Political Straight Talk and Honesty? Where ?

Political madness runs wild in America these days! should be the headline in every newspaper in the world and this country too. Are these politicians in Washington for real, do they honestly believe by not trimming the budget, they did a good thing or got something done? We wasted our votes on these politicians folks, if six members of  each party of elected officials we put in office can’t agree on what to trim from the budget and save our asses from debt and default on loans, well then, they don’t need their jobs in Washington, DC, if you ask me!. Vote them out next November for failure to do their jobs and compromise on the biggest thing to set in front of them in decades!.

        That said and done and my rant over on Super Committees, lets talk Republican Candidates for President. So far as I see it, we have an Ex-Speaker of the house out front in a race that was originally led by a woman candidate, then led by an African-American Candidate right? Am I correct so far, I think so, indeed. So someone please go down the Republican list of candidates for me and see if you can find one who knows what they are talking about and two one who is trustworthy, intelligent and financially motivated to help the American People? Can you name one please?

      Each and every debate we see Republicans who try very hard to look Presidential and to look intelligent and we get silly, stupid answers to questions, bickering and fighting between all eight of them, and in the end, no straight answers that are real, why is that?. I watched when this bunch of Republicans entered the race one by one and started out and the leader was initially Bachman the woman, then she fell by the wayside and became an also ran at one stage  and Cain took over, now Gingrich is the man right and in the mean time, the four others are not even noticed really. Mitt Romney has run so many times people know what he will say at these debates before he says it. Yet he is always in the second position of Republican Candidates, why? Sadly, the American people, and the Republican Party would rather not give a nomination to a man who ran more than once for the Presidency nor do they trust Romney to beat or oppose Obama and win. It really is one sad political mess you ask me.

Talking Obama now our fine President. What can he brag about that he has accomplished that helped the American People really? Did he give you tax breaks, did he fix the job market, did he get us out of debt, did he produce any programs that help the seniors, or anything worthwhile?. I really don’t know anymore, it’s sad when you can honestly look back, and say, we are no better off really than when he began his term!. Yet he may be the only choice left that can run the country, sad huh?.

     Obama’s biggest thing is Health Care, which the Republicans will knock every chance they can and call worthless. Instead they want to attack Social Security and Medicaid, why?. Oh lets cut back people’s doughnut holes so they can’t get their necessary medications to survive, or lets cut Social Security so many disabled and unable to work and elderly people can’t live right, wrong!. Leave it alone politicians, Social Security was paid into by Americans for decades in their lives and they deserve the funds back they put in, they counted on it as a security blanket for old age and health problems and they paid it.  Medicaid is another thing you people want to mess with why? You think it is wrong to help the elderly, the disabled pay for medical bills and prescriptions they seriously need? Stop it and get smart, going after this stuff is gonna sink you all, if you think the elderly and disabled can’t get to the voting booths, next November to stop you watch out they are coming and they have a large voting block too.

       The baby boomers are now becoming the elderly, the disabled the ones needing Medicaid and Social Security and you politicians want to shut them down or cut them back, are you crazy?  When November 2012 comes flying around on the calendar, and your jobs are at stake, I hope you will remember what I am saying here, as each one of you gets voted out of office and removed because you messed with what the baby boomers depended on. Sadly politics is not about what can be done to improve and protect the American people and the country anymore, but it is about whose ass you people can kiss to get elected? Stop kissing the rich people’s asses and start thinking about how they got rich, not paying their fair share of taxes!. Make them pay more to reduce our debt and help out. Then stop paying for our forces to fight wars and police nations we have no damn business in!. Bring our troops home and save the billions we spend helping others on helping our own!. Lets talk straight talk and honesty instead of bullshit!.

My Religious Rant and a Message

      The Catholic Church and it’s ways have always been a problem for me as a person to accept them. I never really believed first off that one has to go to a manmade constructed church to pray. First and foremost it says in the bible and even the Priests will tell you, God Hears All and Sees all, so why do I need a church to pray? Second thing I do not like the hypocritical bull churches pull on their members. They say one thing and do another and then tell you, Do as we say, not as we do! More bull indeed.

