It’s coming Mr. President Trump!!!!!!

Daily I listen to the news, whether it is CNN, MSNBC or Fox, all is the same, Trump says this about the Russia Investigation, he says that about MUeller, he says he can’t be tried or charged with Obstruction of JUstice nor can he commit it. Daily all the turmoil is happening in Washington and on the news as news Teams from every channel have to cover Trump’s involvement, why?

He claims no collusion with Russia, but has russian money funneled in for ad campaigns in the 2016 election, that targeted the Blue Belt, how the hell did the russians know where the damn belt belt was, guess!

I know nothing about the letter on Air Force One my son wrote it. Then well I advised my son in writing the letter, now I wrote it. Kinda like as the Trump Turns tain’t it? Why would he admit to writing the letter on the plane after all this time, simple folks, he thinks he can’t be charged with Obstruction over it, but is also worried his son Donald Jr. will be charged with lying to Congress.  Sorry Mr. Trump but, I don’t see how Donald Jr. can’t be charged for lying to congress, both the house and senate, he will be sooner or later.

Everyday, something hits the air waves on radio and tv, of what was done for Trump to win the Presidency, it’s sad anyway. Recently, the President wants to shift the blame for this mess and a lot of other stuff to his predecessor President Obama. All I have to say to this attempt is this, President Obama wasn’t charged with anything, he wasn’t under investigation, he didn’t lie each and everyday to the American People, you are! George W. Bush was charged either or looked at in such a manner as you are, and I was no big fan of George W. either, but wow man, neither of them, Obama or Bush did anywhere the illegal and stupid acts you have. Then when people point out the facts and you can’t wave your finger at Bush or Obama you tend to waddle around in a frenzy and attack Hillary Rodham Clinton, time and time again, all as distraction tactics and to buy you more time in office.

I am waiting President Trump, for your so called Summit with Kim Jung Un. I know for a fact, he is gonna make you look like a pansy and asshole and a fool. You have no political experience, no abilities and in the end you will fail. You think paying for Kim Jung Un’s room in a  hotel at 6 grand a night is the way to go to impress him, hell no. What makes you think that once he has now achieved Nuke Status he will destroy it all and disarm just like that, nope sorry. UN is gonna get what he wants, a seat on the world order, a chance to be recognized by The United States and the World as a world power. Your handing him what he wants you idiot, and at no time is he offering anything except a fake bombing of a so called missile launch site. This is sad if you sit down with Un, Trump you are lowering America and raising North Korea in the world order. He only wants the sanctions lifted and to be recognized and your handing it to him, sad.

In the meantime, Mueller will continue his investigation, compiling evidence of collusion, obstruction of justice and money laundering. There is no place to hide Donald Trump no way to avoid the truth when it comes for you. As it continues you are destroying the lives of many people just to sit in the Oval Office, lets see now, there’s Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Bill Gates,Manafort,Roger Stone who will fall also, then you have also destroyed your own children’s lives for the future, Donald Jr. will go for lying to Congress, