America, save our Republic, Impeach Trump !

Today is the beginning of the downfall I hope of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America. As Congress process and get introduced bills to impeach him for different reason, Americans should now start to show more interest in the mess that is happening in the White House.

Trump began with his win it all or nothing attitude during his run to the Presidency which he won, not by popular vote folks, just by electoral. Sadly, the Fore_fathers of America, did not foresee what happened in this case and it can be corrected in Congress, by a bill being brought forward that would make the popular vote the one that counts. But, it will not eradicate or remove the stain Trump has placed upon this country and it’s position in the world. Our biggest ally, Great Britain is telling Trump to shut up and stop pointing fingers and angering others. Never since our own revolution has America, had any problem like it does now, or been scolded by the Brits the way it’s current Prime Minister has now.  I believe she is right too, Prime Minister May has very good points in all she says and has said.

Trump has in a short 10 to 11 months has isolated us from the world pulling us out of accords and pacts, we belong in and letting the world know he doesn’t care about them. He doesn’t care for his own country never mind others. He is now attacking the Americans People with a revamped tax bill that hides that fact it is for Trump’s own personal purposes of expanding his bank accounts and other rich people like him and leaving the middle class and below to pay the bills. Sad really because the American Middle Class and below are being squeezed so badly already that in the end we may be forced out of existence as i tis.

He has taken cash from other countries while President and gifts. He has killed Obama care with no care for the Americans it covered or covering those he took it from. My wife is a cancer patient Mr. president and without Obama care and Medicare and Medicaid she would be gone now, and you are fast pacing the deaths of millions, maybe even billions of americans. It is a sad case indeed and of course your a an empathic and narcissistic individual who can’t see beyond your own nose to help others. It is sad indeed, for you are the Worst President in American History.

Each day now new evidence brings us closer to proving your collusion with the Russians to get the White House. The chain leading to you is quickly being followed right to your doorstep, as gates, Manafort, Flynn, next your own son-in-law come under scrutiny, and get questioned. It’s at your doorstep Trump and we all know none of the aforementioned individuals would not have done what they have without your knowledge or authorization. We are not stupid, gullible maybe but not blind or stupid. No one contacts the Russians while running for President and makes deals with Russian Ambassadors ahead of being elected. NO one holds meeting like the one in Trump Tower without colluding in mind.

I said this before and now I shall say it once more, Trump  do you realize what you have done is really called being a traitor to your own country. You should be impeached and if you ask me, not only impeached but hung for treason. No one and I mean no one in American history has even colluded more with a opposing nation, like you since Benedict Arnold. Your a traitor to the American People if not the American Government and yes I have heard Lindsey Graham, say ” Oh I don’t understand why everyone is painting Trump so bad and always chasing him” But I do, you’re being pursued and pressed to resign or get Impeached because you are indeed evil and not working for the American People, but for the people who helped put you in office the Russians and Putin.

In the meantime what you have done trump to your own family and children is sad also. Donald JR. Must face Congress to answer questions, Ivanka’s life is ruined also, because you involved her husband Jared Kushner to do things for you. Manafort will more than likely now never see freedom again, Gates will be burned, MT. will go down too for lying to Congress and never become anything more then a sacrifice at this point. Congress is not going to appoint anyone who lied to them, to an Ambassadorship or to represent America anywhere. Man what a mess you have made in less than one year in office, no American President ever in out a little over 200 year existence would have done this shit. Your a sad , sad human being, cold hearted and all you want is money and power and you definitely don’t need to remain in power with your finger inches away from America’s Nuclear codes.

I hope Congress and the Generals of America understand that if ordered to preemptive strike North Korea of any other country by you, is an order they must refused to follow. You too unstable and mentally ill Trump and if Congress doesn’t take action soon, come 2018, more Democrats will come to congress and you will be powerless before long. I hope Congress can wake up, watch you closely and not let you destroy more or endanger us more than you have so far. Your a sad excuse for a man, and in my opinion a traitor to your own country, you don’t work for Americans, you are filling the Office as an agent of Russia.

Americans should now wake up, smell the dying roses out there and look closely at Trump’s behavior, his patterned of colluding and his associations with the Russians. Americans should take Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance away, Kushner should be arrested period for following Trump blindly. Flynn is going to jail I am sure as will Gates, Popadopulous and I am sure many more will including Manafort and maybe Roger Stone also. Steve Bannon should be investigated also, he is dangerous and he was a big part of Trump’s Election also.

America Impeach and remove Trump, with swift Justice, call your Congressman/Woman, your Senator and tell them, it’s time to end this follie that is DOnald Trump and remove him from office so he can be tried fr High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the United States of America, not just Obstruction! Impeach Trump Now!






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