So Please forgive me!

This is not a book, but a lil relationship manual that pokes fun at life!

Will, I ever get serious about writing, many have asked, but when your born with Attention Deficiet Disorder and Hyperactivity, grow older and get PTSD from childhood and then from your service years, you tend to leap from one thing to another. I have survived though it all, childhood beating, verbal abuse, 16 years of Service in three branches, six herniated discs in my spine, a bout with lung cancer, and I still continue on!

I watched and grieved for a grandparent who died of cancer, a father who died from it, a step father and a mother too. Now a days I am older in my mid 60’s folks and I care for my wife who is 16 years my senior and has stage four breast cancer and is now on immunotherapy. I go yearly for appointments to check my cancer, and to make sure it hasn’t come back.

Will I ever work on a serious book and get one edited and published that makes sense or is well written, I don’t know, I dabble is all. So Please forgive me!

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