My Thoughts on the 2019, Minnesota Vikings!

The Minnesota Vikings, came into to being in 1960, 59 years ago. Since the time they arrived in the NFL, they have been consistent in playing decent football, they have gone through many changes over the years also. They did win a Championship in 1969 the year before the merger of the NFL and AFL.

The Coaching Staff changes constantly it seems every few years, Bud Grant gave the Vikings the Purple People Eater Defense years ago. Then later the Vikings had the most prolific offense in the NFL’s History under Dennis Green.

They appeared in 4 Super Bowls and have lost all of them, making them the team that has lost the most Super Bowls in NFL History I believe. Sadly it is true!

Now the current edition of the Minnesota Vikings may not make the playoffs as I see it, now and I have been a Vikings,fan since they came into being in 1960, yes I started very young at 4 years old.

I love the Vikings, I always have period due to their play, their style, their colors and Uniforms too. I pray each year they make the playoffs and do well and get disappointed each year too.

Now they have Cousins as their Quarterback, they have running backs, and receivers too. Yet they still have trouble moving the ball on third downs, to get first downs. The main problems The Offensive line on this side of the ball.

Defensively, The Vikings always seem to have a decent front four and even decent linebackers, that can do the job. The Problems come on defense, with cornerback, and safeties.

The Vikings addressed some of this in The Draft this year and they tried to shore up the Offensive Line to protect Cousins also. While they are trying to address the flaws in personnel they do have, paying Kirk Cousins 84 million guaranteed, did not help their budget or salary cap either.

One man can’t win a Super Bowl alone and the other positions must be upgraded for them to get there. If they can’t upgrade CornerBack, Safety positions and the Offensive line the Vikings may fall behind others in the NFC NOrth Division big time.

The current coach Mike Zimmer, does an admirable job and teaches well. The only real question is, who is judgingthe incoming talent for the Vikings.

Last Season the Vikings ended with a 8-7-1 record. Sadly, from what I can see, they may still be an 8-8 team, in the current league. The North Division is going to produce two contenders as I see it now and neither is looking like it can be, Minnesota.

The packers have Rogers and more on their team, and they have changed coaches now so we shall see. the Bears are built now and playing great football under their current coach and his staff. The Lions well, what can I say, they are perennial also rans, who seem to just be spoilers for some teams.

Can The Vikings contend against the Bears? I am having my doubts right now due to personnel and abilities of said people on the team.

Offensive Line needs work, Defensive Backfield needs some players that can cover receivers. Zimmer needs to adjust the defense to cover better for passing purposes, his Defensive Line is strong on rushing and stopping the run.

In the end will the 2019 Edition of the Minnesota Vikings be any better than the 2018 version? In my opinion unless Coach Zimmer can get more out of his current players at key positions they will stay a .500 team in the NFL!

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