America and Congress Be Aware!

Donald J. Trump is bought and paid for by the Russians and Putin and his people. First what President have you ever seen not willing  to place sanctions on Russia for what it did to the world or to America as a country? None! Why does he ignore Russia’s actions and do nothing to stop Putin? No one has that answer and at no time will he discuss it either if no one notices. I have notice for sure.

He fires people left and right, he has no empathy for the people who are poor or middle class, as can be seen by his killing Obama Care, the Daca people and his isolating America from the world!. You tell me why?

The biggest problem though is what is going on now in Washington, DC and the White House, civilians are disappearing from the Trump Administration to be replaced by military generals and Intelligence people, why? What’s the purpose of firing all civilians in his administration, and replacing them with Generals in all positions including now Secretary of State, where he wants Pompano. Why? What did Rex Tillerson do wrong, he called Trump an idiot is what he did and because he did Trump waited long enough for people to forget about it, and then lowers the hammer on the man in a disrespectful manner and way, instead of doing it in a more polite manner with respect to a man who gave up part of his life to serve his country.

Congress had better wake up soon, for what we are seeing is a coup of democracy in action here. Yes he is the President and yes  I know a coup would be to replace him too, but he won’t go. He got the Presidency with Putin and Russia’s backing and now he is setting up his cabinet with Generals like Putin has in Russia, stop and think about it. The Generals as he has said are his men now, his people and serve him, he never says they serve their country, it’s him they serve, Listen to his words, his rhetoric and tell me you don’t hear a megalomaniac, trying to control everything around him and change our country to his image, go ahead tell me I am wrong. He is a megalomaniac, egotistical narcissist man, wrecking everything Obama put in place, as well as Bush’s and Clinton’s too. Why?

His Education Secretary is a fool and uneducated and inexperienced and wrecking the school system, in all ways she can and she can’t even answer simple questions on the American Education system, sad really. We are now closing in on almost 30 individuals being fired, resigning or leaving the Trump Administration in 14 months, how the hell do you explain that one? Tell me folks!

Here is my advice to Congress, both side the Senate and House, you better wake up and realize what is going on, we have no people in the State Department able to talk to many countries, the numbers are being reduced big time. The Administration is becoming a military one filled with Generals, then he is building a wall across America’s southern border . He is prejudiced against Hispanics and African American and women in general, He treats women like idiots and sexual objects to be used and abused and he is still President, come on what the hell is this?

Clinton had Monica Lewinsky, and he was impeached for it. Nixon sent a team of men into offices in the Watergate Tower and  did cover-ups and lied and he was impeached. Now we have Trump and the porn star, Trump isolating America from the world, him building a wall against Mexico and people go hehehehehe and hahahahaha! What is wrong with this picture folks? The saddest part of all of the above is Congress is currently a majority of Republicans, the President’s Party and they protect him. Thirteen Russians are Indicted by the special prosecutor, Manafort, Gates,Papadopoulos, and more all pleading guilty in the Russians probe.  Yet a Congressional Committee ruled by Republicans say no collusion with Russia occurred, sad indeed. We all know it did, yet they deny it why?He is firing, forcing to resign cabinet members like he has an endless supply of them to replace them, when in fact very few have the experience, education or abilities to fill the positions. He doesn’t folks, believe me and I ask this question to all who read my blog, would you want to work in a White House, where the Boss fires almost 30 people in 14 months time? I wouldn’t and being fired from such a highly public position would make your resume look very bad in the civilian world.






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