Happy Mother’s Day and Fight Cancer!

Sunday May 13th, 2018 the World is celebrating Mother’s Day which is a special day for all women in the world and should be for all period. Women bravely give birth every second of everyday, bring new life into the world and perpetuating mankind in all ways.  Without women, mankind would not exist and to all who are Mothers out there in the world I say Happy Mother’s Day.

Like myself who is now older than many, I am now 62, my mother passed away long ago now in 1991 at age 59. Cancer took her, as it took me Father and Step-father before her and her father in 1971. Cancer seems to be passed down from one generation to the next n my family, never it seems missing a generation so far as I know. We fought it with my Father, we Fought it with my Step father, we fought it with my mother,  the first girl I kissed fought it till she hit 60 years old, from the age of 18. My first wife fought breast cancer and beat it, my second wife has it now stage four and into her bones and tissues and blood stream and keeps fighting it. I fought it as lung cancer myself in 2013 and I was lucky they found it, at stage one and took a lobe and one third of my right lung and I survive still today five years later. But I always am grateful for the time I have with those I love and have loved and always will be. Cancer doesn’t care folks, if you white, black, yellow, brown or any other color it just attacks all of us. We fight the best we can and Organizations and Doctors and Scientist all fight it and look for ways to stop it’s progress yet no one has yet. Give more folks, Fight Cancer, the lives you save could be yours, your families or you loved ones, Give and Help Kill Cancer Please!

That done said, onward I go, I am writing a story, a new one and I am over 10,000 words and growing folks. I write when I can and yes I try to sell them if I can on Amazon:

My Author’s Page;https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0 is Here!

What I am told is the Best one I did is here:

Now there are others I did if you look some poems, and some mysteries too.

I price them at .99 cents a copy and 1.00 too. I will never get rich unless they suddenly sell like hotcakes, and I know they won’t, because few like shorts.

BUt Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in the World and May your Day be filled with love and family!


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