Please Give so more will live! 3 Things!

I am currently doing three things in my life at once. First and foremost I take care of my wife, who has breast cancer and is stage 4, and has had it spread to her bone and then back out into her tissues. Day by day I do all I can to keep her going, feeding her, watching her shower, helping her dress and taking her to Doctors and more. We search for solutions or possibilities, to stopping or ridding her of this cancer. We have tried the best hospitals in America, with phone calls and over the internet, there is no miracle cure for breast cancer folks, not yet as far as we can tell. I have looked for trials, of any kind, called and visited Sloan Kettering in NYC. Yale New Haven in New Haven , CT, tried contacting Cancer Treatment Centers of America also, so far no luck. Doctors have contacted Boston also, no luck as of yet. So we take one day at a time, and go slow and pray for some miracle soon.

The Second thing I am doing is writing, I write many things, blogs, I write them on politics, Trump, events or on my books for advertisements. I also am working on a book/ story right now that sits at 16,000 word and growing. It is basically a story on a mutant Indian who is an ancestor of a two great Chiefs of the Nez Perce tribe of Oregon. I incorporate the real into my stories for background and then expand from there, and make it a modern world story of interest I hope. I am developing it and writing it slowly as i go along and each part is like a scene in aplay almost, so I wil see how it goes as I go along now.

The Third thing I do is watch politics and developments in Trump’s world so tp say. America, America, God Shed it’s Grace on Thee, famous words indeed!. Yet the Election of Donald J. trump to the Presidency of the United States has been nothing if not a grand embarrassment and an agony to the world and Americans in general. He Isolates us, kills agreements and health care for all, gives tax breaks to the rich and lies daily to the American people about at least 12 times per day on average. Now if you think I am full of shit here, listen to him each day and then listen to his lawyer the famous former Mayor of New York City, Mr. Rudy Giuliani  who recently said on Fox News and CNN and other stations, ” We are mounting a publicity campaign, against Robert Mueller and The Russia Investigation, because it will be up to the Public to support or not support Donald J. Trump when the Congress votes to Impeach or Not Impeach him! That statement should tell you all you need to know, Trump’s own lawyer, believes the Special Prosecutor has enough evidence against him to recommend to Congress to Impeach him! Rudy said so publically, now Congress, should listen don’t ya think?

Anyway, life goes on daily and each of us have our struggles in life we must overcome and survive and we do so. But if you want to help those in need, who really need it, DOnate to the American Cancer Society and help those who are researching and fighting cancer worldwide and here at home in the States.  Please Give so more will live!


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