, plays golf and throws lavish parties on Uncle Sams dime and theirs too. Trump isn’t the one witha felony onhis record being banned from voting is he? Nope.

If i were an Oath Keeper, Qanon Member or Proud Boy member, I wouldn’t be made at the legal system, or the laws, I woul dbe pissed at the fact Trump asked us to attack the capital, we did it, and pay the price, and Trump is walking free! I know Qanon, The Proud Boys and Oathkeepers have many followers out there, but, they need to stop and think before they attack any american official or organization or governement facility, who is telling them to and who is paying the price when they do? Themselves, or Trump? Even the Followers of dictators, and kings come to reralize in this world, that when their leader starts to harm them, his followers, the leader rmust go! Ask Mussonlini, as Hitler, ask Jerry Jones, as Charles Manson and others. IT was their own followers that finally brought them down, why, because theybegan to reralize and finally did realize, it wa stheir leader screwing them over and eating cake so to say.

Qanon, The Oath Keepers and The Proud Boys should realize by now, that doing Trump’s bidding, following his MAGA Rheotoric, is only killing their organizations and members. While Qanon Members, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers pay millions in legal fees, lose the right to vote now and get convicted and have to serve time in prison or jail, and get felonies tacked onto their lives and records. the man who called them, the man who told them what to do and directed it all, is still rich, still eating steaks, still free and still doing as he pleases. You woul dthink they would stop and think of that by now, and stop following the MAGA and trump shit, and either walk away or turn on Trump himself. But like i say, blind followers are not new in America or the world, ask Hitlers followers, ask Mussonlini’s followers, ask the cult leaders and their followers, they know it now. Yet, they follow blindly for no ryhme or reason, or without thought. why? America doesn’t need to be made Great Again, or to be made Great it is Great and has been for 265 years now. Wake up!

I have my own dream folks, that one day all men and women in America, dispite color, race, creed or anything else will wake up and realize, the greatness of the republic and democracy they live under, and appreciate it better. My dream is for the free America we live in to stay free, for oportinities to abound for all, and for equal justice to rain down on all. Equal Justice should be, Banning Trump from Public Office, His Arrest for inciting a riot and insurrection against his own country. Equal Justice would be Donald J. Trump in handcuffs and in a public courtroom facing charges for all he has done, on public television for all the world to see. If Justice spreads enough light on all Donald Trump has done that is criminal, then all may learn the truth an dthe truth is what we need all to see to stop this MAGA nonsense and anger in America.