17 September 2022

Time, in life we can’t control, just as we can not control the weather. Mankind is limited by what we can control, by the environment and and the fact the human race is limited in it’s abilities. Some things we can control, our emotions, our thoughts or lack of them, our abilities to do things physically or mentally. Even those abilities are limited my friends as is the chemical balance in our bodies and minds.

We depend on one another as a society and as a race, and at times we fail to understand that fully. I know what I am saying will bother many people, yet in the end you can’t, deny truths and facts, can you? We are limited in the amount of time we spend on this planet and the number of people we interact with and how we do so. I have had a full life in many ways, yet, I now know, I have missed too much and lost too much over time, and the things and people i have lost, cause me great concern and make me depressed. I have seen too many disappear from my life, unintentionally and by death. Sadly, I can’t, change or bring them back in any way, or even change how or why it all happened. We are forced by the world we live in and the circumstances we have to deal with what happens and move on, there is no getting them back, or changing what bad decisions we have made in life. Fate, destiny, human nature, environment, circumstances, decisions all play into how our lives go and how long we live. Does mankind as a race understand that fully? I doubt it!

I am not a scientist, Doctor, or expert in any field out there, nor am I more than a mortal man, who has lived a every day life. I have walked, talked, ran, jumped, played and worked just like all have. I am no different than anyone else man or woman, I have had victories, disappointments, joy, sadness just like all who live. Is there any doubt I am telling the truth so far, no, I do not believe anyone would say that about me. Those who know me and have known me in my life understand I do not have a reason to lie or to fabricate facts. I never have, some have even said I am far too honest and straight about things in my life. I have my failures though and many things I wish I could have changed, but couldn’t due to the facts involved and the fact I had no say in them.

At this time in my life at 66 years old, I find myself in a depressive state, and alone in life. I am not an out going person, I am not an extrovert, nor do I party. I do not drink, nor do I smoke at all or do drugs. I live alone as I said, and I have tried to enjoy the community I currently live in, yet, I am not really accepted here, except for at certain times. I don’t do bars or taverns, I am not a karaoke singer, or entertainer of any kind either. I read books, I write, I play on computers, but I do not go meet anyone in person. I isolate, scared of people and yes I do not have a very high opinion of myself at all. I fear rejection, non acceptance, and in the end people, I find them cruel, indifferent and non-caring. It’s just a fact and I have no idea how I ever lived this long.

Regrets yes, I have many, but they were not mistakes I made on my own or that I was responsible for. I had no control over many things, that is for sure. I didn’t ask to be born into the family I was born into or raised the way I was. I didn’t ask for medical problems that occurred for me as a child or as an adult either. Circumstances can not be controlled by us, and those are what bring me to where I am currently.

My regrets are many as are my disappointments, just like many others out there I am sure. We all have them and they are easy enough to live with if we try. I know that and yes I adjust for them and deal with them as I go along. It doesn’t mean I like them, or accept them or wanted them to happen, it just means I got hit with them, dealt with them in the only way I knew how and here I be.

Life is not easy for all of us, I was not born with a silver spoon or money, nor was I blessed with ease or comfort. Rich is not something I know or understand, nor would i know what to do with, really. I live day by day, on only what I have. Do you? That is called circumstance, fate, destiny, and we do not have control of it, do we?

I was never a fully accepted child by my mother, I actually believe she hated me. We fought from the day I was born until I turned 18 years old. I fought, with my elder brother also in the same way. My step-father beat us and I got the worse of it for sure. Yet in the end it was myself, who helped him rebuild the house we lived in, babysat my younger siblings and took care of them, until I left. So I served my family in that way, for most of my childhood and teen years.

When I got to 18 I made a trip on my own to meet my real father in another state. This angered my mother more, yet in the end, it needed to be done. I was told, all bad, about the man, but what I found was the opposite of all my mother told me. How bad can a man be, who, had seven more children, a home and a job he worked each day and supported it all his life till he died? He wasn’t bad, it was all just anger mom had due to the divorce.

Once i did that I basically, joined the service and moved on in life. Yes i served my country in three different branches. I started in The Army, then the Army National Guard, and then finally, the U.S. Navy when I finished, I had served a total of 16 years and had six herniated discs in my spine. During those years, I married, and had two daughters and a wife, I had two of everything, until, I was Discharged Honorably under Medical Conditions. Then, it started to go downhill for me. I lost my home, my wife and my daughters all within less than six months from my date of discharge. Now, it wasn’t my fault the marriage ended yet I was blamed and my daughters were told I was awful, I abandoned them and they ended up calling me a sperm donor.

The mental anguish from that loss has never left me, even though many years later I fought back against it. Yet, it did not turn out 100 percent the way I wished it would have. I can’t change it, so I accept it and live daily with all of it. That first marriage lasted 12 years folks.

Now I went on in life alone for two years on my own wandering the streets and trying hard to put my life back together. Ultimately, I found a woman who accepted me for who I am and we moved in together. After 7 years together we married and that marriage lasted me 28 years, ending last year in her dying of cancer, approximately 13 months ago. Her cancer was with her and we fought it for 16 years constantly, with me myself, getting lung cancer and surviving it in the middle. My wife is gone now and I miss her dearly and will forever more, I will always love her.