        But my biggest beef against organized religion such as the Catholic Church and any other church is simple, they are hypocrites. They sit and preach each Sunday or religious holiday to people about goodness, faith, love and more, then they as priests and Cardinals and more go sexually abuse children, sad indeed. The religious process is flawed no matter which way you look at it, but this is beyond being flawed this is men and women, preaching one thing and then doing another and doing it to children and ruining their mental and physical well-being for life. Very sad indeed, for we see it almost daily in newspapers, on the news on Television.  And I hate to say it, but no Pope, or Cardinal or structured religion can stop pedifiles, sexual predators from doing what they do.

        A good case in point happened in my life and sadly there is nothing I can do to help the ex-wife it happened to. The disguises, the acts people put on for public display, and then do in private is what makes it so unbelievable and damaging to their own children and others. I know a man who sexually abused and raped his own four children as they were growing up, and kept them silent by placing fear in them. It only started unravelling decades later when they grew up and got married on their own or left home. When they all broke down one by one the disaster that occurred is beyond belief. Marriages went by the wayside for all the females in the family, the mother, the sisters, one of which was my wife all ended their marriages within two years of each other. The father who did all this damage, damaged his wife, his children, their husbands and wifes and ultimately the grandchildren too, It goes down in family history as a shame a stain on the whole family not just one man. He damaged his daughters and sons by it all. His eldest daughter lost a husband and home because of him, his second daughter the same, one son is pot head and loser and the second runs around in women’s night gowns. Sad but true in all aspects, why because he was a religious hypocrite also, he attended catholic church each Sunday and Holiday, took communion and said his prayers, then when his wife went to work to help support the family he sexually abused and raped his own children. What kind of Church condones such things and what kind of man does such things to his own children? Sadly he was never arrested, because when I confronted my ex-wife about this, and she broke down she refused to turn him in, why, because he is her daddy!. No pressure, way of making her do anything like it at all, she just refused. So sadly due to his work and what he did, our children had to grow up without a father for 15 years. May God Bless and Change all of this is what I say.

        I promised a rant on religion and Catholics and I have now given one here. hypocrites live large each day and none is more hypicritical than the churches and it’s so-called members who sexually harass, molest and destroy children!.

       On a Separate note: totally different from my rant on churches and religion.

          A story I wrote will be published on Long Story Short, on December 7th 2011. It is called The Importance of Christmas!. I hope some will take the time to read it and enjoy it, us writers write to be read no matter what we say.

Childhood Traumas/PTSD Adulthood

      Childhood traumas are not things we wish upon ourselves, nor do we elect to have the parents that cause them. We do suffer the problems from them , throughout our lives, plain and simple and we never escape what is imprinted on our mental patterns and minds. We are what we are taught is what they say, the matter of fact is we are actually souls within the vessels of a human body and whatever mental and physical abuse and a pain we suffer as children is carried through into our adulthood days.

       I know from personal experiences and from my own life, that mental and physical abuse on a child stays with a person all their life, I lived it. You live in fear, and run from pain and mental anguish as much as you can, I know I am a running man. I never slowed down in my life to smell the roses, cause the thorns that caused the pain and anguish that drive me, left so many scars and so much damage.

        I was not born a lucky son like my older brother or a wanted one like my youngest brother, nor was I born a female for special treatment. I was my mothers second son who was as she called me the problem child. The one child she couldn’t control or understand is what she said. The child who did so many things wrong by her standards, that I was labeled an emotionally disturbed child and put away in an institution for two years. But why was that so, oh she knew just as her husband knew, they told others they didn’t but they did. You don’t slap your child around, and pull them from bed and beat them in the middle of the night and expect them to be normal do you? Face the facts, what parents pull their children from bed each night and beat them then go to bed themselves as their children cry to sleep? . What mother tells a child their father is a piece of shit, grease monkey and hides the facts when they ask about it all?. What child has the bottom of their feet burned on a stove top for taking cookies, or gets thrown down stairs because a parent believes they stole something they didn’t? Are these normal actions in a normal family and household, no. So, you run and survive as soon as you can, you reach an age if your lucky enough and you run as hard and fast and far as you can. Thats called surviving and making life work for yourself. You find a surrogate family and a surrogate parent or two to help you through. Still you know you will never be normal no matter what.

