In the end, the biggest question is this, Is The Republican Party still a viable party in America?

February 1st, 2021, bring a winter snowstorm to my area. It is supposed to snow well into tomorrow after starting earlier this am here. Seems, the planet in my area needs purifying, and the snow has come to do that for all of us.

America suffered through four years of a Donald J. Trump presidency and we have been isolated from the world and are just now trying to reenter humanity again. What gets me most about all of it, is the ending to his Presidency. Trump stood up denying he lost the election right to the end.

In The end he incited a riot and attack on the Capital of the United States, he sat in the White House and watched as his people under his flag and his red hats, overtook the capital and went looking for Pelosi, Pence and others, with the intention of killing them!. All so he could attempt to stay in power, and he knew damn well he wouldn’t.

Now I ask the Republicans of the Senate and House and the whole party some major questions. 1) Who will pay for the destruction in the capital on January 6th, 2021, that Trump encouraged and incited? 2) Who is responsible for said destruction? 3) What of those that died during the whole riot or event if you wish to call it that? Who pays to bury the dead here and who caused their deaths? 4) The Republicans believe for some reason that Trump is still their almighty leader and big fundraiser and that his endorsement will be great for them as candidates. why? 5) Will the Republicans tell us all why they are still backing Trump and protecting him from going on Trial and refusing to vote to convict him?

The above are just a few of the major questions, needed answered by The Republicans in power, like McConnell, McCarthy and how about Cruz, Holloway, and the others who encouraged the revolt and sedition and insurrection against our country? Will anyone be held accountable or will all of them walk away free and clear and continue down the road they started on?

Will any Republicans, stand up to and take action against Marjorie Taylor Greene, or will they let her continue to threaten, and verbally attack Nancy Pelosi and talk Q conspiracies and spread them around. while in office?

In the end, the biggest question is this, Is The Republican Party still a viable party in America?

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