Cancer Battles Continue!

Around the world, millions of people suffer from Cancers of different forms, and names but all know it can mean their death is it is not faced head on and fought with powerful methods and drugs. Each day, millions go through chemo, and radiation and take powerful experimental drugs to survive and prolong their lives, as cancer ravages them. This battle against Cancer has been active now for some much time it if generations thick and killed so many it is sad to even look at the death toll numbers. Sadly, unknown to many and not realized by many is the fact of how the fight is being done. For some many generations of humankind, mankind has been using animals to test drugs and procedures, and machines on, the point is always to preserve human life and kill cancer as a deadly disease, yet so many animals have lost their lives to the research to stop cancer and other diseases that their death toll far surpasses the human deaths from cancer.

It is a Moral and Ethical dilemma that has persisted through generation after generation of mankind.  How do you test cancer drugs and treatments if not on animals, is there a answer to this question, I wish I knew, but I don’t. I know the following from my own perspective and the life i have lived now til I am 62 and a cancer survivor myself.

My family and those I love or have loved all suffer from this deadly disease called cancer in someway. As far back as 1972, I can remember cancers attack on my family when my grandfather died of it,  prostate cancer got him. A Year or so later, I found a girlfriend I had in High School had it and it was ovarian cancer, I used to sit with her when I could in a Hospital as she awaited treatments.

Time would pass, but cancer would not from my life, it next hit my real father in 1984, lung cancer got him. I went to his wake and funeral  at the time. I didn’t know him well, because he and mom divorced when I was nine months old. Yet, they was cancer raising it’s head once again in my family, now on my father’s side, years after it had hit, my mother’s father. Little did i know what was coming soon, each step it seemed was bringing it closer to me, and it is no lie is was coming.

1990 came, and my Divorce begin as I left my wife in PA. and returned home to Connecticut to find my stepfather a cancer ridden man, slowly dying from it, at home. He would go on to die from lung cancer in October of 1990. Once we buried dad, we then had to face mom’s illness and problems. In june of 1990, while dad was dying, we the children were called to a Hospital Meeting room where a Doctor sat without mother and told us she was dying of lung cancer also. We watched her slowly wither away and die in a bedroom in my sister’s home, October 1991, one year and one day after her husband. Both parents were gone for me and a step-father at this point and cancer had taken a huge bite out of my family.

But ladies and gentlemen cancer was not done with me or my life it would strike again in 2006, striking my second wife, and unknown to me it also hit my first wife in the 1990s, both breast cancer. My first wife survived it and so did my second after chemo and radiation treatments as I sat by my second wife in a hospital in Danbury, Connecticut for each treatment. We would have a decade or so after that of relative peace except for her cancer check-ups of course.  Then cancer decided it still wasn’t done in my life.

2013, August, I walked in to see my Primary Physician at the Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven. Connecticut. She asked about any history of cancer in my family so I told her, and I was ushered into a  survey of cancer families they were doing and ran through a Pet Scan. I came home feeling fine and thinking nothing of it, until my phone rang and My Doctor told me, Sir you have lung cancer, you need to come down and see our Cancer Specialist. So I made an appointment and on September 4th, 2014, I was on a stretcher in the Operating Room, where a Doctor who is a cancer specialist, removed a lobe and one third of my right lung. I went on to recover from it, no chemo or radiation needed, and on September 16th, 2013, I wa sin Fenway Park, watching my Red Sox beat the Yankees. I had survived cancer and my baby sister an dher boyfriends took me to see the Red Sox for the first time in my life, due to my recovering and surviving as a gift.

Yet, Cancer is a stubborn son of a bitch for sure, and in 2016, January it rang the bell again, this time, it was my wife again. Her Breast cancer we had been fighting and which had gone into recession, came back, this time it was in her bones. We are still fighting now to keep her alive, and she has 75,000 dollars in grants for medicines she needs to take to hold the cancer back. Each day is an adventure just to see if she will wake up each day, second to see how well she will be when she does. I watch her constantly, since she is 16 years my senior and has been my life since 1992. Each day I pray she will wake up and be ok for another day, how long can a 77 year old woman with bone cancer survive on new cancer meds, that even her Doctor says won’t last forever. The drugs are indeed strong and knock the energy out of her each day, as she pops the pills as directed and we carry-on. How long she can keep going is sometimes a question I am afraid to face, yet she keeps going so far and it is now 2018 Feb.

As we fight the cancer that has invaded our lives, we had a discussion last night that was interesting. As we were getting ready to go to bed we had a discussion on the scientific advances in the fight against cancer. We found us agreeing on the fact advances have been made in leaps and bounds in the battle and fight, yet, we also had the animal factor in mind. As cancer survivors we appreciate the new drugs and treatments and the advances in the fight of course, but we are both disgusted but the treatment and use of innocent animals in this fight. The Moral and ethical dilemma of do we really need to kill animals to advance the fight still or not? As two Cancer survivors now ourselves, we hate to hear of the things done to poor innocent animals in the name of advancements. Yet, as we discussed the animal’s being used for testing is what got us this far in the treatments of cancer. It is like a catch 22 isn’t it folks?

Now that, they are finding new ways to advance the treatments and medications without using animals, we as a couple both believe, they should do so from now on without harming animals. So there ya have a guided tour through my family history of cancer, there may be more I do not know of, but that’s it for now!

If you can, I ask you fight Cancer with US. Give to The American Cancer Association and fight Cancer the deadliest killer on earth. Help eradicate it folks, every penny, nickle, dime, quarter, half-dollar or dollar you can spare, please, before it finds it’s way into your family chain and it’s too late!



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