I say start the Impeachment Proceeding!

The Trump Presidency will end now in one of two ways as I see it. One he will be Impeached in The House, saved by the Senate and McConnell. Or Two he won’t be Impeached but will be under so much investigation, that the American People will have to vote him from office.

Now some are saying he will get a second term as President, I remind all that if Trump gets a second term as President and the Democrats fail to win the Presidential Election in 2020, there will be consequences. They will be many and it will get messy, dangerous and the country as a whole will go under.

Which way is best for the Trump Presidency to end and the best for the American People as a whole and the nation?

My opinion is very seldom listened to, for I am not a politician and I don’t hold a government position of any kind. Yet, I have to say what I am about to say for, all that happens next will affect myself, my family, my country.

The Crimes of Donald Trump go back decades in all areas and if you don’t believe it take a look at all the cases being brought and all the subpoenas being fought by Trump and his lawyers on flimsy grounds and that are being knocked down in courts. I remind everyone, why would you be fighting so many cases in courts if you were not guilty of a thing?

Donald J. Trump has been lying all his life folks. He doesn’t know the difference and he has no consciousness about lying, he does it on automatic pilot.

He never was or will be a self-made billionaire, daddy made him and handed it to him.

He never served his country, because his daddy bought him a way out by paying a doctor to say he has bone spurs in his feet or foot. Sad. He’s a coward folks.

His businesses have failed left and right, and he has committed bankruptcy at least four times that we know of and how many people do you know fail with casinos?

He lied about the crowd at his own Inauguration, and the photos and videos show it. He lies to the American People on the average of 24 times per day, and gets away with it too.

He worked with and used Russian Rubles and Russian Agents to win the 2016 Election and beat Hillary Clinton. If you don’t think so than you are blind or ignorant or just a blind loyalist, who lets him lead you around by your nose.

Then we watched carefully as he stood before the cameras and asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails, 30,000 of them remember and they did so at his bidding within 5 hours of his saying so. Why would the Russians do such a thing if he wasn’t working with them?

Lets talk numbers now, numbers of indicted and charged and arrested Trump Campaign and Trump Administration Officials. 34 people Indicted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team. Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Alex Van der Zwann, Richard Pinedo, Konstantin Kilimnik, 13 Russians and 3 Affiliated Companies. These alone can’t all be lying and Trump not right? The truth is in the numbers, is it not?

When you get by the above and go, oh it’s all lies, or a conspiracy to take Trump down, there is no excuse for what he keeps doing. He is blocking people from testifying to Congress about acts and reports they made for the United States Government as part of his campaign or while he is in Office as President!. His Executive Privilege, folks does not cover illegal matters or crimes of any kind, it is gonna all come out!

Look, I know Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to Impeach Trump at this time, she would prefer to beat him in the election next year in 2020, then have him arrested before he leaves Washington, DC and jailed for trials. While it would be amazing to see Trump in an Orange jumpsuit behind bars or photos of such, we all know he will fight with every penny he has not to end up there. We also know the Senate will fight against Impeaching him, because Senator McConnell the Senate Leader has stated so. So what choice is really left? I will tell you what I think.

I think the House of Representatives have no choice but to start Impeachment Hearings against Donald J. Trump. If they don’t he will escape and never face charges for his crimes while in Office.

I also know if he gets a Second Term as President, he will get, a get out of jail card, just like in Monopoly ! Why, because time limits will run out on the crimes he committed.

I say start the Impeachment Proceeding, and while your at it, work with the Southern District of New York’s Justice Department and bury Trump. Use the Impeachment Proceedings to tell the American people, all of his crimes publicly and fully and then hand all of it over to the Southern District of New York to go with all the charges they will and are already bringing. If Trump can’t be brought down by Impeachment on Public Television, make sure he can be brought down by the State of New York and at Election Time. To let him run ramshot over the country and ruin it and the Democracy and Republic, the Forefathers built is wrong!

Do You really Think, America’s ForeFathers who built America, wrote the Constitution and The Bill of Rights, would allow one man, to tear down all they built, and all the history of America, that is now 243 years old? I don’t!

Start the Proceedings, Present all the Evidence Publically, and lets make america once more the Land of The Free and The Brave and lets put America back on top again, legally, morally and ethically. Do what is right, under your responsibilities as Representatives of The American People, start the Impeachment Process now!

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