Dreams Don’t go Away!

Dreams Don’t Go Away

By: William M. McCurrach


I dreamed of peace. I dreamed of joy, I dreamed of things like all little girls and boys.

I dreamed of  love, I dreamed of caring, I dreamed of a family full of sharing.

I dream of all that could be, why couldn’t my dreams come true for me?


My Dreams were like every other child’s,

A World of fun, love and things so wild,

I did not dream of what happened to me,

I did not pick my mommy and daddy!


I did not ask to be brought into this world,

Any more than any other boy or girl!


I did not dream of living in fear,

I did not dream of siblings, who would not share,

Or,  a mother and father who had no care.


I did not ask for the beatings I got,

I did not ask to be hurt and threatened to be shot.


I did not ask for the memories I got,

Where I wake up running and sweaty from who knows what!

I dreamed of peace, I dreamed of joy,

I dreamed because I was a little boy.


The years of dreaming have gone by,

But I still feel the pain and see the beatings in my mind’s eye.

I see the poker coming down on my head,

His big hands, grabbing me, and pulling me from my bed.

I wake up sweaty, my body trembles, my mind races to survive,

My dreams you see were real for me,

Back when they were alive.


So, as you raise your children today, think of the pain of my memories and how they won’t go away!.

Please treat your children better is all I can say!.


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