When will Congress React?

This Trump Presidency is very sad, over 25 people have resigned, or been fired and there are numerous holes in his administration now. The Russia investigation gets deeper and deeper and closer to the Oval office and Trump himself. In the Meantime he is using Jared Kushner to talk to the Mexican President on some mission? Mr. Kushner doesn’t have a top secret security clearance anymore and he of Ivanka his wife n longer belong in the WHite House or Administration.

The President is sued by a porn star over his lawyer threatening her, over talking about an affair he had with her. What does Mrs. Trump have to say about her husband having sex with all these women over the time he is married to her, isn’t it embarrassing for her? I am surprised she hasn’t moved back to Trump Tower and filed for divorce by now and taken their son with her. How much more can the First Lady take?

In the meantime, The Special Prosecutor, filed indictments against 13 russians in America for actions against the american voting system. Trumps associates¬† Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Popodoulpolis, and more plead guilty to lying and other charges. Manafort says he will fight but all the others see the inevitable position they are in, and pled. Next they are following the money trails belonging to Manafort, Gates, Flynn, and more and they all lead to russia. Please note at this time Jared Kushner received over a half a million dollars while in the White House in Meetings, what the hell is going on and why is no one stopping it all?. Congress, The Senate and House and the Speaker of the House and Majority Leader of the Senate do nothing to stop this ongoing fiasco why? Some One tell us why, this man Trump is not having Articles of Impeachment drawn up on him but COngress? How much further must we allow this man to isolate us from the world? He is starting a trade war with tariffs he doesn’t need or the world or his own party and our country don’t want enforced or put into effect. It’s sad that COngress is not acting now, what will it take for them to make a move to remove Trump from Office? You Tell me Americans, Please and soon before he ignites a Nuke War with North Korea, makes enemies out of both Mexico and Canada too. please tell me when you will react Congress!


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