The Farce of the Trump Presidency must end!

  Thanksgiving has passed now Ladies and Gentlemen and we still are living the nightmare of a Trump Presidency. It’s sad, it’s shameful and scary and dangerous. This man can’t really run the Country, or The White House, he is incapable of it.

   His comments and remarks are scary, dangerous and nasty. Never in American History has any American Presidency had so low ratings, and so many stupid positions. He is killing America one step at a time, every chance he gets, period.

   I wish there was a better way to say this, there isn’t, Americans are blinded by this man’s bravado, and bullshit, he lies daily to America at a rate of two dozen lies a day. He angers our allies, tariffs our farming industry to death, we watch his talk of a great job market, but where is it really, you tell me? His steel tariffs are killing Ford!

  He has never gone to a war zone, or visited troops in  the field, at almost his 2 year mark in office.  he never served one day in military service, he cried bone spurs in his feet and avoided the draft four times using his daddy’s money. He uses the Military to man our own southern border to stop an invasion he calls it, folks it’s no invasion, it is a bunch of people fleeing their country due to persecution, danger and fear, from their own leaders and looking for help. Asylum is one thing they are all seeking, not to invade our country, if you were running from your homeland, to a free country, would you want to be called invaders? Last I knew America was built on immigrants, not against them!

 Many are asking for impeachment, I say don’t impeach this man, leave him be, block everything he does, and let him wave in the wind in the White House and die out as a President. Start all the investigations you can Democrats into Trump, his children, Don Jr. and Ivanka and Jared Kushner too. Go After Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and all others who participated in his 2016 Election Campaign. Find the truth of the Russian Involvement and Collusion and Obstruction of Justice and charge, charge, charge. Then the day he leaves the White House, file charges on Donald Trump, Donald Trump JR. and Ivanka Trump Kushner and her husband Jared. Don’t let Trump scare you away from doing Justice for all of America.

 Prepare for the 2020 Election Democrats, find the best Candidate you can, one who will protect medicare, medicaid, social security and who has the best plan for medical coverage for all. If you can, I think the Democrats should go North to Canada, and see how the canadians do national health insurance for all and then incorporate it and change it so it works better for us in america.

 I have watched now, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and many other countries just laugh at President Trump, say one thing to his face and do the opposite behind his back. Why, no one can trust, or cares about an American President who  lies, lies, lies and then has no balls to do anything to them. The world knows and understands Trump, and the fact he is weak, and sad. Many think he can stand in the street in New York on Central Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it, I don’t. 

  The time is coming folks, Mueller’s Russia Investigation will come to a close soon enough. Trump answered Mueller’s first round of questions in writing, and no sooner then two days later Mueller hit back with a new list of questions. Guess what, Mueller didn’t like Trump’s answers much and wants the truth. Trump may be President, but he is about to learn he is not above the law and he will learn it, hard and fast and very soon, I am sure.

 We have been through this before, in recent decades and once in early American history. The recent ones which were Richard Nixon and William Jefferson Clinton, give us an insight into how investigations into President’s and their actions work. I remind all, of the following of the three prior attempts at impeachment only one forced a resignation of a president and it was Nixon who had to go. Trump is worse than Nixon in all ways. I have studied history and the impeachment attempts on all three prior Presidents and the closest parallel to Trump is Nixon, but Trump’s crimes and misdemeanors go far deeper and are more serious. Remember this, if Trump colluded with Russia to win the Presidential Election of 2016, it becomes a matter of national security measures and treason, with an enemy of America. Sadly, as I know and you do too, the Senate will not vote to impeach Trump, it is all Republican, so it will support him fully. So why even try to impeach him, it won’t work and it will waste billions and lots of time. The democrats need to look at it and go ok, impeachment won’t work so what do we do?

 You block all you can, using the house you won. The House can block all bills, laws and funds Trump needs. Shut him down and his crazy ideas too. Then open committees to investigate him, his son, his daughter, and his son in law too. Go after Bannon, Stone, and subpoena  everyone you can, dig out the truth on russia collusion, obstruction of justice, and then present it to the american  public on national television like they did the Watergate Hearings in the 1970s, like they did to Clinton in the 1990s. Then let the american people know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, and watch the chips fall then. It’s time Trump’s joy ride and fun time in the White House ends for him and his children and son in law too. Don’t stop with Donald Trump, or Don Jr. or Ivanka, get Eric too. The whole family is corrupt and dangerous to America. The Farce of the Trump Presidency must end!


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