Family Traditions

  Family traditions seem to hang with people for many years after their parents are gone. Ever notice how, if a mother screamed and ranted and raved, their daughters do too. Ever notice how if one parent or the other beat their children for whatever reason, that child tends to too, to their own children. These are endless cycles in lives and families that keep repeating, sad as it may seem, it looks and acts like it is hereditary or genetic right, wrong!. It can be overcome and to do so is not easy. It takes a  concentrated effort on the survivors part to not make the same errors the parents before did.

       The second thing is mankind and medicine and knowledge is expanded concerning these things and errors humans make. We have learned that 1) If you are repeating your parents traditions and mistakes someone will say something to you. 2) Once they are brought to your attention you can seek mental help to prevent the next generation, which is your own children from carrying it forward. 3) The biggest thing to do is to realize what is being done and stop doing it yourself, for mankind is a creature of habits, and we are what we are taught. Yet everything we are taught is not socially, and humanly normal in society and the world. For all human beings have faults no one is perfect and never will be.

      Holiday times are a good time to talk and converse with people regarding traditions. Some have religious traditions of attending churches for holidays, some have traditions of going to families and friends, and others host on Holidays. Then there are the few who have a totally different version in mind for the Holidays, like Peace and Quiet, they prefer being alone and are happy that way. So, individuals choose how they celebrate, families set traditions and societies make traditions. It’s all a matter of what one feels is right for themselves.

Traditions also extend to how families are buried upon death. Many have bought burial plots side by side and are laid to rest that way. Many are cremated to save money of course and buried that way. Other get cremated and spread across places they love and some end up partly broken apart by families in Urns. Sadly once you are gone the tradition you choose is no longer yours to say or do, if you didn’t write it down somehow.

      Families have traditions of pets, homes, cars, games and sports. They have traditions of marriages that last decades and years or short periods. It is funny how if you look at families with high rates of divorce or separations between parents, how the same happens to their children too. Hand-me downs come in more than clothes ,ladies and gentlemen they come in mental actions and reactions too. We pass on our faults because our children learn from us and do as we do, not because we purposely hand it down, it is unintended but happens.

So as our Holiday Season of giving and receiving begins and people fight for positions in lines and shop for things to give, remember the examples we set for our children and grandchildren will be carried on in family traditions, so try to make them pleasant and nice.




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