One Word, WHEN!!!!!!!

Each day I wake up and more revelations come out about how Donald J. Trump got the White House and the Presidency. It’s a horror story in so many ways, collision with the russians is in my mind proven now, by all the money that flowed into Michael Cohen’s accounts. Russian money flowed through Cohen to Trump, and Putin paid to get Trump elected, in my mind there is no denying it.

When was the last time an American colluded with a foreign enemy of the United States, say hello to Benedict Arnold and the British, the Revolutionary War days.  Arnold had no choice back then, he had to go to England and live his life out there, in shame and he was even ignored by the English in the end and died a lonely man, crying himself to death for betraying America. Donald Trump is indeed the second Benedict Arnold i American History, colluding with Russians, laundering money, obstructing justice and so much more. Yet, Congress, does not write articles of Impeachment as of yet on this man, when will they react?

Andrew Johnson was Impeached for less, as was William J Clinton, even Richard Nixon did less than Trump has and no one moves to Impeach him, when will it happen, when?

When, will Congress stand up in both the Senate and House of Representatives and do something when? When will they grow a set and realize Trump is in fact a traitor and a destructive force to America.When? 

 When will the News Agencies like CNN, CBS, NBC. ABC and others call for Trump’s Impeachment, and realize no matter what he does he is a walking traitor to his own country, he sold his own self out to the russians through Cohen and he is compromised no doubt about it. How long and when will the calls reach the ear of Congress and when will the Senate and the House of Representatives finally put aside the partisan politics and do their jobs and Impeach Trump? When? I can only hope when comes very soon he is destroying America, one move at a time, when will Congress protect the people who elected them to office and do their jobs and Impeach him, when!


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