       Me I ran and ran, starting at a young age, trying to escape the pain, the torture, the family that didn’t want me. Running released me from the mental and physical torture I lived through and gave me a place to hide. I ran everywhere in my younger days, hoping never to be caught by what chased me, bad dreams, nightmares, pain, anger, beatings, and I survived. We all have a way of surviving, each of us is different. Some children escape into music, some into sports, some into science or reading and make-believe worlds and writing.Many are not lucky enough to escape these bad family lives and end up suicides, in mental institutions, or in jails and prisons because they can’t control themselves and act out. All of it is actual and does happen, sadly it is a fact of life in the world.

       Children do not stand in line to be brought into this world folks.They are not in a line awaiting a descent to earth from heaven and praying they get a fine family, they don’t ask to be here. Children don’t control what color or race or nationality they are, who their parents are, where they will live once born or what atmosphere they will grow up in, but they are all affected by all of this. And whether parents and Doctors realize it, it is true, children are at the mercy of the people who have them.

        Parents need to remember if you have no parenting instinct, don’t have children. If you have no patience, understanding, don’t have children. If you do you will destroy them mentally and physically I am sure. Too many children grow up now a days, to be damaged adults. Some control it and live as close to normal lives as possible and no one notices the differences. Others are so physically and mentally damaged, and abused in so many ways, including sexual abuse, they can’t cope no more and end up in places they don’t really belong,

        I do not want to carry on this forever nor hurt anyone in any way. I just want to say, abuse to a child happens every few seconds of every day in America and the world. Don’t you think humankind should awaken to this problem and help the ones being hurt the worse? I do, children need nurturing, love, protection and caring, not beatings, mental put downs, abuse and sexually assaulted. Wake up world, wake up and realize these children are indeed the future of the planet and the human race. Lets not damage them, and make it bad, lets nurture and love them and make it right. Remember the childhood trauma you put upon your children, are the PTSD years of pain and nightmares they will live through later.

Thanksgiving Rant

Today is Sunday and we are a total of five days away from Thanksgiving here in the USA. To many across the world, this holiday as we Americans call it, is a day of feasting, and family, gathering and in most homes laughter and joy. Not every American experiences this every year, for many are still homeless, hungry, and unable to afford a big meal to celebrate. Sadly it is true in America people are hungry, homeless, and willing to work for food, because there are no jobs left for them to work. What has become of the great American Dream? It seems that not even our leaders are doing anything to get it back either, sad huh?.

     As we close in slowly this week on this holiday, and give Thanks for what we have, we should think about the ones who have not. Our Representatives and Senators and even our President, should stop and take a few seconds to think about the ones without a Thanksgiving Dinner, without a roof over their heads and standing on the roads, holding up signs Will Work for Food!. Maybe they need to be the ones to replace these people and give them a break.

       The day after Thanksgiving will start Black Friday and shopping sprees right? Well, I think as Americans who have a Congress that won’t do a damn thing to help us, we need to boycott Black Friday. Surprisingly, what many stores and owner do not realize is you can’t keep building stores and Malls if no one has any money to buy things in them. Wake up, the retail market will not replace the blue-collar market for jobs. You can’t pay people who make items in factories, 8 to 10 dollars an hour and make them serve customers. It doesn’t work folks, stop building malls ok.