Today, I am 66 years old, and the loneliness gets me. I get depressed, I get sad, I feel lost and struggling to go on. Honestly speaking I have no reason to go on now. I am old, I am handicapped, I have problems mentally, and physically and I wonder what the hell I am here for anymore. I live in a 956 Square foot condo on my own and I know no one around me period. I try to associate with others and participate with events they hold here but, I end up staying home alone, staring at a tv, building puzzles and reading books. There is no place around me that I know anymore, for I live in an area that was built for 55 and older and the town is quiet. I am isolated in my opinion, there is nothing for me to do anymore.

Do I think my life is coming to an end soon, yes. I have nothing to really live for, I don’t have fun anywhere with anyone nor do I know anyone really. The loneliness and in-activeness alone will drive me stir crazy the way it is right now. I know I can’t live too much longer the way I am. For me I know the end is near, when all I do is walk, read, build puzzles and nothing more. How long can you talk to yourself and survive? Tell me please!

I turn on the television and all is violence and politics and anger. I can’t stare at that forever. I walk three miles a day when I can, I buy books when I shop for food. Puzzles I buy and build, but, honestly folks, no matter how I try to interact with others, I feel I do not belong. So when that happens I walk away and stay alone more.

I have been asked by Doctors for my PTSD treatments if I think of suicide and yes I do, at least twice a day. So I end up on medications they give me so I can sleep and then they give me pills to help with my attitude and I don’t take them, I take enough pills as it is, plus the thought of taking pills to mess with my brain and emotional state just turns me off. I more than likely should take them, they may help me, but I am scared to. I take pills for too many things these days, blood pressure, sugar, heart. and to sleep, I am beginning to feel like a pill popping fool. So, I ask how far am I from suicide, not far at all unless something changes for me.

It is now, September 17th, 2022, my wife passed August 10th, 2021. So my question is how long can I go on without her and for what reason do I want to? Unless I can find a reason to keep going and a way to do so, my depressive state will get me ultimately, like it has many before me. Time shall tell for sure folks, I walk like a cripple, I have problems standing, so in the end I am sure at some point I will go down in my condo and that is where they will find me one day.

Death Be Not Proud/ September 16th, 2022

I do not believe for me, that life is worth living much longer to be honest. Why I am here and what my purpose really is I have no idea anymore. Used to be, I had a purpose, a reason for living, a reason for going on, that all changed last year, with the death of my wife.

I lived to take care of her, to make her comfortable, to take care of her. I cooked for her, I cleaned for her, I took her to Doctors and her daughters. I took her where-ever she wished to go, watched her, sat with her. I had a purpose of just being with her, now that she is gone I have nothing left. For 28 years, we went where she wanted, did, what she wanted, and I took care of her as she wanted me to. My biggest fun times were watching television with her, playing games with her, just being with her. Today, I have none of that left to me, I am alone, no matter what anyone may think. I was told more than once by a friend, you can’t live alone, isolated, and not interact with anyone, well I do and it’s not good.

I am not a social animal or person, my opinion of myself is not good and never has been. I have trouble interacting with people in general, I suffer from PTSD from childhood and military days. I get nightmares and i sleep poorly. I basically exist, is all, and I avoid people period. I tend to walk away when I feel not wanted and i never force myself into any situation of social gatherings. I have always been a loner, an outcast and someone who does not fit in. It’s been my way of life I believe.

But as you age, and I am now 66 years old, unhealthy, in pain from back injuries from my time in service, PTSD from childhood and more. How long can I go on, I have no idea but I doubt if it will be long.

I am tired and I think basically I am giving up, each day is a struggle for me to even survive. Now, some believe I am wrong in my assessment of myself, I don’t. I fail at making friends and you can only walk so far, in life alone before you give up and walk no more.

I do not have a high opinion of myself, never have and i guess never will. AT 66 years old that opinion is even worse than ever before in my life. I am old, tired, in pain, I isolate myself, I avoid people and the fact is, I gave up. I know I am not pretty, or handsome, I know I am not the smartest person nor do I have a great sense of humor either. It’s hard for me to go on daily, I have no more motivation, no drive anymore, even my writing days have come to a basic end.

I never was a bar or tavern person, I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs. I have no real hobbies or things that give me enjoyment anymore. I once had children but no more they were taken from me. I was a loner even in the services I was a part of. So my question is simple, why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea anymore.

I have found if I try to go out, I don’t fit in, and it is just a fact. I don’t drink, or smoke or do drugs like I have said. I tried going to taverns and bars and found myself, alone, period, it’s just a fact. I sit in a tavern or bar, I talk to no one, so why be there. So my main question is simple, what am I here for, why am I still alive?

My typical day is coffee, and then reading a book, walking, or watching tv. There is nothing else for me. In the end I dream of and think of ways to dispose of myself. I research methods of suicide, I am depressed day by day and it only worsens for me each day.

So, why am I still here? I do not know anymore! In life, I have tried to push forward, yet, there is no reason to anymore. So, how long before, my life ends I do not know, but, like i have told others it won’t be much longer, it can’t be much longer. Life is interaction, people, things to do, I have none of it. So, when someone looks at me and goes oh stop talking that way, I smile and laugh at them and say nothing. I am old, tired, and have more medical problems than most who have lived before me. So, the pain, the loneliness, will kill me, it has to, it is fate is it not?

