Trump The Second Benedict Arnold!

February 2018 has arrived folks, and we have heard all the bullshit in Trump’s first State Of The Union and it has flown by with no one really listening or paying attention to much in it. That is the way speeches go, when the public your talking to knows your so full of shit you have no idea what is really happening in  the world around you. Trump is now just a figure in a silly animation living in the White House, his lips and mouth move and people listen for about the length of a cartoon speech and then we move on, for we know it is not reality coming out of him anymore.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, are doing nothing to help the American People or their own President do anything to help us. You want to do something correct for America, elect a new Congress, dump the useless Senators and Congressmen and women, who blindly follow Trump and do what he does which is accomplish nothing and make plenty of noise to get attention.  Each day they have a chance to improve America and all they do is sit and spin their wheels protecting a President who has no empathy for anyone, doesn’t care about his country, colluded with the Russians and has committed Obstruction of Justice on countless times. In American History Impeachment Procedures were brought against Presidents for far less than anything Trump has done. Yet Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnell, and other Republicans stand up and defend a man who is not all there running the most powerful nation on the earth. Sadly, Trump sits in the Oval Office of the White House with his fingers an inch from the Nuke Button that can destroy us all. and we are Americans not looking and all it takes is one mood change for him to push the button and wipe out half it’s population. Sad isn’t it.

The Russian Connection is strong to Trump no doubt about it, so strong in fact he refuses to hit them with greater sanctions, for their meddling in our election in 2016. Trump is bought and paid for by Putin and the Russians, they pour billions into his election and the facts are the facts. I won’t get into details, but you tell me who told the Russians to pour money into the blue belt states during the election and you have your answer as to collusion. Dig deeper into the Trump Family fortune and finances and you will find connections to Russia, through real estate, banking and loans, and hidden accounts. Sadly Congress and The Republican Party refuses to acknowledge it, so the American People will suffer for them allowing it to happen.

Trump promised jobs, well ya got jobs for a short period of time, but now they are leaving again. Layoffs will begin to some major corporations in 2018. The Black Unemployment rate will rise once more as wil unemployment in general soon enough, the Stock Market will come down soon enough also costing millions of Americans their life savings as it heads towards a new crash to rival the big one in the 1920s’ Trump will brag about creating jobs and boosting the markets, but it will fail in the end. For in truth he is not responsible for any job growth or market growth, they are indeed the results of the Obama Administration. Yet Trump will coast on his predecessors coattails as long as it keeps going along. for he is not a deal maker, he is a destroyer in fact. He should lay in bed at night, clasp his hands over his chest and thank the lord, he followed Obama as President.

No Bill or Law worth a shit has passed or been presented to Congress in the past over a year. Trump hasn’t created anything worth passing or able to make it through Congress, yet he has the balls to lie to the American People about all the great things he has accomplished since his election. Not a one adds up to anything period really and just because you appoint a Republican Justice to the Supreme Court is nothing to brag about. Any Republican President could have done the same thing, look at George W. Bush.

Trump will be Impeached, for the American System can not stand a megalomaniac personality, without empathy, and narcissist tendencies.  Sadly he brags about his high IQ, which he may have, but in the end many brilliant men and women, with higher IQs have come before him and failed also and he is failing also. Me thinks this he brags about his high IQ, and in the end never uses it for anything good except to line his own wallet. He is all about improving Trump’s wallet and his friends too, not about helping Americans who are poor or middle class. I can go through a long list of his mistakes and failures and worthless causes but why, we all already know them, and it is sad. The evidence building in the Special Prosecutors office is enough to prove Obstruction of Justice on at least three counts , plus Collusion with the Russians. The Prosecution of Manafort, Gates, Popodoupulous, and next will be Bannon and Stone I am sure. No way will Trump sit down with MUeller and answer his questions, his lawyers are not stupid and would never let him publically and underoath hang himself.

I submit the following for all Americans to consider, Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary War Traitor, he was tried and convicted and forced to live the remainder of his life in England shunned by even the english he gave the information to, till his death, a traitor to America.  I submit that DOnald J, Trump is a racist, and a prejudiced son of a bitch, and a traitor to America also. he colluded with Russia, he is bought by Putin and Russians,  he stands in the Oval Office and brags to the Russians about removing Comey to them in clear sight of the American Press and no one does a damn thing. This is a sad occasion in America and as America, starts toward it’s mid term 2018 elections I remind the American people, that Trump has indeed Obstructed Justice and is controlling  or trying to control the investigation Robert Mueller was assigned to do. He has threatened to fire Mueller, Rosentien, and manipulated the Justice Department every day with tails and threats to stop the Investigation. Trump is a traitor to America. to our Democracy and should be carried out of Washington tarred and feathered on a pole!


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