Act Now, Impeach!

Let’s have a little discussion on why The Republican House and Senate, won’t act or write an Article Of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump. The way I see it is the crimes are there from Collusion to Obstruction of Justice , yet they don’t move to write the Articles, why?

Each Republican in office currently, kowtows to Trump and is afraid of him and afraid to Impeach him, why? The way I see it is simple, they fear Mike Pence taking over as President more than they fear Donald J. Trump’s stupidity and illegal acts.

Americans must know by now, all you have to do is follow the money trails and the Special Prosecutor, Mr. Mueller is doing that now and it all flowed through Michael Cohen’s Office and hands. Millions upon millions flowed through those channels, and the Russians spent million upon millions in the Blue Belt of America in the 2016 election to get Trump in Office, so how did they know, where to spend all those millions on ads, simple Trump’s people told them, collusion proven.

Obstruction of Justice is even simpler to prove, start with Trump asking Comey to give Flynn a break and not pursue him. Then go to the Comey firing, the Yates firing, Flynn Resigning and cooperating with the Special Prosecutor, 13 Russians indicted, Manafort indicted, Gates Indicted, the trail leads right to Trump’s front door. The Trump Tower meeting in July 2016, the Russian Lawyer and other russians  attending it. Do you rally believe Trump knew nothing about that meeting in his own towers, with his own son and son-in law attending it? I don’t and won’t ever believe Trump didn’t know of it, he had to ok it or his sin and son in law wouldn’t have been there or set it up. No one in Trump world does anything without Trump knowing it, period. Sadly, for some reason Congress does not react to all of the above, why?

Then on top of it all we have the lurid tales of adultery and sex following Trump, from the 16 accusers  of sexual harassment, to the Stormy Daniels Affair and karen McDougal Affair too. We have 130,000 grand paid to Stormy and 150,000 grand to McDougal, all put in motion and handled and aid by way of Michael Cohen, Trump’s Attorney and Fixer. When will this all come to a head and how close is the Special Prosecutor to closing his case, compiling his files, and folders and handing them to Congress, for action? I am hoping as we head into year two of the Investigation that Mueller is close to finishing it, for the good of the country. America needs to be freed from Donald J. Trump’s stupidity and selfishness and crude behaviors and manners too.

I ask why Congress, especially the Republican run and controlled Senate and House has no balls to write Articles of Impeachment on Trump? Why are they protecting him and not taking him down?

Andrew Johnson was Impeached for less, Richard Nixon was Impeached for some of the same shit and William Jefferson CLinton was Impeached for lying to the American People, Trump has out done all of them in criminal acts in office and has accepted money from other nations as President. Isn’t it time, your Senators and Representatives got off their asses and started doing what you pay them to do, protect the American People and America as they swore to do when they raised their right hands! Get off you lazy asses, and do you jobs Senators and Representatives, we have never had a bigger problem, or traitor to America in the Oval Office in American History than Donald J, Trump, he is bought by and works for Putin and the Russians

The last American Traitor ran out of America was Benedict Arnold, I am telling you DOnald J. Trump is America’s second Benedict Arnold and needs to e rode out of the country on a rail and tar and feathered. The Second Benedict Arnold is Donald J. Trump!





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