The Art Of Self-Control

In life, we all go through periods of problems, distress, stress or tension. Everyone does at one point or another, and it is how you overcome and get through them that counts. The ones who make it and achieve their goals and are successful have certain things that carry them through. a simple reflection, can show you if you have those characteristics and qualities and abilities to do so.

We don’t have time in a blog to discuss all of those qualities and characteristics. I can get to one very important part of all successful people, it’s called self-control.

Self-Control is, the ability to control one’s own actions and emotions at all times, to reach the destination or destiny you wish to reach as a goal at the end.

In each of our lives, we set goals for ourselves, for some it is marriage, some it is being the Boss or Manager, or owning our own business. For others, it is more simple, like hust being the best person we can be, for the world to see.

What, hurts is when you lose Self- Control period. Many of us spiral out of control due to drug addiction, alcohol addition, mental illness or low self-esteem. Sadly, in each of these instances, the individual in each case has lost self-control found them dependent on something, someone or a condition or position for one reason or another and can’t see what it is, to overcome it.

Self-Control is vital in all we do daily, whether it is a simple task, like feeding a dog or cleaning your own home, or a complicated one like completing college or serving your Country, Marriage, or even having children. Without self-control, we lose purpose and the ability to reach out goals in life, we get sidetracked or we surrender and give up. Why, we lost self-control and perspective, as well as the vision of where we want to go.

Here is the definition of self-control for all to see and Understand:

The ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires or the expression of them in one’s behavior, especially in difficult situations.

So how do we maintain self-control so we overcome? We do it by:

1) Controlling our own emotions,

2) By keeping a vision and eye on the set goals we have

3) By ignoring or blocking out outside influences to us reaching our goals.

4) By separating the goals, from outside emotions cause by others in our lives, and protecting ourselves ot do so.

5) To do reach it all takes Self-Control, self control includes nor only physical control but mental control as we as emotional control.

Many times, it is the final one that gets people the most emotional control, for we all get emotional over certain subjects, acts or actions the take place around us, or by others towards us .If we want to reach a goal and get it done, we can’t get emotional and let it interfere in what out mission is. or our goal or goals.

Here are five ways to help improve self-control and build good habits:

  1. Remove temptation. We are not wired to consistently resist temptation, a study found that the way most people resist temptation is to remove the temptation. …
  2. Measure Your Progress. …
  3. Learn How To Manage Stress. …
  4. Prioritize Things. …
  5. Forgive Yourself.

Here Are Three Kinds of Self-Control

  • Impulse Control is our ability to stop and think before they act upon a thought.
  • Emotional Control is the ability to manage feelings by focusing on future goals.
  • Movement Control is ability to control body movements.

What causes lack of self control?It can be a sign of the frustration and anxiety that go hand in hand with struggling. It’s also a sign of ADHD. And sometimes what looks like a lack of selfcontrol is actually a lack of social skills. It’s hard to follow social rules if they don’t know when they’re breaking them.

The Importance of: Selfcontrol. … Selfcontrol includes being able to stay on task and interrupt any undesired impulsive reactions by refraining from acting on them. Selfcontrol and achievement. Being high in controlling our desires and impulses is important in achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

The majority of people surveyed believe that selfcontrol can be both learned and strengthened. Researchers have also identified a number of different factors and strategies that can help people improve their selfcontrol. Researchers have found that people who have better selfcontrol tend to be healthier and happier

Self-control has three main parts:

  • Monitoring involves keeping track of your thoughts, feelings and actions. …
  • Standards are guidelines that steer us toward desirable responses. …
  • Strength refers to the energy we need to control our impulses.

Do I lack self control?

Someone who lacks selfcontrol is easy to spot. They generally have difficulty committing to positive habits, and they may not be able to regulate their feelings or actions as well as their peers. Signs of low selfcontrol could be: … Difficulty controlling emotions.

What are the qualities of self control? Self control has many aspects:

  • Control your thoughts.
  • Control your temper.
  • Control your fear.
  • Control your speech.
  • Control your bad habits.

Selfcontrol strategies are cognitive and behavioral skills used by individuals to maintain self-motivation and achieve personal goals. … In recent years, the term “self-management” has replaced “selfcontrol,” because selfcontrol implies changing behavior through sheer willpower.

In the end, Self Control applies to all areas of life, and is vital if you wish to get along in a society or in the world period.

Much of the above comes from the internet and I used public information for this article. yet it pertains to life in general, and can help many people, get ahead.

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