Next, the Holiday Season is upon us!

December 1st, 2021 is upon us all today. Amazingly, there is no fighting Mother Nature or Father time and the world continues to go on no matter what we do. The last month of the year has begun and as it does I wonder what the future shall bring for me. I know each day, is a blessing, that I am receiving from our Lord and Maker, so I try to enjoy it.

Now on to the next subject for the day and this time. I am indeed getting old but at 65 I am not dead or unable to enjoy life. That part of life is what we all hang onto as we go along, having fun and enjoying life. For I think the second time since my wife died I went out and had some laughter and fun last night. I am not a bar hopper at all, but I did in fact enjoy myself in people watching and talking to others. I love having company and being friendly.

As you go through life, there are always going to be people, especially people, of the opposite sex, who impress you, amaze you and you may find stunning and unbelievable. Now I tend to admire these people, but I also know at my age of 65, they are beyond my reach and it is just a fact one lives with. I know one woman, who is at least 20 years my junior who I can only say one thing about, she is stunning as a person, stunning in personality and always smiles and has fun, God Bless her I say.

When you reach a certain age you set your own limits and you stay within them period. I would never portend or pretend to cross that line. Doesn’t mean I can’t admire someone younger than me, or find them stunning and delicious as a person and of course a woman. Life is too short not to admire beauty, personality and intelligence all wrapped up in one stunning woman and I am not ashamed of feeling that way. Yet, I know an old coot and someone my age would never have a cgance with someone so beautiful, vibrant and pretty, age differences do matter. We live in a time and we know in this time where we stand.

Next, the Holiday Season is upon us and Christmas is coming fast and so will the new year. I just want peace for myself, comfort for myself and in the end to try to enjoy the rest of my life. I hope the Good Lord will allow my health to hold and me to have some fun and comfort before I too pass away and join my wife. God Bless all and have a very Happy Holiday Season that is coming up, 2021 style.

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