Reading a book, writing, building puzzles and walking is not, a life! I go through the motions is all, and that is not living to me. So what do I do next, I know I have been told by Doctors, who ask me each time I see them, are you suicidal, do you think of killing yourself, of course I would never I say. I lie, I don’t want pills, or to be locked away in an institution or hospital. I take pills daily, for all kinds of problems that are physical, diabetes, blood pressure, heart, pain from my back and neck. It’s like an endless cycle of swallowing pills, day after day, night after night. Take this for that, this to sleep, this to keep your blood pressure down, this to stop your sugars or A1C from rising, it’s crazy. I know many who have committed suicide before me, and I used to think why would they do that? Now I know why one would do that, it is obvious to me, for loneliness, isolation, leads to depression, and that is deadly my friends and I suffer through it daily. No matter how much of a good fake face I put on daily.

Many years ago, I remember a phrase, that was actually a book title, it was Death Be Not Proud, it applied to a story about someone who died unnecessarily. Yet I think it more appropriately applies to people like myself, who know the end of their lives is close.

September 13th, 2022/Thoughts for today.

I am 66 years old, and I feel like i am 100 at times. My body is filled with pain and I go day by day, thru the motions of living by myself. Each day I wake, early and find myself with nothing to do but watch television, read a book or build puzzles. I am bored, tired and half the time just here, I have no real reason for being anymore. Everyday is a struggle and my body aches like never before, as my body jumps and spasms from back pain and then it jumps in my sleep and wakes me.

I know many would be happy to be in my position as long as they had someone to share life with, I have no one. I live in an area of a 55 plus community, in a small town in Ma. and in the end there is nothing for a man of 66 years old to do here. I have no romantic interest at all, nor do I ask anyone out, nor does anyone invite me anywhere. I am basically isolated and alone here in a condo, and I do absolutely nothing in life.

I tried when my wife passed last year to reach out for help and I ended up in a hospital for depression for two weeks. Then, I came to Ma. with my sister and we sold my home in CT, and i bought my condo here. So, after buying the condo I am finding myself more alone than ever before in my life. I have gone through books, reading daily, I have gone through building puzzles and walking long distances per day.I am not a social person in reality, I am a lone wolf, but it is bad for me. I have been told my depressive state is not a good sign for my health, and whatever future I have left. I know from personal experience over my 66 year old life, that I lose interest fast and that my being alone is dangerous for my mind wanders to dying myself.

Yes, I have considered suicide many time sin different ways, but I have stopped short so far. It doesn’t mean I won’t go out that way tho. More than likely I will, I lack social skills I have all my life, I have no ability to interact or even to flirt I never did learn that one. I do not laugh a lot for there is not much to laugh about nor do I smile much these days. I know I am a sad site to see for many who see me. It is my problem you see, I shy away from people, I hide and in the end I am alone as always. Life is not really worth living for me, but, I awake each day, and each one becomes a greater struggle to keep going. At times I only sleep more and to get thru the day to my bed at time to sleep more. No I do not drink and no I do not do drugs of any kind except medications I am prescribed. I don’t find bars or taverns fun, either.

I find people to be cruel at times, or to be foolish, and sometimes annoying and my ability to interact makes it that much worse for me. I avoid people. Some may wonder why, I just can’t handle it much longer, is what I believe.

Do I own a gun no, can I kill myself if I want yes, I can. I have medications and I live on the fourth floor of a condo complex. Have I thought of doing so, yes about three times a day actually. I also know, that if i continue in the way I am currently, it won’t be long that I am around.

Can I change anything, to make it less depressing or to make myself care more about living, I honestly doubt it at this point in life. I know I have lost too much in my life, and it is hard for me to see alight at the end of the tunnel I am in, it is dark.

I know now, I am not a person many care about, nor do I feel like someone cares. IT is a sad, feeling in me, and it is hard to shake no matter what I do. Can I survive much longer and how long will I? I have no real idea, to be honest, the way I see it I have served my purpose on this planet. I served my parents growing up, I served in the service for 16 years in three branches, I served my first wife and tried to serve my children, and then I served my second wife for 28 years. Now, I am alone, and to be honest, I know I shall die alone, probably in this condo, for I shall never move again. As my will to live and continue on wanes and disappears, do I have regrets, yes, but doesn’t everyone who lives?

I also watch the news and see the destruction of the world and even America as a democracy and Republic now. Sadly, America is too weak to take charge of what is happening to it. As a nation we were dumb when Trump was Elected President. Sadly, even Justice and equality under it is damaged as Trump walks free still and those who did his bidding during Jan. 6th and since and before, go to jail. The Department of Justice is not acting fast enough, Congress has fools in it and the Senate too who still back Trump, after his taking Secret and above documents out of the White House to his home. Why?

