Vote Trump Out!

October 21. 2020; As CoronaVirus Infections rise across America and so do Covid-19 deaths, The President of The United States, goes from state to state, holding rallies, for his re-election campaign and spreading the virus by making large crowds, not asking his followers to wear masks. He is the President of The United States folks, shouldn’t Donald J. Trump be doing all he can to prevent the further spread of said virus and try to save American Lives, daily?

We are now within two weeks of the November 3rd, Election date in America. Trump’s claims of the virus disappearing are false and can be seen easily by all who get it and by their relatives. His lack of Leadership skills, his temper tantrums, his inaction on bills to help the people out finacially all point to a failure on his part.

He is also under investigation for harassing and possibly raping women. He is under Investigation for Tax Fraud also. New York has charges awaiting his time in Office as President to end so they can charge him. He spouts all kinds of theories and conspiracies that are false and lies to try to win votes. He will do whatever he can to get people who are his sycophants to vote for him and keep him in office.

He is a walking joke Internationally, world leaders laugh at him daily. The United Nations laughed at him in his one appearance there. He failed in North Korth Korea, Kim Jung Un got his nukes and his seat at the world stage, because Trump went there and looked like a flunky doing so. He failed to stop Russia’s interference in our election processes and encourages other countries to do so to help him. Sad.

He was handed a decent and growing economy when he took office as President, he has tanked it. We are now in a recession and heading to a depression. The Job Market sucks, people have trouble feeding and housing their families, and he blocks helping them. People are losing homes, both as homeowners and renters are being evicted and put on America’s streets, winter is coming here in America. President Trump does nothing!

The United States now has over eight point three million cases of Coronavirus and now over 226, ooo deaths, and he has done nothing to stop it from spreading or to lead America in staying safe from it. And yet, his syncopathic followers show up at his rallies, unmasked and packed in like sardines, spreading the virus left and right. Talk about the stupidity of his followers in this one, don’t they get the fact the coronavirus is here, it isn’t leaving on it’s own, we have no vaccines for it and it is spread by air. do they realize they can be carriers of it and carry it right into their homes, workspaces and into their own families, Donald Trump doesn’t tell Americans that, does he?

So why is Donald Trump at 13 days before the election, battering Dr. Fauci, and others? Why is he running scarred, and acting erratic and saying crazy conspiracies that make no sense?

Donald Trump knows he is losing the election, he also knows unless he finds a way to turn it around he will be out of Office in January 2021 and have to face all the lawsuits, and charges coming at him. He will lose all protections of the Office of The Presidency and can be officially hit with charges and indictments. The Great State of New York is waiting for that day, as are so many more Americans across our land. It’s coming Donald be prepared and pay your lawyers now, ahead of time.

Recently, I saw a picture of Trump being pulled from the Oval Office by marines online. I laughed at it, because like the caption said under it, “Won’t Happen, he will sneak out of the Country before then!” The Courts should hit him with an order that says his personal planes are grounded and he is not allowed to leave the country, as risk to flee charges, immediately upon his losing the election. Then they should be waiting at his home in Florida or New York, and just serve him immediately. I would smile if it happens that way, he deserves to face all accusations and charges he has against him, like all americans would have to, too.

Vote Trump Out!

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