Why does Trump Lie?

From the creation of America and it’s first President George Washington, America’s Office of the Presidency has always been looked upon as a Honorable position in leadership for the country and the world to follow, an example that all the world has tried to copy, emulate and follow in all ways. Until the 45th President took office, Donald John Trump, no american President has lied to America on a daily average of 24 times a day. No American President was ever before, laughed at the United Nations, it has happened now.

I have heard some compare Donald John Trump to Richard M. Nixon, due to criminal acts in office, I disagree. Richard M. Nixon accomplished many things during his time in office. He opened China, opened Russia, took America off the gold standard, and took us out of Vietnam. What has Trump accomplished, nothing, there is nothing to point at the Trump has accomplished to help America or the World. Nothing period! he has destroyed everything he has touched, including OBama Care, why> The answer is simple folks, this is a vindictive, childish, narcissistic, individual, hiding things from you and me, yes we the American People.

Sadly, we are stuck with a President who hides like a child, refuse to release his taxes and does nothing for the American People, if it does not benefit him or his cronies and family. he has obstructed justice in The Mueller Investigation and I believe fully he worked with russia to get the Presidency, just because the russians covered their steps and his, to hide it from Americans, doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty. He wasn’t exororated by The Mueller Report or even the statement his paid and bought Attorney General put out. Just remember that now.

You want proof of how childish, foolish and assine Donald J. Trump is, just look at the tapes of him telling you, his father was born in Germany, and the next day the Washington Post produced Fredrick Trump’s birth certificate from a Brooklyn, New York Hospital. Yet Trump declared his father was born in Germany!. I bet if investigated it will probably be found out his mother was born here too in America not in Scotland! I won’t swear to it, but hey if he lied about his father’s place of birth, why not his mother’s too right?

I admire Nancy Pelosi and Her Senate CounterPart Senator Schumer for standing up to Trump at every turn. Nancy Pelosi handles Trump like the child he is, and won’t let his lil bullying ass push her or Congress around. Thank God for both Schumer and Pelosi!

Now we face the Wall controversy, we need a wall like we all need surgery. Look the wall is a fun idea Trump came up to distract from his crimes in office, what he is doing is prolonging everything he can, till he leaves office. That’s why no tax returns, he knows he will be indicted for tax fraud if congress gets his tax returns. He is scared. He cheated many contractors out of money and he cheated the American Government out of millions also.

I tire of hearing his bullshit and lies daily and you should too, if you have a mind of your own. Anyone who has any kind of morals. ethics and education worth a damn, knows how Trump lies to America daily and understands what he did. he used russian help and russian rubles to attain the highest office in America and he got away with it, at least so far. It really irks me that Americans, that small 40 percent or so who are die hard Trump supporters still back him. Seems to me, he found his backer sin the lowest educated Americans who have no idea what is really happening in the world and America. He targeted the poor and undereducated, knowing there was more of them, and then went out and bought the electoral college. The russians targeted all these people with ads on the internet and it worked. What all who fell for it don’t realize and should by now, is that if the russians could do it once and get Donald John Trump Elected President, they can do it again and take away every American’s voting right and control America! Is that what we want folks, to be controlled by Russia and Putin?

Yes Warren and other Democrats are correct it is time to disband the Electoral College! As long as it exists no President Elected under the current system will really represent the majority of America. The Popular vote should determine your President period. Not a group of people who can be bought and paid for!. It needs changing!

It took 45 presidencies, for us to end up with the most worthless, incompetent, illegal President in American History! And now that it has happened we need to fix it again! Why would anyone, especially an American President, lie about where his father was born, what purpose does it serve?

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