       For today, November 20th, 2011, is indeed a day we should think about before we sit down on Thursday and eat our Thanksgiving Dinners. The big committee in Congress The Super One is supposed to cut Trillions from the budget and make the hard decisions, soon. If they don’t make the cuts needed, they won’t suffer as much as the rest of us will they. Someone has to make the cuts needed in order for us to keep going, wake up Congress and Super Committee, get it done!.

        America is quickly becoming a country closely resembling the Blue-Collar Comedy acts of Larry The Cable Guy,Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy. The simple jokes about stupidity,economic woes and silly, stupid people reminds me of Congress, unable to accomplish anything with the exception of being laughed at. Sad isn’t it?

       The Super Committee needs to do its job and stay away from Social Security as it is now, leave Medicaid alone and remember people who are hurting and need these programs are not the ones to ask to make up the difference for your deficit. Things like taking medication from a depressed person because they can’t pay for it, in the end it will come back and bite ya in the ass!.

         The Super Committee wants to make cuts, then cut the salaries of the Senators and Representatives. Halve their salaries and make them work longer hours and then cut their medical benefits and social security and lets see what happens then. I bet there will be panic and pissed off people in Washington then!. Wake up folks, we all have to make sacrifices I agree, but be real where they should be mad. The rich should pay more they have more, as Warren Buffet said, I make it, so I should pay more taxes on it, period. Get the cash from the rich who have it and let them pay their fair share for a change.

      That is my rant for this Sunday November 20th,2011. The Thanksgiving holiday is now upon us, people are having a hard time getting a Turkey, because they can’t pay for one. Remember for each one who sits at a table on Thanksgiving Day with family, there are others who sit in soup kitchens and in boxes on streets for homes. Stop and say thanks for what you have and help an American who needs it too. God Bless.


Recent Conversations/Kids

 Recent conversations have led me to believe there is one huge and unbelievable differences between generations that were born in the 1940s and 1950s, and yes even the 1960s, and todays modern generations born in the 1980s  until today. It seems if you look around the kids are heavier, layzier, and less mannered too. They get rude to adults and peers and to anyone that doesn’t give them what they want. Sadly, this is from a lack of discipline. Now I am not saying beat your kids, or abuse them here I am saying discipline them and teach them manners and that they can’t get everything they want. Spoiling your child is just as bad as abusing your child in many cases, for they think they can have it all without working for it.

I see many instances of children being disrespectful to their parents in stores as I shop and look around. I also see parents who yank their children around and verbally abuse them too. Certain things changed over the decades that hurt the American society more than helped it.

They started allowing children to divorce their parents, why is that. It would never have happened in my parents world. Then they told parents by way of shows like The Bill Cosby Show in the 1980s, talk to your children, don’t hit them. A Psychological approach to raising children is one thing, but not to spank or slap a child at all is not right either. There is indeed a thin line between discipline and abuse. But you can also corrupt and damage your child by spoiling the hell out of them so be careful folks.

When I grew up in the 1960s, there were no such things as computers, PCS, Tablets, Game Consoles . We were given books to read, Erector sets to build with, doll houses for girls, and sleds, bikes, and skates were big for kids or balls for sports. No one gave us a X-Box 360/ a PlayStation 3, A Wii, or any other electronic toy. Sadly today too many children have all of them or at least one and are spoiled and hypnotised by video-games and the internet and can’t live without them. We did, why can’t our kids today do the same. 

My parents sent us outside to play, explore the world, check out mother nature, shovel your walkways, play 1,2,3 Red Light, Dodge Ball, climb a tree, play football or baseball, get exercise. Today too many kids are sitting in front of big screen flat panel TVs and monitors using only their fingers to play. So we now have a society of lazy,heavy-set children growing up, raising children. Sad isn’t it!.

 America always wants to know what to do to better the country and it’s people, well here is a little advise for you all. Stop spoiling the kids and giving them everything they want, break them away from the video games and consoles and PCs, and make them play ball, play with friends outside and exercise some. Feed them veggies and meats and make them do chores. Guess what world and America, we will then have a healthier and smarter society.

