The 2018 Olympics/ Russia Investigation

Americans will not win the medal count in the 2018 Olympics, but we competed honestly and gave out best efforts. Congratulations to the U.S. Olympic Team for doing their best and the best to all who won medals. The Olympics are a world wide event of sports and commardship among all nations and they deserve to be kept free from politics. The World is a better place when it can gather and compete and rejoice in all who win no matter what country they are from.

The Russia investigation by the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is far from over no matter what President Trump says or attempts to say. It is now knocking on his door in the White House as people fall to it, pleading guilty to avoid prolonged prison time. Flynn Popodoupuluos, Gates, all are now cooperating with the investigation, manafort will probably die in prison because he is loyal to Trump, and will fight on trying to defend himself. sad indeed. A Message for Mr. Manafort, your loyalty to Trump and his team is admirable, but foolish, you are 69 going on 70, and do you really think Trump will pardon you, but even if he does it will only cover federal charges and there are more than them here. You can forget a pardon, Trump only protects himself and his family not you or anyone else he doesn’t give two shits about you. He got what he wanted the White House and his name in the history books as President, he doesn’t know how to do anything but he doesn’t care, he is it now and he can fluff up his collar and talk shit all day. gate sis going to talk and point fingers and they are after Bannon and Kushner next, ya better think Manafort or you will be in an orange jump suit and behind bars for the rest of your life, it’s not worth it man to give up what you have left to live is it?

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