As Far as the current mess/ fiasco, with Donald J. Trump, I wish to say this, one woman took one secret document home and got 5 years in prison for it, The Rosenberg’s got the electric chair for their actions, and Benedict Arnold was banished from America for his actions. So, when will Justice for ALL and Equal Treatments under The Law come to bear here in this Trump fiasco? Please tell me folks. is Donald J. Trump above the laws of America, is he better than you or I, and does he deserve special treatment? If you took home secret or above documents, from the government, or incited an insurrection, do you think you would be eating steaks in Mar a Lago, or playing golf all day on the tax payers dime? I doubt it, you would be locked up and the key thrown away by now, and so would I. So why isn’t Donald J. Trump? Explain please!

” There is no excuse for Donald J. Trump, having these documents, none what so ever!” No excuse, no reason can justify it folks!

Labor Day, 2022 has arrived folks, here in America. The Temperatures have begun to drop some, there is a slight chill in the air in the am. The sun still shines but for shorter hours, and time keeps rolling on.

The economy is expensive in America, food prices have gone up, car prices, gone up, gas has gone up, even people who commit violence have gone up in numbers. The cost of being alive in this world has just risen day by day. It’s amazing how things change, and people have to struggle to see through, yes even here in America. The world is not a kind and generous place like some would like us to see or believe, it is in fact a cruel world, that asks daily what have you done for me, before it allows you to be provided for in anyway. No one hands you a damn thing, unless you earn it or pay for it in someway.

While many struggle to survive day by day, and are gullible and foolish enough to follow so, called, leaders like Trump, they don’t stop to think of the consequences, do they? At some point, someone has to go to the jails and prisons, where these people who participated in the January 6th, attack on the U.S. Capital are, that Donald J. Trump told them to do, and ask them as they serve their terms, How do you feel now, that you have been convicted as a felon, and imprisoned, as Donald J. Trump walks free? Your so-called leader is walking free around Mar a Lago eating steaks and living in splendor, as you sit in a cell, for your sentence. Are you happy you did as he told you to now? I bet they are no happier than former enforcer and lawyer.

I can go on here, but what is the use? Look, America is tired of the Trump fiasco being played out currently. In the end the real question that remains and is waiting to be answered is will Donald J. Trump ever be ,indicted, arrested, and tried in a court of law for what he has done to America? Every news agency, on television and radio and in papers and magazines, are all covering this, and all of it is saturating the american public. Anger abounds from die-hard Trump supporters and Maga people, violence is being threatened. Sadly, it is all because, one man decided he couldn’t handle losing an election. Then, he compounded it all by the insurrection and attack on the capital, refused to concede the election, tried to overturn it and then, slinked, out of Washington, DC, to Florida, and took secret and above documents to his home, breaking more laws then any Ex-President in American History! We all know of it all, and yet no one is charging him, someone please explain why?

I will say this, The Rosenburgs were electrocuted for Treason, a woman took one document home marked secret and got 5 years in jail for it. Now Donald J. Trump takes home over 314 secret or above documents, to his estate, leaves them laying around for people to see, and he is still walking free, how is this possible?

We need Congress, to get together and number one, ban Trump from running or holding any public office in America, Period. Second, The DOJ needs to assemble it’s case and evidence, indict and charge Donald J. Trump now, and arrest, him. Lets end this fiasco, this show and take away his platform he is using to incite the Maga people with. Didn’t they do enough damage to the Capital, and why do we have to pay for it to be fixed, when a billionaire is the one who incited it all? Shouldn”t Trump be footing that bill?

If Donald J. Trump is allowed to run for President again, then you may as well have kept Benedict Arnold as General when this nation was created. Donald Trump is a bigger criminal and traitor to America than Arnold was! He is the modern day Benedict Arnold, he sold us out to other countries.

What purpose did Trump have for all the secret and above documents he had in his possession? Why did he have them and what was his intent with them? Who did he show them to, and why? What information was in them, what secrets did he give out to our adversaries? Stop and think about this now, what purpose did Donald J. Trump have with these documents? Did he sell them to other nations? Did he give them to other nations? Was he going to use them to blackmail the American Government, so he could try to get the Presidency back? What was his purpose in having them please explain to me! 314 Secret or above documents, taken from Washington, DC. by a former President, and held for up to 17 months, why? As Bill Barr the former Attorney General said, ” There is no excuse for Donald J. Trump, having these documents, none what so ever!” No excuse, no reason can justify it folks!

One more thing I wish to mention here, Trump asked the court for a Master to review the documents taken from his estate. He did so by carefully avoiding the Judge who was handling the case in the first place, and going to a Judge he appointed himself. Now shouldn’t this second Judge be taken out of the case, and not be involved due to the fact she was appointed by Trump to the bench? I think so. Also, why is a second Judge being involved in a case already being taken care of by a prior Judge already handling the case? And can she really overrule the Judge involved already? Shouldn’t be folks!

Indict Donald J. Trump, lock him up!

At some point in time, Justice must prevail, it must be dealt out evenly and without favoritism, or preference, to yes, even former Presidents. I was born under Eisenhower, and I have lived through many Presidents now in my 66 years of life. I study American History and I watch the news, I watched JFK get killed on tv like many who were kids at the same time I was. I have read of Washington, the creation of The United States, the Founding Fathers and how we became a nation, a republic and a democracy that the world admires. Now I see things cleared because i am older, I see the tearing down of a once proud nation, by a movement that is unrealistic and unlawful, and dangerous, this MAGA movement, is dangerous for America, it is dangerous for our future and the very foundation our country is built on.

