Excuses. Avoidances, and Lies

Donald J. Trump has spent a lifetime, using excuses for things that happen on his watch, and avoiding any questions about it all and then out right lying to his suppliers for building purposes as a builder, and now as President of The United States.

Until the American Public and the media stop him he will continue to do it. The facts don’t match anything her says about the Russia Probe, the collusion, the Obstruction of Justice, or anything else, including the Nunes Memo.

Now the Markets are falling like bricks from the sky, and he is talking how great he is for the economy, where?  His tax Plan didn’t help the poor like me, it didn’t help the middle class any, but it did help his billionaire and millionaire friends and himself. He is a sad, lying con man, just like P.T. Barnum was for his circus all those years. Yet, there are Trump supporters out there who believe in this lying, excuse giving, avoider, who even beat the draft by dodging it twice with an excuse of bone spurs in his feet. What a sad individual he really is, he is screwing porn stars, while his wife works on getting him elected and then paying one off to the tune of 130,000 dollars through his lawyer. No wonder Melania wouldn’t go with him overseas, she is probably so pissed off to find out he is chasing a porn star around a room in his tidy whities as married to her. Sad excuse for a man, a sad leader who is lost and has no idea what he is doing and he is dragging America down faster than any President in History has ever thought to do.

He is an excessive liar in all areas, The FBI did it’s job and always has, he doesn’t like the truth so he changes it and points at everyone else. LIke a kid in kindergarten, blame someone else when it goes wrong not me. I am surprised he isn’t crying for mommy or daddy all the time, yet! He wants to distract and avoid the facts of his son and his campaign manager and his son in law, meeting with russians in Trump Tower. He can’t it’s a fact.

He says he didn’t Obstruct Justice at all, he fire James Comey because of the Russia Investigation and admitted it on television for all to see and told the russians in the Oval Office about it too on public TV.  He used russian money, to win the election and their help period,  how else would the Russians know to target the key states, cities and towns and districts of The Democratic Blue belt with their ads on FaceBook, Twitter, Google and more? Russia wouldn’t know where the damn blue belt was unless his people told them. It’s collusion folks, believe me.

Obstruction is proven beyond compare, even better then it was in Watergate with Nixon. Trump fired Comey, Yates,  and others to stop the damn investigation and failed to so far. Now he is targeting The FBI, headed by a man he appointed, and the Assistant Prosecutor he gave a job to the started the investigation. If he fires him and MUeller he thinks he will stop the whole Russia Investigation and make it disappear, truth is Trump it won’t. It will cause a firestorm in congress and in the public that will come get you at a faster rate. Your stupid, you run your mouth, your people run theirs and it is all coming back to bite ya in the ass soon enough.

You said you though you belonged on Mount Rushmore, you belong in a jail cell actually. You deserve what Nixon got, banishment from politics and the world and taken from office and sent home.


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