In the 1960s, parents gave us books, Erector sets, balls for sports, and made us respect them, for if you didn’t they would cuff you one and tell you. Today you slap a child or cuff them one they want to take the child from you, or the child cries abuse. That is crap America ask any country in the world, you have to discipline and not all is restricting, or talking, sometimes  you have to get a child’s attention so you yell or cuff them one. It didn’t kill anyone before and it won’t now. Now before someone comes back and says I am advocating abusing children, wrong, I am not. I am advocating disciplining and teaching a child right from wrong, how to respect each other and their parents. That is all I advocate ok, not talk to them and let them shit on you and spoiling them so they can’t even take the garbage out. Make them know the one thing the older generations know and America should know, we didn’t get this land by sitting on our asses, we worked to earn it all.

Imagination and Writers

      The prices rise daily on electronic toys, computers,tablets,cell phones and more. Yet the materials to build them are the same, and so are the salaries probably of the people who build them. Economics tells us supply and demand is what this is all about, as long as people demand the latest electronics they will produce them at costs to the America people and the world too. Survival of the fittest correct folks, look at Apple and Micro-soft.

        How does a company like Micro-Soft get away with putting its operating system on most computers, if not all? They were charged with having a monopoly already and told they couldn’t do that, but it still exists, because no compatible or comparable operating system is really out there for the average PC. The same can be said of some other products, but not to the same degree as Micro-Soft and it’s Windows Operating System.

       Apple has made numerous big products that sell also from the I-Pod, to the I-Pads 1 and 2 and more. Seems each company has set itself up as a monopoly in many ways, but also are companies on the leading edge of the computer industries period and I congratulate them both.

        The best is yet to come they say, well I believe and will always believe that a company that gives the consumers what they really want wins. Google is one that I have loved from the day I found it. It creates and explores and shares and teaches and gives platforms to people to help others and themselves and the world. God Bless ya Google for your mind bending search engines, your e-mail system and your inventiveness all over the internet. May you always continue to expand, grow and  teach, for you do it well.

        That all said, what new technological miracles can be made or invented next, I wish i knew because I would be rich too then. One more thing to say in this field when it comes to discoveries, inventions and innovations, remember where it all really stems from, the human imagination is a powerful thing. Thinkers, inventors and producers need to say a big thank you to people like Gene Rodenberry, the creator of Star Trek. A Man whose visions for his little TV show he produced are now being made reality and walking around the planet in human hands. Hand held medical scanners, communicators, medical beds that scan patients and see inside them. Computers that talk to people and help them do their jobs. All of these ideas came from people like Gene Rodenberry and his little sci-fi show. Who knows what else could come from writers who think and write things down and invent things for the written or even the spoken word. Imaginations inspire and instill a need, a want, and a drive to achieve and make it all real. God Bless the writers of the world, who love to write to create, to tell a story, to write a poem or song or an article for a paper of magazine. For those who can convey their emotions, ideas,plots and tales and create help to keep mankind going strong!.

Why The Days Must End-Poem by:William McCurrach

Why Must the Days End?

By William



Why do the days have to end?

Why do the nights have to come?

The Darkness rolls in,

Night reminding me,

Of, my past, my sin.



I didn’t know what you wanted or needed,

You refused to say,

So now I wonder and think,

All night and through the day.


I go thru life, a statement reverberating in my mind,

It’s one I carry with me,

And shall for all time.


My father, laid dying on his bed you see,

And these are the words he said to me:

My son he said my days have come and gone,

I shall leave you before for long.


But live your life to the fullest and enjoy,

Do today what you love the most,

Enjoy life to the fullest, and love those around you the deepest,

For though I be gone and you may cry,

Please remember these words, I give you to keep and hold.

Live your life with honesty and truth,

Be happy, be true, be honest and be bold.


As I leave you now he said:

I shall be gone and you will cry,

But remember this is not really goodbye.


We are all put here for a purpose, yes a plan.

