This is getting like when Rome Burned and Nero fiddled!

As Coronavirus deaths climb in America, and we rolled over 143 thousand now heading to 144 thousand, what hope does the world have in stopping the virus?

Do we even know exactly where it came from? If we knew the source, it might give clues as to, what exact kind of virus it is and how to stop its spread.

World-wide people are dying quickly as the virus spreads, by air, and touch. Yet, there is still no information other than wearing masks and social distancing, as to ,what to do about it all.

The world’s greatest hope for finding a cure is the scientist and Medical Experts in the field of, virology. They are working around the clock trying to isolate the virus, trying to categorize it and then trying to find the solution to it, which will be a vaccine.

As we wait and hope bodies are piling up around the world, new cemeteries are opening and being filled quickly. Trailers and trucks with freezing or cooling units are being used to store the dead from the virus. The bodies keep coming folks, why, because people don’t listen to the medical and scientific communities and use masks and social distance and wash and clean properly.

Listen people please, listen! We have enough people deathly ill now because of other diseases, such as cancer, and more. Diabetics have to stay in and use masks and more too. Do you have a heart condition, diabetes, lung problems, stomach problems, stay home folks. Any underlying condition can give this coronavirus a way to attack you and it will and has now over 147 hundred thousand Americans. Think about that ladies and gentlemen, please. Many are still in denial over the virus and ignore the safety instruction being put out, sadly they will learn when one of their loved ones, family or friends come down with it and suffer or die. Then their eyes will open and they will listen, but it will be too late and after the facts.

We cannot deny the facts of the coronavirus, they hit us in the face daily. I don’t care what President Trump says. The Virus is real, it won’t suddenly be gone one day and like a miracle we will all be fine and go back to normal. It won’t happen without a dedicated response by all Americans and all people’s of the world in such a fight. United and on the same page is the only way to defeat this virus folks!

Before you can reopen the country, send your children back to classrooms, or get back the economy and jobs we had, we must beat the virus first. Do you really think putting the children of America back in school will help kill the coronavirus or stop it’s spread? It won’t, it will be like placing children who are innocent in an incubator for the virus and saying they won’t get it. Classrooms are enclosed, spaces, the teachers have to be there, the facilitators must be there, the maintenance staff and more. Stop and think about what you’re doing, when you send your children back to school if you do. Do you want to expose them to the coronavirus? All it will take to weaken a child’s immune system is one cold, one cough, one sneeze and the virus attacks them, They become either sick or carriers that are asymptomatic now and bring it home.

President Trump won’t wear a mask to set an example and save lives. He wants to hold public rallies to get re-elected. He is not backing the scientist and Doctors on this virus. So, because he won’t lead, follow the recommendations, hundreds of thousands, follow him and get the Coronavirus and many die. It’s that simple folks. They ran to his rallies, and many got the virus. Remember, it’s out there. How many deaths or coronavirus victims did President Trump cause, and how far did he help it spread?

A Leader leads for the good of the nation, the world and the people, not for his own political purposes or re-election! Donald J. Trump is not a leader, ask his own niece, who told him to resign recently in an interview. You don’t worry about moving portraits around in the White House when the world and country are burning down around you. This is getting like when Rome Burned and Nero fiddled!

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