The Russia Investigation is Far from Done!

As evidenced by the questions which were leaked last night to News Agencies across the country, the investigation into collusion and obstruction of justice is far from over. The question are interesting in many ways, they are driving at one major question in the end, what did Donald J, Trump know about the Russian Involvement in his election to President.  I can tell you one major question that needs to be asked for sure, How did The Russians, know where to spend all the money they did, in the so called democratic Blue Belt areas, if they were not told so by The Trump Campaign?

Special Prosecutor  Robert Mueller, has serious questions about all of it, from what was a russian lawyer doing in Trump Tower with other russians, meeting with Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. Paul Manafort, among others on July 16th, 2016? Why were they there, what did they get or give and what was their intentions and what did Trump’s” people do with it all?

On top of all these questions 50 or so released to the public now, comes the biggest question of all, Why did the Russians get involved in our election process in the first place? Why did they choose to ack Donald Trump and why to the tune of millions of dollars, what was in it for the russians? Do the russians and Putin have blackmail tapes or recordings of Trump doing something stupid in Russia or not and if so what will it take for Putin to release them and use them against Trump? The American People want to know for sure!

As Trump spends billions on a wall between America and Mexico, and wastes time having rallies around the country, screaming No Collision, No Obstruction, no crimes, Mueller quietly sits back collecting data and information on the Russians, On the meeting in Trump Tower on Trump Obstructing the Investigation into Flynn and firing Sally Yates and Comey and so much more. 13 Russians are under indictment folks, 13! Manafort, Gates,Papadoulis, Flynn and many more making deals with the Special Prosecutor and turning evidence in. Talking as Trump cries foul like a school boy in a damn school playground! Sad!

A thought for all of  America right now, this man, Trump went around saying he belongs on Mount Rushmore, no he doesn’t he belongs in an American jail or prison. he’s corrupt as all get out this guy, He conned his way into the Oval Office and the Presidency, but he has no idea or care of the cost to his own family and children. He has put at stake, Donald Trump Jr. Jared Kushner, his daughter Ivanka and so much more. Doesn’t he realize the reality of the position he has put his son and daughter in as well as his son in law and his grandchildren in the future? He has stained all of them with his carelessness and crimes of Obstruction of Justice, and Collusion and money laundering too.

I think what needs to be said is simple, he protests too much,  no man protests that much if he isn’t guilty of something. He won’t sit down with the Special Prosecutor, because any lawyer with two cents of brains will advise him not to. He will commit perjury no doubt about it, he can’t control his temper or his mouth he spouts off big time. In the end I honestly believe he will have only two choices, 1) Be Impeached and Removed from Office or 2) Resign and go home!. It’s all that is left for him now!.






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