When we fulfill that purpose our time has come,

And our life is done, and I am just a man.


The days will pass, the weeks will come and go,

The weeks, will turn to months, the months to years,

And over time,  you will, have cried all of your tears.

But live your life for each day you are here,

For the calendar will continue to roll,

Time will pass before you know,

In the end my son,

We all eventually do what we have been put here for,

And our time is done.


Then he rolled his head, in his bed,

The vomit came, his eyes rolled back in his head,

And peacefully, and in silence he was dead.


I remember that day oh so well,

I remember the fishing trips, the pizzas, the laughter and the tears,

And have carried his words, with me and lived them for all my years.

Loss of Fires-Navy Life

Darkness all around, pitch black, can’t see my hand
in front of my face, I can hear people moving, but no light, what is next? What
do you do when the lights go out and it’s not right? No more light and the
sounds are slowly ending also, all I can hear now are people breathing heavily
in the dark, I can smell sweat in the air, but I hold completely still, not
knowing exactly what will happen next.
All of a sudden, a lantern lights up and one after another the lanterns
come on around the fire room. Slowly my eyes adjust as I grab valves and close
them as quickly as possible cutting off the fuel to the burner front. I close
all the air registers as the sweat drips from my skin and soaks my shirt. I
reach up and grab each burner t-handle and unscrew each handle as fast as
possible and pull the burner barrels from the boiler, laying each on the deck
plates beside my feet. Finally all six burners out and the burner front secure
I pass the word it is secured and almost collapse. My body shakes as the sweat
continues to flow from me, and suddenly air comes through the vents, and I
stumble under one, the moving air cooling me slightly and slowly I start to
recover. Realizing as I stand there something, caused the loss of fires and the
shutdown, knowing we will have to go through checks next to find what happened.
I stop and grab the manual of safety procedures and checks and turn to the
opening page for loss of fires. Starting my checks, insuring the fuel is closed
off first and foremost, is key.  No fuel
must be in the firebox, so it is time for the gloves, and face shield and the
flashlight and mirror to inspect the firebox for fuel. Staring at the mirror
through the port-hole and bouncing the light off to the floor I slowly search
the box. Finding a small puddle of fuel on the floor, I announce it to the top
watch, who then prepares to purge the firebox, open all the air registers comes
the command and I slap each register open wide and stand back closing the port
hole from the inspection. Suddenly the electric forced draft blower is started
and we can hear it whine and run at low-speed first, then flip to high, the
backup generators are working and so are the blowers now. The purge has to last
at least three minutes this time. Standing back I watch the periscope of the
stacks, for fumes, or smoke during the full purge. None must be seen or the
purge will have to be started over again, and that means as a naval ship we sit
dead in the water, and a solid target for enemy missiles or torpedoes, a
dangerous time for any navy vessel for sure. Navy life for its engineers is no
piece of cake or easy job, and no matter what you do, it has to be done
instantly and in a certain way or procedure that is safe. The purge continues
of course and  once cleared I reinserted a
new burner barrel into the first burner position, my face mask in place and
gloves as my fellow shipmate, my lower level man mans the fuel oil valve. Next
the purge is complete and the torch has to be lit, opening the torch port, I grab
the torch and hold it tip towards the lower level man as he lights it. It
bursts into flames, and you can smell the fumes of oil.  Inserting the torch we count to three and I
flap the air register as my shipmate opens the fuel valve and the first burner
lights, we are on the way back now, and as long as the boiler pressure isn’t
too low we will be back quickly. Each minute we are down without steam, makes
us a sitting duck in the water, so now it is time to make sure we come all the
way back and get the main steam stop valve open so the engines can move us
again. Such is a Boiler Technicians life in the navy. Each minute a boiler is
down or we are not steaming at sea, makes the risk of the ship being hit or
attacked a higher percentage.
As the boiler reaches pressure and the main steam stop is opened, the
generators in the engine room come on-line, feeding the ventilation system and
air flow increases in the space. Our feed pumps, feeding the boiler come online
and the force draft blowers are switched over to steam-driven ones and they
whine as they start-up. The noise levels increase in the space as all the
equipment is put back online the fuel pumps, booster pumps, steam reducers; we
are back now and underway once more.  The
Top watch calls for another burner one at a time until all six are blazing and
the ship picks up speed. The captain is now at full speed ahead and things
finally return to normal as we now run under the fluorescent lights once more
and everyone rechecks the equipment. Haze gray and underway indeed!  It is just another thing to watch as we steam
along, to our mission and next destination. The fluorescent lights burn bright
and the deck plates are hot below my feet, but I know I have done my job now
and I have pride in it. I can feel the sway of the ship it bouncing over the
waves through my boots and my feet.
Knowing I have accomplished bringing back the boiler and steam that
makes us go, makes me proud and satisfied yet tired.  Our job to protect and defend is still intact
and will always be, for we are The U.S. Navy.

