Congress is afraid to react and that is a shame!

Seems to me, money flowed to the Trump campaign from many sources as we are finding out now. The Russians, Qatar now, is caught, where else did Trump get money from and why?

Also, seems to me, not only were there foolish Americans who voted for Trump and against Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the fears they hid of her winning, are going to come to light I am sure soon. Trump lost the popular vote in the 2016 election by millions of votes, yet somehow he got the Electoral Votes to win, how do you figure that one?

Putin and The Russians feared Hillary and so did Qatar to the tune of millions upon millions of money, funny huh!. Trump JR. meets with russians in Trump Tower and then also meets with Qatar’s, why?  Why were these nations willing to pay to keep Hillary from the Presidency and hand it to Trump? I am hoping we will find out soon enough from Mueller’s Investigation, which is breaking down doors left and right, to find the answers one at a time.

So we now have two Trump Tower meetings, Russian and with Qatar. Then we have  Manafort, Gates, Popadoulis, all indicted and two out of three pleading guilty to lying. Then Michael Flynn is caught lying too and must resign. Trump then goes on to fire, Sally Yates, James Comey, attacks his own Attorney General constantly, because he recused himself from the Russia Investigation. 13 Russians are indicted as part of the investigation and yet, no Articles of Impeachment yet, what is wrong here?  Now we have not only Russians in Trump Tower, but also people from Qatar offering up money, in the form of millions of dollars for ads. Come on, when will the revelations cease, I think never at this rate, this is the most corrupt President in the HIstory of America, period.  He lies to the American People and the world daily with a straight face boldy and no one in Congress reacts to it or does a damn thing, I think it’s time someone investigated those who are protecting Trump in the Senate and House of Representatives. THis President has done more Colluding, and Obstruction of Justice and lying than any President in American History, and yet no one moves to Impeach and remove him from office, why?

The House says oh no proof of Collusion and ends their Investigation and than the Senate comes out and says collision happened and so has Obstruction of Justice and lying and money laundering. SO there we have it folks,, it happened and yet people still stand by this President and protect him like he is a gift from God or something. The truth is he is a New York made mobster and con man who has fleeced the American people out of millions upon millions and contractors too. For many years and still today while in office he is accepting money from other nations even as President and getting away with it. Yet no one moves to stop him? Why?

For most of his life Donald trump has ripped off the blue collar workers of America by low balling them and refusing to pay full price for labor and supplies to build his buildings and casinos and golf courses. He paid contractors pennies on the dollar for the works and supplies he got, and he got away with it, because everyone feared the great Donald J. Trump. here’s the funny thing though in all of this, now he is in deeper trouble than anything else in his life, all because he could keep his pants up!

Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and now the contestant from the Apprentice all are suing his ass and have him in court for what he did to them. His treatment of women is atrocious and he is a walking pig on two feet who touches women and treats them with total disrespect and got away with it for a long time. So, here is one for you folks, it took three women to grow balls enough to stand up to Trump and take him to court, and COngress still hasn’t grown any balls as of yet to write one Article of Impeachment, now that’s funny isn’t it?

His personal Attorney and Fixer is indicted and being investigated in New York for money laundering and other crimes. The same man who paid Stormy Daniels 130,000 dollars to shut her up, 16 days before the 2016 election, the same one who arranged 150,000 to Karen McDougal too I will bet. One catch for Michael Cohen here though, while Trump as President can Pardon Federal Crimes he can not Pardon State crimes in New York, so guess what Mr. Cohen you will go to prison for it all. The question at this time is simple, how soon before Cohen realizes it all and figures out it will be saying goodbye to his family and wife and kids, to save Trump’s ass! S to Michael Cohen I say this, you better wake up, because Trump can’t prevent or save you from New York laws and charges, make a deal with New York, talk on Trump, and then make a deal with Mueller to save yourself, or say bye to the wife and kids. Of course it is up to you Mr. Cohen, you can go to prison and see how long you can survive  there, before you become someone’s bitch!

Well now, all of the above said I want to say one more thing, Congress is afraid of Donald J. Trump and his tirades sacre them. Now is you ask them that, they will say we don’t fear he President at all, we dont care if he blows steam and gets mad. It’s true they don’t care, and they won’t react, because they fear Mike Pence more than Trump. Pence is a religious fanatic who if he gets the office knows how to write laws and bills and get them through Congress. So, Pence is a bigger fear to Congress than Trump at this time.

The biggest thing here folks is this, even with all of the above that Trump has done, and more like isolating us from the world, his staunch supporters will stand by him like blind followers screaming and chanting his name as a hero. They fight against facts, and deny everything that has been proven as facts. Here is a little more for you all, as a Veteran myself who is an Honorably Discharged one who has four Honorable discharges between three branches of service and serve 16 years, Trump disgusts me. He is a Draft Dodger, who cried my feet hurt, and got away with not being drafted, due to bone spurs!, Now that is funny, how much money did Trump’s daddy pay the Doctors to give him a letter each time to avoid being drafted, you tell me!

All said and done, Donald J, Trump needs to be Impeached, because he would never resign on his own, he’s stubborn and stupid and doesn’t care what the American People think or Congress for that matter. Each night he sleeps in one room, one bed in the White House in one wing as his wife sleeps in another and he laughs at Congress and the American People, and he gets away with it, because Congress, both sides, Senate and House, don’t have anyone with any balls, backbone or power to stand up and say enough is enough lets Impeach his ass and move on, they are chickens! Sadly, America’s status in the world is suffering for it in all ways. Congress is afraid to react and that is a shame!

One Last thing I want to say to all Americans out there, don’t you think, you should have the President you choose by your votes in office, not the one Russia wanted?





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