You won’t get there re-electing Trump, He has to go!

Life goes on each day, and we all hear the news daily now. The Coronavirus is killing people worldwide folks, and the numbers in America are going up not down. We all see it on all the news networks and we hear the advice of the Scientists and Doctors and and Nurses. Stay safe, stay home, only shop when you have to to survive, wear masks and social distance, by staying a minimum of six feet apart. These are the experts folks, not some fools who don’t understand what is happening. They understand what we are dealing with, a virus that is contagious, dangerous and deadly, and people still don’t listen. Why?

I love America; I love its freedoms as much as any American out there. I love the right to free speech, to run free, to enjoy life. Yet, I also know the less we listen to the experts, the more that die from this virus, so wake up and listen. You give up the right to look pretty to wear a face mask and save your life that’s the real deal here folks. That simple!

I served Uncle Sam, for 16 years folks, I fell down a metal ladder aboard a ship and have six herniated discs in my spine. I suffer from PTSD from childhood and service daily; I get over anxious and irritated fast at times. All a result of my injuries and time in service to my country. Yet, I still never touch another person or force anyone to do anything against their will. Never will and don’t believe in it.

I watch as America goes to war with itself over whether to wear face masks and social distance. I find it sad as people listen to President Trump who said over 138,000 deaths ago that the virus would disappear. It hasn’t, has it? Sadly, it spreads daily, why because people want to listen to President Trump and expect him to lead, he doesn’t and can’t. Sadly, we have the worst President in American History!

Anyway, as we move forward, there is a push to send the children back to school and people back to work to fire up America’s Economy again, by President Trump. Any move to do so is foolish without a vaccine folks, it’s like putting the kids into a box where the virus will breed and saying ok they won’t get sick or spread the virus now. It’s full out bullshit, done for nothing but his reelection, period. He thinks if he can get the economy fired up again he will get reelected; I doubt it big time. Not all of Americans have the American Government Medical experts keeping them safe like Trump does, we have to go out and live actual life, not in the Glass House of The White House watched 24/7. It’s nice to be President, isn’t it.

Which brings us around one more time to the election in November 2020, on the 3rd. This may very well be the most important election America will face in its history. The fate of America is in this election, which is now in recession, and at the top of the world in Coronavirus deaths. To recover we need an actual leader, not a con man, not a tv show host and failed businessman! Changes must come and I would take a dog over Trump. But that’s an opinion, so pardon my anger ok.

I didn’t serve 16 years and get injured, for Trump to destroy what I fought to save and keep going, America’s democracy and Republic. Did we fight to survive and to better the country, so one man can lead it to its destruction and hand it to other nations? No, We can take care of ourselves if we just get new leadership, a new direction that benefits all the people of America, not just the rich. They need changes as we drop out of every organization that counts in the world and we lose the leadership position in the economy, health, and politics. We can’t keep going down Trump’s road to destruction, it is costing us lives, families and friends, positions, respect and more. Sadly, America is falling behind the world now and slipping into third world status. We must stop it before we have more homelessness camps being put up and so much more. Chaos will come, if we don’t grab the reins and get ahold of it all soon. We must turn it around.

Color, race, nationality, have nothing to do with it. All colors, white, black, brown, yellow, all nationalities, must wake up now. We can’t allow America to go backwards and have a Civil War again, nor can we allow or do we want a racial war. What we need is united, one nation under god, indivisible with Justice for all. Not division, turmoil, hate! We need United, we all bleed red, we all hurt the same, we all cry the same, we all want freedom, we all want justice, fairness and a peaceful life. You won’t get there re-electing Trump, He has to go!

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