Trump/ Un Meeting! Don’t Go There!

President Donald J. Trump believes he can meet with Kim Jun Un and make him denuke his country.  It’s not gonna happen Donald! Listen up, when your a second world nation and suddenly discover you can build nukes, and hit targets halfway across the world or all the way across the world, you don’t just suddenly agree to destroy and obliterate the one thing that puts you on the World Stage. If your dumb enough to meet with Kim Jung Un and put him on the world stage and raise his status in the world, without absolute proof he will denuke, don’t do it! If you do, you will be the laughing stock of the world!.

As the time closes in for this so called Summit with Kim Jung Un, you better realize he is not an idiot. He is using you to put himself on the world map, because he has nukes, if you give him the platform and exposure he wants, he doesn’t care what you want he has won. If you can’t see it Donald Trump then you should take your blinders off, and stop running for a Nobel Peace Prize you will never earn or a place on Mount Rushmore you could never earn. Your not in the Class of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln or Roosevelt, nor are in the same class as the Bushes, Clinton, or Obama, you are one fool if you try this.

It’s this simple Donald Trump, would you give up our nukes, if you were him, do you really think he cares if you threaten him with destruction, he knows you won’t do it, for you will be starting a nuke war and destroy the planet. He’s not stupid, he is laughing at you and just wants a platform on the world stage and the damn sanctions lifted on his country. He will win, you will lose, why because any step that gives him a platform on the world stage makes you lose period, no matter what deal you broker, understand now!. Don’t’ go there Donald J. Trump, for in the end you will look like the biggest loser in the world and in American History.

As it is right now, you are about 40 votes in my opinion from being Impeached anyway! You crime of Collusion with the Russians are about to be proven, the Obstruction of Justice crimes are already in the open, the buying of the Presidency and the Russian money is already publicly known. 16 women accusers coming after you, Stormy Daniels winning her case against you, Karen McDougual speaking out, all sad to see from a President.

13 Russians Indicted, Manafort, Gates, Popadoulis , Flynn, guilty pleas left and right, Roger Stone about to be indicted next, your own son, lied to Congress to protect you and yet you persist in creating lies to cover the truth. Why? Foolish Pride I guess, or ignorance take your choice!. Michael Cohen your friend and Attorney is about to go prison and lose his law license for you and spend years away from his family, don’t you care at all? You put your son-in-law Kushner at risk and by doing so you put Ivanka at risk too, because what do you think happens to her and your grandkids if he goes down? Are you that selfish and ignorant that you don’t see what your doing to those in your immediate family and all around you?

Stop, Resign, get out now while you have a chance, before Impeachment Articles are written up and you are forced out. Save some face and be a man, not a child running from what you did, be honest and get out! Don’t go There, you will be sorry you did, look at Nixon, CLinton and go back in history and look at Andrew Johnson, all did less then you have and were Impeached, you will go next.

Don’t Go There!



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