So, you Republicans doing so, should hide, and hang your heads in shame. Period!

The current status of America’s Government is a question right now with Trump denying he lost the election of 2020 and the Republicans failing to believe he lost. Certain articles are being written about only 20 Republicans believing Biden won the election. Folks, let me tell you something, when someone gets beat by over 7 million votes in the popular vote and then gets beat in the Electoral College Vote, 306 to 232, it’s time to believe Trump has to go. He can claim fraud and more, whatever he wishes, it does not change the facts, Biden/ Harris won over Trump/ Pence.

As the coronavirus continues to claim more lives and spreads like wildfire in America, we have a President who has given up his caring about the virus, how many die or anything else, except to argue, he won an election he didn’t and can’t change.

America needs leadership, it needs someone to stand up and help us fight the virus and to set up the dispensing of the vaccine as soon as it is ready, as fast as possible. America needs a President who cares about starving Americans, who have no homes on our streets or those of us without jobs out there. Sadly, Trump has no care for anyone or about anything but himself.

Now what about this 2.7 million dollars or more, Trump has collected he says for his reelection? Why are people sending a President who lost the election money still and why is he asking for money still? It’s over folks believe me, it’s over so if your sending money to Trump, you know he is just collecting it to use as he pleases, and it will never apply to any re-election bid or be declared on his taxes or anywhere else. So basically he is defrauding Americans and taking your money for his own personal use, you do know that, right, Trump Supporters.?

I am waiting for January 20th, 2021 when he is forced to leave The Presidency and all of its protections. He is going to get hit with criminal charges, libel charges and civil cases left and right and he knows it. His kids will be hit with charges and civil cases also, you can’t defraud the public, collect cash and walk away with it and not pay a price. I hope someone tells them that! The facts are too many criminal actions have taken place in the last four years.

The use of The Trump Hotels for the reelection campaign and the amount paid to the Trump Organization for it’s use was absorbent and high rates no one should have been charged. They deposed Ivanka Trump Kushner over it already and she was cooperative they said, but they also said she knew it was an overcharge and did nothing to stop it or change it. Sadly, there will be either civil or criminal charges for it and she must know that and so does Donald Trump himself. How many more charges there can be against Donald J. Trump and his offspring is yet to be told, but you can bet they have piled up in the last four years.

Trump’s cases brought to the courts in each state he has brought them have been thrown out one by one for lack of evidence and no basis in each case and more. He has no legal leg to stand on regarding the election and his lose in it and he knows it. He refuses to concede the election and he doesn’t have to by law, but he does have to get out of office on time for Biden and Harris to take over and he knows it. So what is making him keep at his persistence to say he won and Biden lost? Fear is the answer here folks, he is afraid, he knows once he is out of office, the charges and criminal cases and civil cases will come fast, hard and fully after him. He fears he or his children or both will end up in a prison or jail cell. Period. And No Donald J. Trump you can not Pardon yourself, it won’t fly in the courts.

I want all the Republicans to stop and think, what they are doing to enable Trump in his actions and words and his inability to run the Government these days. Does McConnell and the Republican Party realize what they are doing to the Constitution, The Country’s defense and and Intelligence abilities and our position in the World today? By Enabling Trump in all his refusal to do a peaceful turnover of the Presidency, the damage will be beyond repair and destroy the foundation of the American Republic and Democracy.

The Republican Party will be responsible for the damage and our inability to recover from it once Trump is gone. So, you Republicans doing so, should hide, and hang your heads in shame. Period!

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