No President in American history has refused to show their tax returns, no President in American History has been Impeached twice in office in one term, no President had refused to concede an election when they lost and set up an insurrection against his very own administration and asked people to hang his own Vice President, till now! No President slinks out of Washington to go home, with Top Secret Documents, stores them openly and insecurely in his home and then claims they are no more than, like a library book being overdue when he is caught.Why would a American President take Top Secret Document, hold them, for 17 months, and force the FBI to come get them. Please explain! What purpose did taking the documents have, what was he going to do with them,who was he going to show them to? Is it Putin and Russia, is it Kim and the Koreans, and how bad did he compromise our security as a nation?

This Trump fiasco, started when he refused to concede defeat when he lost the election in 2020. It has now continued on into 2022 in September, and it needs to end. What needs done, is #1) Donald J. Trump must be banned from running for any public office in America. #2) Donald J. Trump needs indicted, charged and tried in a court of law, for the charges brought forth by the DOJ. His trial must be public and shown to all, to show no one is above the laws of the United States. 3) Someone should go interview those already in prison and convicted from his insurrection and ask them how they feel now, behind bars and Trump walking around free? Secret and above documents are not library books folks, the documents represent the safety of the American People, you and I and our country, and the people who handle that security for us. Donald J. Trump took them for his own purposes to his home in Florida, Mar A Lago, for what purpose or reason, and who wa she going to show them to? You tell me. This MAGA crowd needs to be broken up, torn apart, disassembled and banished, just like the fascist and Nazi regiemes of World War 2, before it takes hold and destroys America. We do not do Dictators here in America!

To Merick Garland, Attorney General of The United States, you have the charges, the documents, the proof and more, how much longer will it take to secure a case against Donald J. Trump, and to indict, charge and arrest him? What more is needed to do so? There has to come a time, when Trump has to be indicted and tried for crimes against America, and for breaking it’s laws, that time should be now! The American People, want this to end as soon as possible, we are tired of the daily news of it, and the step by step reporting of it on our radios, televisions, and in our papers. We look like idiots as a nation, because no one is arresting this man and he is getting away with it all. Are you scared because he is an Ex-President, are you scared because he is a billionaire? Are you scared because his Maga People are threatening riots? What is it Attorney General Garland please tell us. For as I see it as an American Citizen and Disabled Veteran who served his country for 16 years, you are allowing Trump his freedom and showing because he is an Ex-President he is above the law to all us tax payers. He deserves to be treated like all citizens of this country, held accountable under the laws of our land and dealt with. Indict Donald J. Trump, lock him up!

Congress needs to ban Donald J. Trump from running for or holding any Public Office in America period, immediately.

As August 31st has hit and August of 2022 rolls to a close today, we are still dealing with The Trump fiasco, daily. New Agencies and television stations, and newspapers world-wide shout about it all, Republicans defend Trump and want him as their candidate for President in 2024, even though they know he may be arrested for crimes against his own country.

Look folks, it is time these Trump Supporters, Maga, people get the idea they are backing a dead horse here. He has failed ,at so much in his life and yet they still back him, why? The list of his failures is huge, yet they want to back him, why, because they can’t find a decent replacement. They don’t have one among their numbers, who can stand up to a Presidential Race at all. Trump is done folks, if your a Trump Supporter, Maga Person, of any kind you have to see it now.

As more of his followers who supported and participated in his January 6th, attack on the capital to stop the certification of the election go to prison each day and get convicted. I bet if you talk to them now, who are sitting in cells, they are not too happy about it all, and that Trump is still walking free. Anyone want to take that bet on?

Now, Trump got caught taking classified documents out of the White House, to his Mar A Lago, home in Florida. What the big question is, is simple why and what was his purpose in doing so, and what did he think he was going to do with them? I don’t care about all the bullshit he is throwing up against the wall, trying to delay the process of law here, what I care about is simple, who saw the documents, who did he show them to and for what purpose and what damage did he do to our country and security? Answer the one question, Lindsey Graham and other MAga and Trump supporters, What did Donald Trump have the documents for and what was his purpose for them and who was he going to show them to? Please just answer the primary question here, what was Donald Trump doing with all these classified documents in Mar a Lago, unsecured? There can be only one purpose to him, having them, to use them against a political opponent or to show them to a foreign power, period. Thais called Treason folks, blackmailing America, all over the fact he lost an election! The truth has to come out now, he has no place to hide, and his lawyers will not win, if he is indicted. There is no Executive Privilege for an Ex-President folks! Nor is there any Attorney Client Privilege involved in this case, why because ,the documents do not belong to Donald Trump, they are the American People’s. No President in American History, has ever done what Trump has done here. Let me say this to his Maga and Supporters of him, if you took one item classified from the American Engorgement to your home, where do you think you would be right now? You would be in an orange jumpsuit behind bars is where! Want proof go ask the woman who took one document home marked secret and got five years in prison for it. Donald J. Trump is guilty no matter how he tries to avoid, run, hide or claim special treatment or privileges, none apply to him. He is no longer a President, folks, he is another American Citizen who tried to steal documents from his own country, for his own purposes.

