For the Holidays are coming, and all of us would like to survive them, so we can be with family and friends in the future.!

Information abounds online and in Second Life about Dominance and Submission and BDSM, Bondage, Discipline,SadoMasochism. It can be found in Programs like Adultfriendfinder, Fetlife and numerous other web sites or web pages online. The internet is a large wide open information source for this purpose and for all information in general. Interestingly enough, what happens is people use the internet to gather information on this lifestyle, and then use it to create places to attract, prey upon and use and abuse women in general. One of the tenants of D/s BDSM, is Informed Consent. Informed Consent is having the full knowledge of what you are entering into, what it contains and pertains to, how it is done, and knowingly entering into it of your own and free accord. It also includes understanding it all.

Any online Website dealing with D/s BDSM, has clear warnings of it being adult in nature and about all it contains. The is not the case in Second Life, by Linden Labs on the web or internet. Second Life is a virtual world and I am sure they thought they would never have to face this issue when they came into being. Yet, people tend to create and use their imaginations and other resources they look up to create worlds that Second Life allows for one reason or another to exist on their platform amd servers. as Second life will tell all, they broke their platform into sections by ratings, and that should cover their liabilities in this matter.

Yet all is not well with the above premise or allowance or acts being done in these so called adult areas of Second Life and all know it too. Yet, Second Life, / Linden Labs does not react or do a thing about any of it, so as long as they run the virtual world they own, not much can be done to change it, or correct it. As they say the more the merrier in the world, because they make money on it.

The Adult section of Second Life, contains sexual sims, that include some of Dominance and Submission and BDSM also. Now, while this is what Second Life allows, it should be put under better protocols and rules in order to continue to exist in Second Life. All Adults using these areas, like those using gaming sims in Second Life should be required to have two forms of Identification on file, a credit card or payment method on file also. They should prove they are over the legal age limit in their State or place of residence also. Their address in real life should be recorded also. Adult behaviors include nudity, adult language, and the use of vulgarity at times and sexual acts, being done with pixels and in text. So in order to protect children as well as adults not wanting to roam into such areas, this should be covered.

That said, sexual areas, is where such sims as BDSM/ D/s sims should be placed under stricter rules and guidelines and watched more closely for abuse of women. Women end up forced or coerced into sexual scenes and more in Second Life and they have nowhere to turn to, to escape it, except to leave Second Life. another feature of Second Life is the ability to find or trace where someone is in Second Life, this should be stopped and shutdown. Tracking or stalking an individual in Second Life should not be allowed, period. I have had it happen to me and I am a man, so I can imagine how it would be for a woman. These are just some of the changes Second Life/ Linden Labs should make.

Now 2019 and 2020 have been learning times for me in more than one way, regarding people, and Second Life and Adult sims. What I learned is that people in Second Life are in it for different reasons of course, but, there are those in Second Life who do what they do, to take advantage, use and coherence and they abuse and discard. I have seen women damaged by these so called individuals, who call themselves Dominants/ Masters who run D/s BDSM sims. The first abuse or mistreatment is they advertise themselves and their sims as educational opportunities for the Lifestyle. I have seen many of them now, and many are based on a Story period, created by a woman a long time ago. The woman wrote said story to kept her lover’s interest who was a married man in the first place. While the story gets into the D/s BDSM lifestyle and portrays it in many aspects, it is just a story folks. The Story of O they are using is fictitious, fake, made up, and was written only for one purpose to keep the lover she wanted.

The Story, portrays one woman’s journey in the D/s BDSM lifestyle for the love of a man. A man who in short order after putting her into a Chateau in old time France, picks her up, uses her some more, and grows tired of her and passes her off to a second man. Now let’s start at that point, how many women want to be used, and made to get trained, thinking it was for the man they love, only to find out, she is being cast away and given to another man for his use? I would think an educated woman, who has self pride would rebell at this point and leave, but this O stays in the custody of the second man, who then not only rapes her, uses her and treats her like a plaything and belonging, giving her pain and punishment and demeaning her self-worth and self pride. He then, tortures her more and more to break her will and she does break, and gives in, ending up numb to all that has happened to her. So, she hangs onto to her second lover, for she has no place to go or run to. In the end he brands her, and sends her to a boat, belonging to a Commodore filled with guests at a party to be used by all the men aboard. She does so at his insistance of course and when done he realizes he no longer can punish her and discipline her in any way, because he loves her, but he knows he must release and get rid of her, at that point. The Story ends, with O, the woman in question, being released by the man, or in a second version asking to commit suicide and the man giving her permission to do so and she does. Now I ask, all submissive’s is this what you really want women, a man to pass you from one to another and then onto numerous men for their personal pleasure and fun, and then to be released and cast aside and told to go commit suicide? I would think any woman with a brain, self-worth, pride, would not go there. Which leads to the question of why some do?

The truth is, this doesn’t happen just because a woman is submissive and it’s what they do. Wrong. The women this happens to are those who were abused before, have low self worth, they have been humiliated and embarrassed before and have grown to accept it all. Damaged emotionally, Mentally or physically or all three, they can only get attention one way, by accepting this. When they get tired of it, or realize what they are doing, or what is happening to them, they escape or leave. The ones who stay in these situations and under the above conditions feel hopeless and lost and need direction, because they can’t find their own way.

I have heard the arguments made against what I say above in this article, like I am submissive because I am in charge all day at work, or I am submissive in nature it is just who I am. True you may be submissive in nature and like to be submissive in the bedroom or for sex, it does not mean you should be abused, beat upon, scared or emotionally damaged, just because you want to be loved, now does it mean, to be loved, you have to accept these conditions these Dominants put you under. No, it doesn’t. and maybe you think it’s the easier way to go because your submissive, so did other submissives who ended up committing suicide or being killed. So don’t think that.

Here is the truth, you can be submissive in your love life or everyday life all you wish, no one will knock you for it, it’s who you are. But you don’t need someone using you, abusing you, programing you for use by others, and you should retain all your personal rights at all times, to avoid what you don’t want done to you. No man just because he says he is a Dominant/Master or wears a tag in a Second Life sim saying he is one, should have the right to mistreat, abuse, control you mentally, physically or emotionally. if you don’t understand what I am telling you here, let me make it clear for all submissive women out there, the final decision is always your choice, make it clear, make it decisively, make it informed, remember a man who wants you for you, won’t not love you for being you, he won’t dump you on the side of the road or take advantage of your kinks, desires, needs, and likes, to use you or give you to another for use. He will accept you for being you, respect you and care of you, not just because you are submissive, but because of the inner you. He won’t force you to do gang bangs, or be publicly whipped either, if he cares for you. Stop and think about what I am saying submissive women, just because you are submissive in nature and in life doesn’t mean you need to let these men, use and abuse and mistreat you, for their own personal pleasures and desires. Sometimes, most times, these so called Dominants who run these sims in Second Life don’t care about what you really need as a Submissive woman, only what they need!

I do wish all, a Happy Holiday Season, no matter where you are, who you are. Please remain safe from Covid-19/ coronavirus, wear a mask, social distance. For the Holidays are coming, and all of us would like to survive them, so we can be with family and friends in the future.!

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