The Memo Wars. A Political Mess

The first memo by the Republicans released, says, the Steele Dossier is why  the FBI investigated collusion with the Russians, it’s a lie, fabricated and being used to mislead the American People from the truth. The Second Memo Released by The Democrats tries hard to point out step by step why the first one is wrong and misleading, while the attempt is there, the fact is it leaves many questions unanswered.

I will state here and now the following and many need to stop and look at it closely. 1) No matter who authorized and paid for the original Steele Dossier,  it did not start any investigation by the FBI or the Department of Justice. 2) The Fisa Warrants were approved by four Republican Judges and renewed four times, wake up no Judge will approve warrants to be issued without proof and facts. 3) The real investigation began due to George Popadouplious, he shot his mouth off to an Australian overseas, who then in turn reported it to his superiors and they in turn reported it all to the American Justice Department and The American Government including the FBI and Intelligence Agencies.  We have a Justice system established and experienced that investigates these matters for the good of the country and the American people and it has no reason to target anyone’ campaign for any reason.

I state for the record here and now, The FBI, and Intelligence Agencies of the United States, were following Carter Page far before any Steele Dossier existed or was issued. Second he was being watched and investigated for close ties to the Russian Government which is a normal act by our Justice system. Now, why was Carter Page in contact with the Russians,I can’t say for certain I am not an official or investigator, but anyone with that much contact I would worry about also, and he did work for the Trump Campaign didn’t he? Kind of very suspicious if you ask me, isn’t it to you also?

Then we have the mess since the election or Trump that is now snowballing right into Trump’s White House and The Oval Office.  Popadouplious goes down pleading guilty to lying, Flynn falls and we find him being paid by Russians for speeches and see photos of him sitting with Putin at Russian Dinners.  Next we see, Paul Manafort charged with money laundering and so much more against the American Government, then his Assistant Gates goes down for lying too. All Turning to Plea deals to survive and cooperating with the Special Prosecutors Investigation now, with the exception of Manafort who says he will fight on and defend himself, despite his Assistant Gates Pleading out.

The chain is leading to the White House folks and Trump and there is no doubt about it no matter how much he cries No Collusion, No Obstruction of Justice, it’s real and there. key questions to be answered still remain and the Special Prosecutor Mueller is still digging now, following money trails and laundering paths, from Manafort to Russians and others.

Bannon was subpoenaed and at first refused to testify claiming Executive Privilege, but that failed after one attempt, and he was interviewed for two or three days now. What did Bannon say and admit to, we don’t know yet but I am sure we will before it is over. Roger Stone should be called and subpoenaed  also, he had Russian connections and he was helping Trump also.

Here is my thoughts for you Kushner should lose his Security Clearances, and be removed from the White House period, he attended the meeting with Russians in Trump Tower and listened to the offer of dirt on Clinton, yet he has no experience in foreign affairs and he is running them from the White House come on? Pull his clearance and subpoena his ass to Congress and The Investigation, and lets get some truths. Kushner is Trump’s right hand man now and he knows a lot more than he’ll ever  tell at this point, but you nail him on perjury or other charges and tell him he will spend 20 years or better in prison and he will crack like a nut. He has a wife in Trump’s daughter and kids, will he want to spend years in prison to protect his father in law then? I doubt it!

You tell me if I am wrong about the trail right to Trump’s feet, I don’t think so at all. A Suggestion for the FBI, CIA and Special Prosecutor Mueller, find out how the Russians knew to target the Blue Belt in the election with false adds and more and the millions they did, and you find the Collusion. Someone told them the locations of those districts, Towns, cities and states, they don’t know all that information on their own, where did they get it from? It had to come from the Trump Campaign, a member of it and it had to be approved by Trump himself , for as  all said who worked with him to win the Presidency, he made all the decisions himself, to get elected. So he had to approve it all, and in my book that is collusion and a traitorous act against The United States.

I said it before in prior blogs and I say it again now, Trump is the Second Benedict Arnold, and his acts are acts against the very democracy and government people of the United States. Arnold knew he was caught and ran to England to die, crying before his death about his acts against America and wearing his American Uniform on his deathbed. Trump never served and never will know what it is like to be in uniform, his bone spurs stopped him, right? Bullshit he was a coward then and had daddy pay a Doctor to give him a pass from the draft. I believe that and it’s my opinion, and everyone has freedom of speech in America. Ya can say I am full of shit or not, here is the bottom line, all paths for Russia and collusion and obstruction of justice lead right to Trump’s feet, we need to make him face the music and get him out of office, Articles of Impeachment must be drawn up and placed before Congress, lets get him out before he destroys America more!.


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