Happy Holidays From Me!

Today is the 9th of December 2017, and I just want to say Happy Holidays to all in my own way.

On Christmas Eve as the lights are shining and some are pinning away, and the lights twinkle bright, remember the holiday is about giving not receiving.  Also remember if you will please, family is everything, and should remain so throughout your lives as long as you live. Some say Happy Holidays, others say Happy Hanukkah, some say Merry Christmas, but in the end, it is a Holiday shared by the people of the world, no matter what race, nationality or creed. It is a time when the world slows down and reflects on the past year and on those they have with them or have lost. We all do it each year as the christmas songs play and the lights blink or stay solid so does out focus on what we have been through each year we live through.

I wrote a Christmas story a while back, to me it is important because it expresses what Christmas means to me and I wanted to convey that thought to the world and anyone who reads this.

I called the Story- The Importance of Christmas—https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DS5LUNA—— Here is the Link folks!  1.99 a copy folks!Importance of Christmas Cover


As 2017 slowly rolls towards it end and 2018, drops it’s new born diapers and starts, it is important to remember we are all free and with choices to make that no other nation in the world can make or have the right we do to make. It’s is important to remember, our Veterans, our Disabled and Our Ill, but it is also a time to be with those we all love. So, Please Remember, Family, Country, Freedom and the Veterans of all ages and sizes and shapes and sexes that help to keep us Free!

As 2017 rolls to its end I Remember family, I pray for the futures of my grandchildren and siblings and my own daughters who made their own choices, for that is what America is all about.  I pray for the health of  all I know and love and say goodbye to the ones who left us in the past year. Yet I also know, that the future of the World, and America is what counts the most to me. We can clean up our environment if we try folks, we can stop wars and stop unnecessary violence by putting controls i place for weapons and guns. But what we can never change and should is the diversity and unique people humankind is and has always been, we learn, we grow, we evolve and we love!

So, from William and Melinda McCurrach of Connecticut, in the United States to the rest of the world filled with mysteries and the diversity we both love, we want to say one thing to say!.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018!




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