I remind all, of The Rosenbergs who died in the electric chair for selling secrets to other countries. To me Donald J. Trump is a Benedict Arnold, a traitor to his country, we should ban him from holding any public office in America and we should either indict and convict and jail him, or banish him to another country, expel him from America. Congress needs to ban Donald J. Trump from running for or holding any Public Office in America period, immediately.

Trump Supporters, Republicans, please explain why he had the documents, refused to return them and what his purpose was to, having them!

August 27th, 2022, Morning came to me at 4:55 am today, my eyes opened and here was the world once more. I am amazed actually to still being here, but, time does go on and so does life for me.

I watch the new daily, I see the violence and anger in the world and go why at times like many others do. It just seems to increase daily, or if it doesn’t it stays at levels it should never have reached in American Society. I tire of hearing it at times and I wonder more than most why the Republican Party is still backing Donald J. Trump at this time. Are these republicans blind, stupid or unable to comprehend reality here. Look I will say this, how can any republican sit back and back Trump, knowing what we all know now?

  1. Donald J. Trump is hated asa businessman, he does not pay full price for anything and he stiffs his contractors who work for him.
  2. Trump failed at selling water, steaks and even a college. Sad.
  3. Trump is the only President in American history to be twice impeached in one term in office.
  4. Trump set up and ordered and pushed an insurrection against the American Government, while he was its own leader! Who the hell does that?
  5. Trump refused to concede the election he lost, by the same electoral numbers that Clinton lost to him. Same numbers folks, and he said the election was stolen from him, lies.
  6. Trump took secret, top secret and higher secret documents from the White House to Mar-A-Lago and hid them in his estate. Why? and For what Purpose?
  7. When asked to return said documents, Trump fought it and then gave up 15 boxes in January of 2021 and then hid the rest.
  8. Then when the Archives Department asked for the rest Trump hid them and said he had no more. So The Justice Department stepped in and went looking for them.
  9. Trump’s refusal to turn all documents over and his hiding them, led the Justice Department using The FBI to come looking for said documents and more.
  10. So, Trump was approached with requests first to get the documents back, then he was legally asked to turn then over, before the Justice Department had to get a Search Warrant for his property and search it.
  11. Upon searching Mar-a-Lago, the FBI found more boxes of documents, marked secret and above and confiscated then under the search warrant that was issued.
  12. We now know Trump had secret and above documents in his possession in Mar-a-Lago and he refused to turn them over. We also know he is being investigated for espionage, Obstruction of Justice and more. We have now seen the Search Warrant, the list of materials gathered and the affidavit concerning it all. Yes it is redacted, and I don’t blame the Judge or the Justice Department for that, the witnesses have to be protected, so do the agents in the case. It is only common sense and logic they do so, otherwise Trump will sic his followers on them.
  13. As the case builds and builds, I am sure at some point Trump will have to face an indictment here and charges. If he doesn’t, it will kill the legal system in America and kill the thought of all Americans are equal under the law. That in and of itself will rock the very foundation of our republic and democracy. No man or woman is above the law, I don’t care if you are an ex-President or not.
  14. As this case goes forward, those who blindly followed Trump, will pay the price also, if you don’t believe that then you are blind yourself. Ask those already convicted and serving time in prison and jail cells, from the January 6th, attack he set off.
  15. There are politicians out there, who need arrested as well as Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy. They will claim Lawyer, client privileges and executive too, in the end none apply here. The evidence is damning for Trump, his lawyers who backed him and helped him also.

So let me say this in ending before you blindly back anyone for public office of any kind, investigate them, check them out yourself. Don’t get caught up in the bullshit they spout for the jail cells are filling up, with those people who did so following Trump.

It is unprecedented for a President to be so investigated in four states for numerous charges and actions he did. No President in American History or candidate for President did what Trump is being accused of ! Remember that and there are 46 Presidents to look back on now. People are trying to dodge testifying in all these cases, Rudy, Graham, and others, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, the names are growing and the list gets deeper as it goes on. Why are they hiding or dodging or not wanting to testify, or taking the Fifth like Trump did? They are guilty, is why! Remember Donald Trump said it himself many times, people who take the fifth are either mobsters or hiding the truth. It is true isn’t it Donald Trump, look at you taking the fifth so many times.

The only way this Trump fiasco disappears, is 1) Trump gets indicted, 2) He gets charged 3) He is tried in a court of law like everyone else.

To prevent future problems like this Trump and all his cronies, including Bannon, Rudy, Roger Stone and more need to be banned from politics in America. Trump needs to be banned legally from ever running for public office again, he is criminal. Congress can do this, if they have the guts to do so and the republicans stop kissing Trump’s ass now. The Republican party, has got to realize that Trump is going down, he cannot lead their ticket in 2024, or they will lose so badly, their party will disappear. Democrats will vote against him, Independents will too and many Republicans are now realizing it. The Republican Party, will cease to exist if they continue to back Donald J. Trump! They need to wake up, now! Trump must be banned from holding public office ever again, just based on his stealing or taking the classified documents he took. I don’t care what his reasoning is as to why he took them, or refused to give them back. He has in his possession, secret and top secret documents of the United States Government period. Why, who was he going to give them to, or trade them with, or show them to, or blackmail with them? Explain that to me, Trump Supporters Republicans, please explain why he had the documents, refused to return them and what his purpose was to, having them!

