Elect Democrats now!

As we go through the middle of March 2018 it is apparent the Trump Administration is running on eggshells, as far as personnel goes. Many Cabinet Members are on the block can be fired with a tweet on Twitter  or in person. Sadly, so many of them give up their own jobs, and lives to serve their country and mainly Trump’s Administration, and they all seem to be failing in Trump’s view, sad.

What is next is the question, McMaster, Carson, Devos, even John Kelly all in positions of losing their jobs on a whim or feeling by Trump.  Then Trump says, he can find people to fill these jobs or openings in his cabinet and would have the pick of the top ten people for each position, I think not. Would you want to work for a man so temperamental and moody that at any time for job would be at stake? I know I wouldn’t thats for sure. These men and women have children and spouses and families to support and care for and on a whim, a mood, or a feeling or even an itch they can be without a job and worried about where there paychecks will come from, no thank you Mr. Trump keep your job. In my opinion if he called me up and said fill a post for me, I would rather say no thank you and save myself and my family the embarrassment of working for the worst president in American history. Your a sad excuse as a husband, a father and a boss or businessman and definitely as a President, Sir.

In the end we are living with a President the world doesn’t trust or respect. We are being withdrawn from world affairs and agreements, we are placing tariffs on countries we have no reason to, we lose cabinet Members weekly, and he still wants to build a wall, stupid. Mexico will never pay for that wall if he builds it, his cabinet secretaries are spending money like water and the Special Prosecutor and the Russia Investigation carries on still today. Thirteen Russians Indicted, Manafort, Gates, Popodoupolis ,Flynn and others plead guilty to lying and crimes. All associated with Trump’s  run for the Presidency and people go oh there is no proof, sorry but there is, right in this sentence. Sadly, the American people are either too lost and confused, not listening or being idiotic in many ways and need education.  It’s sad as hell, and Russia did interfere in the 2016 Election no doubts about. Sadly, it will take proof to get it out to the American Public in a correct way, or it won’t be believed. Sadly we have too many Jack Kingston’s, Ben Ferguson’s, who are die hard Trump supporters who will defend him even if you slap them in the face with the evidence which so many newscasters have done so far. It’s becoming crazy for the American people, to stand out here and listen to the crap that the Trump Administration is putting is out.

We have to deal with a Porn Star Actress Affair with our President also and his denying what all already believe and know. Sadly, Melania Trump has to put up with him as her husband and his infidelities are many and growing in number daily. Yet, Americans who are in our Electoral College voted this man President, sad! Chief of Staff Kelly must work under immense pressure each day wondering if he will have a job or not? he has to stop and go am I ok boss?

He has fired all the civilians around him who disagree with him, and he is replacing them with Generals where he can. He is putting in ex-CIA employees also  in his cabinet does it sound familiar folks I think it should, the american Government is beginning to look like Putin’s Russia Government, get the idea here. The danger in this is simple once the Cabinet parallels the Russian Government a coup of America can take place. Trump is paid for and bought by Ptin and his russian comrades, the money that won the election isn’t america it is russian. America is under attack not only outside of it’s borders but now, within its borders and government. Sadly, Americans are not listening  and he will continue on his way unless American stop him now. Richard Nixon was Impeached for Watergate and the break ins. CLinton for the affair with Lewinsky, and this President has combined collusion, obstruction or justice and infidelities a in his first 14 months and no articles of impeachment are drawn up why?  The Republicans I remind you control the House and Senate in America and they are protecting this man and denying he is doing anything, the facts say otherwise. Go to the Polls in November 2018, vote Democrat and remove the Republican protectors of a corrupt, con man President who is Republican now.  Elect Democrats now!




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