It’s Time to make changes Americans!

The Congress, both houses, Senate and The House, are lazy, and non working these days. They want to avoid taking any action on anything that is wrong period. The republicans have control by the numbers, but it will change in 2018, and when the democratic blue tide rolls back in, it will be a different world in many ways. It’s coming as Trump’s popularity slides to basement numbers and the Russia probe gets closer to him each day, he will keep yelling no collusion, no obstruction of justice, but he will keep breaking the law and doing as he wishes, and Congress sits and watches and laughs and smiles at it all. It’s a sad, sad state this country is in now as it slowly slides downward toward a third world position under the leadership of a President who has no common sense, no real empathy for anyone not in his income bracket, and has already isolated America from the world by pulling us out of ever agreement and leadership position he can. Trade agreements fall, tariffs go up, incomes go down or level off, medical expenses are crazy and no one has insurance they can afford to keep. Does Trump care no.

America is being isolated, and falling apart at the seems as he sits in office and does nothing for anyone but himself and Russia. He is a hopeless and hapless case of destruction and befuddlement and bewilderment too. Children are shot in our schools and all he wants to do is let the NRA have their way, which amounts to no changes in the gun laws. Banning bump stocks alone won’t solve America’s gun problems that’s for sure. We need all military type weapons period removed from the streets, gun shows and availability to the public immediately, not ten years from now! The loop holes must be plugged before more children and educators die at the hands of others using these weapons. Americans must get off their asses and out of their make believe worlds they live in and face facts and the numbers are not pretty.

You want to do something in America, do the following if you have the guts:

  1. Ban all weapons that are rifles of any military type, Automatic or Semi Automatic. Close the Gun Show LoopHole and stop the sales of these weapons.
  2. Establish Mental Health Care for all in America, and track and prevent sales of weapons to those who have a mental health problem.
  3. Background checks must be more thorough  and complete to include mental health issues in those who want guns of any sort.
  4. Next move America back into the front of the world by reentering the agreements we left under Trump already, His Policies are isolating us from the world and killing us as a nation.
  5. Stop his plan to establish tariffs, he is again targeting the wrong people in the world and his issues and ideas are far out of date. This is not the 1940’s.
  6. Force trump to break up his family in the White House and send them home. Nepotism is not allowed in the White House we all know it but it is here and happening.
  7. The Security Clearance scandal has gone far enough. You don’t have the clearance needed to do the job, send them home and this includes Kushner and Ivanka.
  8. Trump’s Administration has already had 24 senior members resign, quit or been fired, who the hell would want to work for it or him, not me.
  9. We have no foreign affairs or diplomacy really, no one represents us in Korea, Asia, or other important place sin the world why?
  10. Trump’s calls for a wall between, mexico and America are as crazy as they can get, why are we paying for a wall that no one wants but him? Billions on a wall that won’t really work anyway, if mexicans want in they will go over, around, under or through it, face the facts.
  11. Americans need to wake up and when you go to vote in any election stop thinking of the me mentality and think of the we mentality that made America great in the first place.
  12. The founders of this country would have run Trump out of Washington on a rail by now and tar and feathered his ass for all he has done and failed to do. Why, is he still there?

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