December 2017, the Future’s Truth!

As one ages, one begins to realize that time waits for no one, nothing, and just keeps on. people live, people die and we continue to kill the planet we were born upon, and in the future there may be no humanity here, for we are foolish enough not to pay attention to what we are doing to the only environment that will sustain our lives. Sadly, mankind or humans are destined to destroy themselves eventually, why, simply greed and selfishness. Civilizations have come and gone before the current ones, and died off or disappeared for the exact reason I speak of. Human beings are greedy, jealous and outright wanting individuals who take, take, take but never give back. Thus the planet we live on is having the resources on it depleted faster than it can ever produce it, and then we pollute the air and water we breath and don’t think twice about it. One day we will begin to realize, we are killing ourselves and wake up to the reality of it all, as species after species disappear, and go instinct. The Icebergs of Greenland melt and cascade into the oceans and the levels raise water wise making land masses slowly disappear. Mankind will run out of landmass to live on, crowding itself on the land that is left and sooner or later the over population problem will exist on top of the rest. This is what we leave for our children and grandchildren and further, a planet with less resources, more people, less land mass and no where to go. ONce it is realized the people of the world will begin a panic mode and be trying to preserve and take and store any items they need to serve and refuse to share it all. Families will disappear and die off, thinning out populations sooner or later till there are few left, who were smart enough to protect themselves ahead of time.

Than the real war will start, people of one area will fight with others, trying to find resources and land mass to live on and we will begin to revert back to the cave man, just working on pure preservation and survival. How long do we have till our oceans rise due to Global Warming and swallow up our land masses, I have no idea, but it will happen. Just as materials will disappear from overuse and mismanagement, we will burn up the oils, the gases, pollute the air and find ourselves walking around with face masks to breath with tanks of vital air on our backs. The food will start to die off because there will be no place to plant it anymore as the land masses diminish. In the end, humankind will be looking for another planet to live on and we will have to start doing terraforming here on earth to survive. That terraforming will have to be taken to other planets to find ways, to change them to sustain our humanity as a race and population will be minor until it grows there. Yes, I know I sound like a doomsday Prophet at this time, but we can not keep ignoring the fact, we are depleting our planet at a rate that will leave it a husk of itself in no time. The Earth does have a defense system as a planet folks, and we have activated it by producing Global Warming, so what will happen is the ice at the North and South Poles will melt and so will Greenland and others like it, and when it does land mass will go underway again. The world will slowly become a underwater world where no humanity can survive and we will be gone, and the planet will be an uninhabitable water world, the maritime creatures will survive, but not humanity. The earth is smarter than then humans upon itself it can regenerate itself over time, but humanity needs land masses, materials to survive and none will exist.

Many will say, I am talking about Global Warming and destruction and doomsday effect like they are real and that it will never happen!. But, before you do say that, take sometime and check it out for yourself. The ice melts are real folks, the water levels rising are real, the animals disappearing and becoming extinct are real folks. Look for yourselves as oil prices rise, the cost of food begins to rise and material belonging become too expensive to gather or buy. IT will be a doomsday effect folks and mankind/ Humanity is too blinded by greed, lust, and jealousy to realize it. We are too busy running wildly across the planet’s surface, fighting wars of words and military might to stop and realize oh shit we are destroying ourselves and the planet we live on.

World War 2 ended when an American President dropped Nuclear bombs on Japan, and the environment has suffered since, will more be dropped or worse? Humanity faces its own eventual downfall just as different civilizations have in the world before. We tend to ignore it and carry on like it can’t happen to us, well let me say this to all. What happened to the Aztecs, the Incas, The American Indians, The Roman might and so called greatest civilizations on the planet in history, they all died off and fell, due to greed, jealousy, and being power hungry, materiel grabbing peoples. This is what will destroy us humanity, the truth is it is a slow death, and we are not smart enough to realize it or stop ourselves. Humanity, it will not matter, if You are white, black, brown, yellow or any other color, nor will you nationality matter, like American, Russian, Chinese or any other. The Chinese are already learning they need face filters to walk in the environment they have now, doesn’t that alone tell you what we are doing to the planet? How long will it take for the Earth’s materials and resources to deplete? How long before we are killing one another no more over political problems or concerns  and end up killing one another for pure survival and end up eating one another? How long before water becomes a material all need but few have to drink, or food can’t grow because we destroyed the air? The rate it is happening is sad folks and sooner or later, the world we live on, will defend itself and all shall be under the oceans.

So as 2017 rolls on towards 2018, the world’s population of humanity continues on. And the Resources disappear, and we will get to 2018, but how much further?


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