Revelations keep coming!

I tire of listening to the news each day and turn on my television with trepidation about what Donald Trump may do next. One revelation after another keeps coming, his lying to the American People is the biggest of them all, period.

Let’s start with July 2016, the Trump Tower Meeting, which included Russians and Trump’s son, Donald Jr., Paul Manafort and more. Why did the meeting occur?, who asked for the meeting?, what was there to gain by it?, get the emails on Hillary Clinton?

Sexual meetings, Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, hush money, fixers, court dates in California, COurt dates in New York. 13 Russians, indicted, Papadoulis, Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Special Prosecutor chasing Roger Stone and his associates, when is enough, enough America, when is it time for Congress to act?  LIe after lie, bold faced to the American people from a man they elected, and who is guilty of Collusion with Russia and Putin and Obstruction of Justice.

Collusion with Russia and the Trump people did happen and Trump knew it folks, I have no doubt about it at all at this stage. Answer the biggest question for me and you will know it too, who told the Russians where to spend the millions on ads? How did the Russians’ know where the so called Democratic Blue Belt was? If it wasn’t collusion folks, then tell me, when have you ever seen a country interfere in our elections to the tune of millions, for no reason? Never is the answer it’s collusion , you better believe it. Just because Trump thinks he can hide the money trail, doesn’t mean it won’t be found it will believe me.

Obstruction of Justice started with Comey’s firing, Yates firing, threats to the Justice Department still happening now 16 months later. Threats against the Attorney General, the Assistant Attorney General, for pursuing the Investigation, and the Special Prosecutor Mueller himself. Sad, sad, sad. I remind you Americans that Andrew Johnson was Impeached for less, Richard Nixon for less and William, J, CLinton for less also.  Clinton boldly looked at the American people and said he didn’t have sex with Monica Lewinsky, bam, Impeached. Nixon said I am not a crook, I didn’t know about any break ins. Bam Impeached. Yet this President, is allowed to boldly look at the American People and lie to us about so many things and he is still not Impeached why?

I tell you this my fellow Americans, if Congress doesn’t write Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump, then everyone  who has a  seat in the House of Representatives and the Senate should be replaced, in the mid-term election of 2018. They are not doing the job we put them there to do, which is work for the people who elected them us. Their protecting this President is a shameful thing, for them and is humiliating and embarrassing us as Americans across the world. Aren’t you tired of waking up each day and seeing headlines about sex scandals, seeing arguments over whether we need a wall between us and Mexico on our southern border and being told it is being built now when all it is being is repaired? More Lies! We don’t need a wall between us and Mexico folks we need tougher laws and more border patrol agents but no damn wall. Wake up one hasn’t been there for 247 years, why now?  Stupid promise is why it is being even discussed and attempted, he promised his followers to do it so he is gonna do it, right, wrong stop him!.

He holds meeting to stop gun violence in America after school massacres, and says I am gonna ban Bump Stocks and get tougher on gun laws and with the NRA and we shouldn’t be afraid of them. Two weeks later the NRA sends in people to talk t him andhe changes his mind, and says no more on banning stocks or stopping military weapons from hitting the streets. Money talks don’t it folks, the NRA paid millions into his getting elected, so guess what he wants reelected and needs their bucks, so he stopped all action against guns and the NRA. Liar is what he is.

He lied to the American People about his health big time, dictating a letter to his doctor and making him sign it. Now we have no idea what the hell his health is do we, and can we believe  Admiral Ronny Jackson his so called Doctor in the White House, didn’t his statement on Trump’s health sound just like his private physicians did?  He told Jackson what to do too and say, and then offered his the Head of The Veterans Administration job as a reward. Tit for Tat folks, it’s how Donald Trump has worked all his life. Sadly, we are at a point it is time for him to go, and his die hard supporters, have to be hit between the eyes to see it clearly, or they will keep parroting everything he says and supporting him. It’s sad!

I have seen many supporters of Trump, come on CNN and Fox News, Paris Dennard, Steve Coates, Ben Ferguson, Kingston,  and more,  even Hannity, parroting Trump, supporting him blindly, and defending him and his actions in all ways. Blindly marching to the tune of a con artist and liar, and never thinking twice about how idiotic they sound to the world. They cut off and interrupt others who talk the truth about Trump and try to shut down the truth about his Obstruction of Justice and Collusion, but they just make themselves louder and look stupid doing so. It’s sad.

Here is a prediction by me, I firmly believe and predict, Donald J. Trump will be Impeached or Resign far before  his term is over. He has no choice really and if Congress doesn’t do it now and get it done it will be done after the midterm elections. If it isn’t done and he doesn’t go, then the American People are to blame for all the damage and destruction he is doing to our country and in the world’s eyes. Wake up Americans!.




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