Donald J. Trump fiasco, must end soon!

The current Donald J. Trump fiasco is getting totally ridiculous now, We have gone from the small shock, to a large shock over it, to a great concern now. STop and think what is happening here and what has been found now.

Here we have the only President in American History, to be Impeached twice in one term, an Election loser and denier, who set up an attack and insurrection against his own Administration and still people back him, why? Why would anyone back such a person?

On top of all of the above, he leaves office, refuses to concede, and takes with him, secret government documents to his personal estate in Mar A Lago, in Florida! We are not talking one sheet of paper here, we are talking hundreds of papers, marked clearly secret or above and hides them. Why, what for, did he take them? No it is not for his Presidential Library, no it is not to write a book, whatever excuse he gives is a lie. In the end he knew the laws, he admits to knowing the laws regarding classified documents and secrets, yet he took the documents anyway? Let me say this, this is a man who is full grown here, an adult, who knows right from wrong, and he did this anyway?

My main question for The Justice Department, The Attorney General and even The current President of The United States Joe Biden is a simple one, Why is Donald J. Trump still not indicted, charged and convicts and locked up? If this was any other American citizen we would be locked up and the key thrown away by now, and faster then you can say the word jail. Explain to me why, Donald J. Trump is still a free man!

I remind the Justice Department, The FBI, and all involved, a woman who took one sheet of paper home marked secret, got locked away for five years, Trump took 35 boxes of documents and is still free, what is wrong with this picture? So, I thought Justice applies to all Americans, and no one can run from the laws correct? Then why is Donald J. Trump not in a jail cell an din an orange jumpsuit by now?

Each day more information is released about what Trump took and how The FBI and the Justice Department, first asked for the documents back, then had to subpoena for the documents back, and got partial back that way, and then now had to go in with a search warrant to get the rest back. A total of 35 boxes of government documents belonging to the people were taken by Trump and he is still free to run for President again? What kind of bullshit is this here? Am I the only concerned citizen here in America, over all of this?

Now let me say this, no there is no Executive Privilege involved here, no Ex-President has that. No he could not have a standing order declassifying all documents he wanted to, does not happen that way folks. No, I doubt very much if a Judge of any kind will allow him to have a Master review the evidence at this stage, he had more than two weeks since it was taken and it has already been seen by FBI Agents. So, that will be out of the question here also.

Each day, it gets worse and worse for Donald J. Trump and those in his Republican Party who defend and protect him. What will Senator Graham say, when they force him to testify in Georgia or when they arrest him for assisting in espionage and take him away too. What about all of the people who went to Washington on January 6th and did as Trump told him to do and stormed the capital and damaged it and threatened the lives of members of congress, who are now convicted felons due to Trump? How happy are they now serving prison terms and losing the right to vote now? How many more people will be harmed, damaged, have their lives ruined?

I can honestly say, this to all Americans, white, black, hispanic, oriental what ever race, creed or color you may be, if you took one sheet of paper marked Secret that belonged to the American Government, where do you think you would be right now, if caught? Behind bars, in a jumpsuit and serving time is where! Wake up America, Trump needs, indicted, arrested, charged, booked, put on trial and convicted! What do you think he was going to do with Secret to Top Secret Documents he had in his possession for almost two years? Why did he take them and who wa she going to show them to for what reason? You tell me! Please!!

The Trump fiasco, started the day he rode down his escalator in Trump Tower and announced he was running for President and it hasn’t ended since. We need to end this now, Trump must be banned from running for any public office or position in America. Congress can do this, The House or Senate or both should do it together, for the good of The Constitution, the Good of The Republic and The Good of America and it’s people! It’s time to show that no man or woman, is above the laws of this land!

Why isn’t Donald J. Trump?

August 19th, 2022, as I watch the news, everywhere you look is Trump problems. Trump Org, Trump Insurrection, Trump search of Mar a Lago. Trump says this, Trump says that, this person associated with Trump is in front of a Grand Jury, that person is being questioned who was in his Administration. Now I ask you why this is so?

We are now on our 46th President in Joe Biden. IN all 46 Presidents what other President than Trump was Impeached twice in one term? What other President refused to concede the Presidential race he lost? What President wouldn’t let his taxes be seen? What President walked out of the White House and took 35 boxes of paperwork and other items to his own estate and refused to acknowledge what his own advisors told him, when they said it belongs to the people and told them, It’s not theirs, it is mine!. What other President has been served with search warrants? What other President lies so boldly?

Look, I don’t care what anyone says, whether a Trumper, or not, Trump has brought nothing but discord, racism, nastiness and violence to the American people. His performance sucked as a President period. He failed with Putin, he failed in North Korea and looked like an ass in both places and instances. Then, others say well he built the wall between us and Mexico, nope failed again folks, 600 miles of fence and never finished. Then I hear, the line well he passed a tax plan for us, no he didn’t, that tax plan gave breaks to himself and other rich people only. Sad. He has failed at so many things it is crazy folks.

So why do people follow him, easy, it is racism, it is prejudice, discrimination and more. It is hate mongering! This man stood on an airport runway and pointed out one black man who was there and said there is my black me. Are you kidding me he got away with that shit! He talked about how he can grab any woman he wants in any way he wants and they will let him. He even said he could shoot someone on the street and still they would vote for him! Does anyone remember those lines and instances?

