America’s biggest mistake!

In the 1970s’ and before Americans, at many of us, did not have computers or video games, or Tvs that connected to the internet, or the internet itself. We as kids and teenagers and young adults were outside playing in the yards and neighborhoods of america, and learning life that way. We had no choice but to go to school, and we had chores at home and we were watched and raised not by television, or computers or game consoles, or even the internet but by people who were supposed to be adults. The Generationals difference in the USA began when Russia invented a video game called Tetris. Tetris overtook the world, including the United States and addicted many to it over the years, which worked like a lead in drug to the human mind to the possibilities of  gaming, computers, consoles and eventually the Internet. If you notice and I do notice many things, Russians are not addicted to such devices at all they ignore them and walk away. Why, simple, the russians started the video game industry not as a fun item, but as a weapon to break down resistance to their way of life and give them a way to distract people everywhere from all they do.

It is really a psychological weapon made to distract and disinterest people in the real world and put them into a state of stupor, nonchalance and ignorance about world affairs. Russia can then expand their reach beyond their borders, because no one is really paying attention, they are staring at monitors, television and  yes cell phones too. You can see this if you open your eyes to the world and look around you even here in America. These gaming industries, and video gaming and internet, control too many hours of the American People’s minds and time.  we wander around aimlessly in our homes, looking for the next video game challenge as the world spins by. Sad isn’t it? But yes, the video gaming systems,and games out there distract, you and cause you to forget about the world and it is just what the Russians wanted. tetris started it, and more were invented, causing people to sit in front of a monitor, television for hours on hours out of the day, as the world rolls by. In the meantime, Russia, doesn’t have all of it that we do, so they have people who still can function in a political or military way and expand their nation.

We have a Voluntary Military Force in America, if they don’t volunteer, well the ranks deplete and the numbers of members go up and down. Playing Call of Duty, whichever one it may be from the first to today’s version is not a real world, explanation or experience of what really happens in a war zone. We all know that at least the ones who are Veterans here at home, whether disabled or retired.  Americans are addicted to Video Games. The Internet and Television, period and it is sad to see.

In the 1900’s in America, children were raised with discipline, chores,manners and taught to read and write and grow their minds. They were sent outside in their neighborhoods after school and in the summers to play with friends to learn to get along with others. It is how we all learn to socialize isn’t it folks, well now, kids are becoming antisocial, angry and violent in America, especially if you take away their electronic toys. They don’t know how to play army anymore or play with dolls, they now rely on Video games to play and never leave the house.  It is a sad statement to say but true, obesity grows because kids are not forced to play sports or ride bikes or play ball or play outside anymore, all they do is stare at a screen and use their thumbs and fingers to control a video game that hypnotizes them. As they sit there and play they eat, candy, junk food and grow fatter and bigger in size and lazier. The american People, the adults and this generation and others after it need to realize, video games are not teaching tools, they don’t make a child a man or woman, they fail at that chore it is still the parents who must make it so.

Recently, I see new video games coming out that take hours upon hours of time to complete and yes I play some myself. But I am older, retired and have time to do so, younger individuals ages 3 to 21 should be outside in the world. The permissiveness of the American People will indeed at some point be our ultimate downfall. We went from a  society that raised it’s children strictly, to one semi strict, now to one totally lax, in raising our children. we need to back up, pull the electronic equipment, put away and limit the video games and computers and get back to the basics of raising our children. If we don’t, we will have a society of mindless automations, staring at television screens or monitors and getting fatter and rounder everyday, until, we can not defend our country, help ourselves, or the world.


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