One Question, How do you get Readers to Read your Books?

I am an Author of a sort, no I am not Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, or any of the so many famous female writers out there. I do not have a big pen name, or a big reputation as a writer, nor can I spell every word in a dictionary correctly.  Nor do I have a series of books and titles strung together that all love, I am sorry I can’t be that Author, even if I wish I could.

I do write short stories and try to sell them on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books for any where from .99 cents a copy to 4.99 a copy for paperback versions. My problem is how to market them and get them noticed and I must be honest, I have no idea how to get people to try them or write reviews for them either. I sure as hell wish I did, for i would do it. I have attached links to four of them I have written and I will  add a Link to my Author’s Page here also:

The Newest is Running Bear’s Decision, I hope some will give it a try!



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