Vote them out!

      Each day a new political controversy comes up regarding personal actions of candidates. Now I believe certain parts of a candidate’s life deserve to be under scrutiny at all times, not their whole lives should be.

       Sexual misconduct, harassing the opposite sex, touching without permission, or rape of any kind should end a candidates run for office, no matter the office if there is any truth to it at all. This should apply to all candidates for President also and equally too, no matter race, religion or anything else.

       I believe in the old saying, where there is smoke there is fire. Herman Cain is facing the smoke and denying the fire that lit him up. He has at least 4 women making accusations against him and more out there , getting ready to I would bet. Mr. Cain should stop and think what these accusations are doing to his wife, his children and his relatives and friends and back out of his bid for President. It will indeed only get worse Mr. Cain, not better, don’t make yourself the poster boy for this stuff and deny what is honestly apparent here.

       If the sexual harassment accusations are not enough for you to pull from the race Mr. Cain, than you may want to consider your lack of knowledge on foreign affairs and other countries. Or your lack of knowing  security correctly for America. Your gaffs are building as are your shorts being shown Mr. Cain, and you may have business knowledge, but world knowledge lacks.

         Next we come upon, another candidate that should basically drop out and disappear from the presidential race of Republicans, Governor Perry of Texas. Mr. Perry your foolish oops statements and forgetfulness is not good at all for a Presidential candidate no matter what party. Than you have the speech where you ranted and raved like a fool at the cameras and people and many believe you were drunk and on drugs. Bad, bad public exposures both of them and foolish too. Silly mistakes have cost much better men and women the White House Mr. Perry, please go home. Your presence is making a mocking of the Presidential race, for your party.

        Finally looking at the list of Presidential hopefuls for the Republicans we come to one more in my opinion who should pack up and go home. Now mind you, these are my choices as I see it and someone else shall disagree I am sure, my final choice to go home Michele Bachman. Ms. Bachman started out well and had a large surge in the polls and in strength. As time has worn on Ms. Bachman is slowly fading from the race again due to knowledge, stature, political presence and the ability to be heard. I think Ms. Bachman unless you can find an issue besides attacking your opponents in the race well the time has come. Ms. Bachman maybe you should consider taking up the attack on the economy, homeless people and joblessness? Just a  suggestion.

       The Republicans have put up a list of candidates that I believe lack the full ability to be president of the United States. Half have political liabilities, the other half lack of knowledge and events. The alternative is to stay with what we currently have in President Obama, and if you get my drift, the American people may have no choice.  We sure as hell can not elect Herman Cain, Michele Bachman, Rick Perry to the highest office in the land and expect them to do the job, by what we have seen so far. Political mayhem is in process in the Republican party that is for sure.

       Talking about political mayhem and stupidity, lets talk about a Congress, both houses, Representative and Senate not doing a damn thing this year for the American people. When are they gonna get off their rumps and do something to help the hungry, homeless,jobless people in America? When will they make the decisions and create the laws and bills that will help the American people and not hurt them? Good question I bet?

