Vote out the lazy Representatives and Senators

It seems to me, there is a problem with Congress, that has been a fact, long before Donald J. Trump became President, they are lazy! They sit on Capital Hill and collect huge pay checks and benefits and do nothing for the American People who Elected them! It’s sad really, they are so slow to react to anything, that they have allowed Trump to destroy America’s status in the world, from World Leader to an also ran, which is falling quickly to a third world nation. He isolated us from the world as one of his first missions, pulled us from The Paris Environmental Accord first. Next is NAFTA and Trade Agreements, he is isolating us from. He has placed Tariffs on imports, angering China and Canada, Europe, and others.  All while lying to the America People left and right, about affairs he has had with one a porno star, two Karen Mcdougal, ho whe paid both to keep quiet before the Presidential Election of 2016, so he could win.

Meetings with the Russians in Trump Tower by his own son and Manafort, Kushner , in 2016. Why? What For? Now we know, he wanted dirt on Hillary Rodham CLinton to beat her right? Well, he got none but exposed his own lack of confidence and insecurities doing do! Meetings with other nations to get money, Qatar, contributions from Russians for Ads, suddenly being paid for, placed and run in the Blue Belt States. How did the Russians even know where the Blue Belt States were, simple Trump and his people directed them there!

It’s a sad world today because of Trump’s election to the Presidency. America is falling by the wayside, economically, politically in status and other nations laughed at his inability to be diplomatic and deal with others, his crudeness and rudeness abound daily. Yet Congress allows him to continue in office, this is a lazy, sad assed Congress for sure. When something happens he doesn’t like, Trump stands up and cries like a baby saying he is being attacked and they put spies in his campaign staff right, bullshit! He condemns his own FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice, all now led by people he picked and appointed, because they find his crimes, and point them out and charge his people with what they did. Congress still does react, sad!

How much further will Congress allow him to go, someone please tell me! He is the biggest con man and crook and illegal President in American History and people still defend him and Congress doesn’t act to Impeach him, why? Need I remind all of America, prior Presidents were Impeached and had Articles of Impeachment written on them for far less offenses. Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and WIlliam Clinton were all Impeached far far less, and Congress reacted to save our democracy, and Republic then, shouldn’t they do do now?

A little more to talk about here, I will show you the stupidity of Trump, He believes he can sit down in a Summit with Kim Jung Un of North Korea and convince him to give up nuclear weapons he already has? You have to be joking me right, Kim Jung Un may be a Dictator, but even he is not stupid enough to give up his nukes, anymore than Trump will stop the War Exercises with South Korea, that we have been holding for what seems forever now. It won’t happen folks, nor will Trump win the Noble Peace Prize, he is too stupid to.

He has done nothing spectacular, or different or great for America, and he never will. He lines his own pockets in anyway he can. Congress should react, the best way to stop Trump and cripple him is simple, get his son, and his daughter for crimes against America. Donald Trump JR. led the meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians, collusion happened. He called his father about it too it’s in the phone records he says he can’t remember who he called that’s crap. Arrest and charge DOnald Trump Jr. for lying to Congress and colluding with Russia.

Get Jared Kushner out of the White House fast Congress. He has no right to be acting as an Ambassador to Israel, or any other country, he has no security clearance at all and can’t get one. Yet he sits in the White House each day, living off of America, and has no Security Clearance but has access to classified Information any way? You take Jared Kushner out you take Ivanka with him, there goes Ivanka and Trump is an island alone. That’s how you get Trump, other wise you are wasting time and playing silly games and in the meantime this President who believes he is above the law keeps churning away and tearing down the Republic and the Democracy Americans have built and established.

One thing Donald J. Trump has been all his life is a con man. He has con millions of people out of their money, especially the contractors he has used to build his empire. he bought supplies and used contractors for labor and paid them pennies on the dollar and got away with it all! Sad and this is what we have for a President? When will Congress React?

If in the future he is not Impeached or forced to Resign, then Congress has failed to do their job also and should be turned over. Vote them out of office and force them to react. Call your Representatives, your Senators, tell them to react and write Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump, for Crimes and Misdemeanors Against America, for Colluding with an Enemy Power, and for Obstruction of Justice, he is Guilty on all counts folks, this is the most guilty, corrupt President in America’s 247 year old History! Charge Trump, charge Trump Jr., Remove Kushner and lets correct the problem in Washington, DC, Vote out the lazy Representatives and Senators who won’t write Articles of Impeachment on Trump, make them react now to save America.




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