Trump’s Mistake will cost lives!

President Donald J. Trump pulled the United States out of The Iran Nuclear Agreement at 2;25 pm eastern standard time, at less then 15 minutes later, the Iranians, are lining up to attack Israel, if this happens millions of lives will be lost in a Mid-East War that will be horrific. Sadly, it is gearing up already, because our so called President is a selfish, foolish man, guided by War Hawks he has recently hired.  Soon enough the battles wil begin that will destroy the Middle East and spread from Iran, to Israel, the Syria and Saudi Arabia too. The Middle East is about to become an endless war zone and the American President has no idea what the hell he is really doing.

Sadly, Iran will more than likely now have Nukes in a short period of time, and they are not afraid to attack Israel or anyone else. The truth is these war hawks Trump has hired will lead us to more than likely get attacked at some point or we shall have to go help and defend Israel or others as Iran begins to make a run for power once more. Israel is one of the biggest allies we have in the world and we are the biggest defender of them as a people and country in this world, we can not allow them to be attacked and damage and kill Israelis in anyway at all. Sadly, that is what is coming next, and all can see it as Iran already is putting troops in position to do so.

France, The United Kingdom and Germany all told Trump not to back out of this agreement and he did not listen to their advice at all, he just stepped forward and did it, and not all of the Middle East is gearing up for what can become one of the biggest war zones in the history or the planet. Trump believes for some reason he knows better than everyone else, and in the end we shall now see, if he can lead the United States on a rogue stance in this area and handle the pressure and guilt over the millions that are about to be killed. Iran has no hesitation in attacking Israel I am sure and they will do so at their convenience I am sure, then what? Does Israel scream for help and we the Americans must answer their cry for help and more than likely try to bomb the Iranians out of existence. I remind Trump, and his backers and Israel of the numbers you are dealing with taking the chance you just did by pulling out.

I didn’t expect any other action or decision from Trump, he pulled us out of Nafta, The Paris  Environmental Accords and is isolating America from the world one step at a time, just as Vladimir Putin and his Russians want. This is just what Putin wants, for America to be isolated and on the outside looking in as Iran attacks the nations around them. A war in the Middle East makes Putin and Russia, happy and gets them an opening to go in and team up with Iran and help them become a Nuke Power. The saddest part of this, is Trump does not realize how bad this will be and when the wars break out and the killing starts, what he just started was a third world war. We now dangle close to the edge of World War 3 and a  war being played out with Nuclear Weapons and massive destruction of many, many countries and  millions upon millions of people. How does the United States now stop what is coming when he broke our word to the World and Iran on this one? How will Kim Jung Un look at this and the Russians too?  Is America’s word any good in the world now with Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and all Middle East countries? Can they believe anything we say now?

The Destruction that is Donald J. Trump and his decisions and his infidelities and more, are dragging us down in the World. His mistakes are deadly, dangerous and terrible. I pray that at some point, the American People wake up and realize it before it is too late to fix all of it. It is up to the American People and Congress, The Senate and House who speak for citizens, to step up and put a stop to Trump and his madness. Call you Senator, call your Representatives, tell them to Impeach Trump before Nuke Bombs start flying left and right. His Mistake is dangerous, deadly and will  cost many lives, and  more American lives then even the ones lost in fighting the Nazis in World War 2. Why more simple, they didn’t use Nukes back then, except for the one we used to end it all. Still look at the numbers in Japan from the bombs dropped there and think of the power and destruction increased by at least 100 times, hitting Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East in General. Trump’s mistake is huge!




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