Imagine, create, share!

The Imagination can take you to places you can only dream of and back, if you let it. It can take to space and beyond and it can take you to inner demons and  pain, it can take you to joyous occasions and so much more. The imagination cna be a fun time it can be a mean time, it can create love stories and romances and even make up dances. It can take you on excursions to wonderful world and places on our world, it can chase dreams and lost items it can do so much. The Imagination can let ya role play anything in your mind by making up dreams and thoughts you never knew you could find.

Now if you take that imagination, even if it come sin bits and pieces and you write it down in language people can understand and enjoy, you can make magical stories that flow and lead a person into a world of make believe and happiness, war, sadness, joy, love and caring and so much more we all should be sharing.

Storytelling can be done in film and in words in a book, or in a play, you can make them up to put your children to sleep at night, many do and not even realize it and they never write them down or record them. Some make them into movies and films or television shows adding chapters and episodes as they go and developing characters that we all learn to love and get to know. So, Imagination is what may things are about, and if you sue it correctly it makes people laugh, cry, feel suspense, get thrilled or fall in love. Imagination is a device all should use, we all have it and remember what I have always said, If you can think it, You can see it, if you can see it, you can create it and if you create it, many will see and hear it and enjoy it. Make the world a better place, imagine what you love and want most, write it, talk it, record it and then offer it to the world ina format you know they’ll love it in! Make people smile, make them cry, make them shiver and make them feel alive! Imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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