To Those who Voted Trump in 2016

I know those who voted Trump in 2016 believe they won, in fact they lost and don’t even realize it. he has alienated Americans, and immigrants, and friends of America who are allies. He has destroyed Obama care and medical care for seniors and disables, he has withdrawn us from the world stage and pulled us out of partnerships and agreements that were made to save the planet as a whole.

Now he is placing Tariffs and targeting destroying America’s economy and the world’s too. Trade wars are highly advised against by all economic  people who understand the world and America, so why do it? I will tell you why he is going where he is going, because if Russia wanted to destroy America in the world order and climate and economy, they would do it exactly as he is, he is doing Putin’s bidding, because Putin paid for his Presidency, period. I hope and pray Mueller as the Special Prosecutor is digging deep into his finances, and following the money trails. I also hope Mueller can send all the information, evidence and tell tale signs to Congress, who should be already preparing Articles of Impeachment for Obstruction of Justice and Collusion with Russia and mOney Laundering. If they aren’t then The republican side which is the majority in both houses should be removed in October 2018’s elections. If they aren’t then we have so many uneducated Americans in our country they we are due to be taken over by someone in the near future. Democracy, will die in the world and so will the American people and their form of government, for and by the people!

I have heard how Trump supporters all believe we are all democrats who are attacking Trump just because he is a Republican Conservative so to say, that crap. The Bottom line is his election to office was paid for and bought by Putin and  the Russians, and he is avoiding taking any action against the Russians in sanctions, or any other manner. He avoids saying anything against Russia period, now why would a President do that, knowing Russia is our greatest opponent in economic position, military might also. Sad Isn’t it?

As member so his team are indicted and charged and plead guilty and his White House and Administration loses people hand over hand, doesn’t it make you think, We screwed up! It should, but if your as ignorant as you President you supported and elected you will never know will you?





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