       The American people in general are a smart people I believe and the time for change is coming. Politicians beware, you shall get hit by a torrent of angry voters when you least expect it and you will go back to normal life. We the people vote you all in, we can vote you all out!.




Holidays,Mothers/Vets and Politics

Holiday Season is so very close now, Thanksgiving right around the corner and the Christmas, Hannaka , Season too. The stores are lighting up with early sales events and lights, they are filling with people looking and staring at what they can buy. America will have a problem this Holiday Season, because there are too many out of jobs and money is so tight! Many will be disappointed when they sit to eat Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas is not so big under that tree.

       The economy and jobs, money so tight, it seems that our politicians would work to get it right. Yet the same old day in and day out, filibustering, arguing, fighting and stalemating takes place in Washington daily, why?

        Ladies and Gentlemen of America, the blue-collar ones, the everyday working ones, the one struggling through, don’t you think it’s time for you to do!. Lets change Washington,DC, lets change Congress and both Houses not just one. Vote new people in who will react and fix the economy or at least come up with viable fixes for it.

        When we sit down this Holiday Season and find our tables with less to eat, our Christmas Trees and Hannaka presents thinned out, because our money is so tight, who didn’t get it right? Take a ride in your car to your Congress person’s or Senators home and see their properties lit up with lights and their families and friends smiling bright!. Take a look at the ones who make so much, sitting fat, like the Cheshire cat. Why do we pay them so much and yet they do so little for the American people?.

       I have seen a movement slowly spread across the USA, Occupy! They have Occupied New York, Wall Street, California, and even Southern cities, trying to get attention. Place for you to actually Occupy and make a difference if you stay peaceful and united and threaten no one with silly shit, would be Washington, DC. Take your Occupy Protests, sit-ins, rallies and surround  the House and Senate, and sit till they talk to you and tell you how they will turn the economy and job market around. Take the Occupy Movement to where it will do the best work and make it stay until the Politicians get off their ass one day.

       I have learned though over many rants,raves,complaints and vocal efforts, it’s a waste of time to do so, cause they don’t listen. How do you get a politician’s attention? George Washington said it best, it’s time you get off your asses and make it happen. The Founding Father of America didn’t let his Cabinet,his Congress sit still and get nothing done he made them work and told them earn your pay checks, America got built and borne then.

       The alternative to what I am saying is that the American people get together, and start firing those we are hiring and admit we choose the wrong people to lead and get things done. If any nation in the world can do that it is America, we still vote these political animals in, don’t we?

       Now, that said, let me go on to another subject I think many in America will hate me for mentioning at this time. The facts though say it best, America has a problem with mother’s who want to be free of the children they have!. Yes I know many will say why pick on females or wives, or mothers, well they are making kids disappear is why? Mothering is an instinct females are born with or not born with. It is instinct to most females to protect their own, raise them and teach them and more. So why do we have Casey Anthony‘s in the World/ Why are little babies disappearing like little Lisa Erwin? Why do mothers slap a kid in a store, or roughly drag them around? What is happening in American Society to cause such things?  We have the best Doctors in the world, the best medical minds around, yet we can’t stop mother’s from harming their own, why? Something is wrong in America for sure!. Now, before all females in America jump up and down and go crazy and say this is not just females, I agree men are doing it too. I have one thing to say to these mothers and fathers who harm their own children and don’t want to keep them, don’t have them then. Birth Control is available and so is the ability to give them up for adoption and more.

       Final words for today from me to you out there. I know I am no genius, or brain, nor am I a leader. Yet I believe, that America still can lead, still is the best free nation in the world and I gave 16 years of my life fighting for my family, for my friends and for the children of the future. Many Veterans both male and female now in the Armed Forces will be coming home soon. As they return, please help them assimilate back into the country, help them find work and education and reasons for being here. Say Thanks to them when they come home, they gave up years of their own lives to protect your lives and keep us free!. Take it from a Disabled Veteran that is me!.