Listen, you can say what you want regarding what I am about to say, the end of this discussion is simple. If you believe in Trump and don’t realize what he has done to America is wrong, then you need to get your head examined! This man failed at so many things and then still became President, yet since it has gotten worse.

No President has accomplished such a criminal record as a President and ex-President. I am watching as Trump supporters who went to his Jan. 6th Rally and Insurrection are now in prison behind bars for what they did. Serving sentences of up to 10 years in some cases, while Donald J. Trump sits at home and laughs at them. Go ask those in jail who did as he asked on Jan. 6th, if they like the fact of serving time and becoming a felon, because Trump told them to do something! Ask Trump if he is going to pay for the damages he did with these people to our capital and why we must pay to have it repaired and he doesn’t?

For the current situation, lets ask Trump, why, he had these 35 boxes of documents and other items? What was he going to do with 11 sets of classified secret documents and why didn’t he return them when asked to? What is he hiding about having said documents? He can cry about being searched all he wants, he is not above the law. No man or woman in America is above the law, we have laws for a reason. He wants to attack the Justice Department and The FBI for doing the Search, they are just doing their jobs, back off.

The Judge says he wants to open the affidavit to the public and show us all he can. As he does he should consider the legal cases involved, the FBI Agents involved, the witnesses and all other cases attached to this action. Is it right Your Honor to put FBI Agents, Police, witnesses in direct danger, if you believe that is the case, recuse yourself from this. If you believe in Justice and holding all accountable for the laws they have broken like any citizen would be, then lets do so and protect the innocent, the FBI and Justice and police enforcement also. You release the affidavit, it will be redacted big time and probably will make no sense to the American People. It will actually point the finger at the accused in this case more than anything else. So go ahead.

The problem that exists here all started when Trump started and held his insurrection on January 6th, 2021. So Your honor, stop and think of something before you release anymore.ump doing with these documents, why did he have them and what was he going to use them for? Why did he refuse to return them to the Government when told to? If an average American citizen, took secret documents home and refused to return them, we would be arrested, in jail, without bail and convicted in days. We would be serving years over one document, why isn’t Donald J. Trump?

Lock Trump Up, Lock Trump Up, Lock him up, now!

The mess of the Trump, Maga, people and Trump himself is getting very dangerous for all Americans. Too many times I have heard how great Donald Trump is by Trump Supporters who really have no idea what he has done.

So let me put this forward for all to understand at this point in time. First Trump had four years one term as President to complete or do what he thought he could. He failed at all he touched, The only thing Trump passed was a Tax Bill that favored rich people like himself. No he did not build the wall between us and Mexico and get it done. He failed.

Now, he loses the 2020 election, and sets up an insurrection against his own Government and country, then yells and screams it was stolen. lies in all ways no one stole the election folks, he lost it period. He lost by the same exact margin Clinton lost to him the numbers are the same and he lost the electoral as well as the popular votes.

He leaves in a huff and in anger, and now we find out he has secret documents in his Mar A Lago Estate and home, two years after he left office. Whats his purpose or reason for having them, and what was he going to do with them is my first question. Second question each excuse he give for having them is worse than the last one and they all fall through none are worth a damn word he is saying. SO just tell me why he had the documents in the first place and what he wanted them for and his intentions with them were.

We are not talking a single document marked secret here we are talking 11 sets of documents and 33 boxes of Federal Paers belonging to the American People. explain please! There is no explanation for having them in the first place, secondly he had a chance to return them, said he did and didn’t and he had a lawyer sign saying there were no more in his possession. Here is a sad fact for all to see and hear loud and clear. As Trump sits in his homes and watches this all on television, those who followed him on January 6th, are now going to prison and becoming felons at a great rate now. Go ask them how they feel now, that they have to serve time behind bars and are felons who can’t vote anymore.

No man or woman in America is beyond the reach of the law and that includes Ex-Presidents folks. All of us are equal under the law. You can’t incite violence, steal secret documents and get away with it, no one should. I remind all one woman took one secret document home and got caught, and had to serve a five year sentence for doing so. So how many years should Trump get for 11 sets of documents he took, 5 x 11 folks, equals 55 years at minimum in my mind.

Trump needs, indicted, charged and put on trial for the whole world to see. Is he going to be allowed to walk free after breaking all these laws and what was he doing with the documents? If Trump is not indicted, charged or put on trial at least, it will set a precedent beyond measure and tell all Americans ex-presidents are above the laws of the land. No one is above the laws folks no one, try Trump!

No way in hell, should Trump ever be anywhere near the White House or any political office ever again in America. He should lose his benefits he got from being President also. Why should we pay a man who is breaking the laws, inciting violence in America, and, take care ,of him, he doesn’t care about us. Look, if you took documents, I can bet you, you would have been arrested, indicted, tried and convicted and in an orange jumpsuit right now, why isn’t Donald J. Trump? Is it right that he is walking free and doing as he pleases, while those he incited and led and told to attack our captial and who did his bidding are now serving time behind bars? Should he be with them? I think so.

Lock Trump Up, Lock Trump Up, Lock him up, now!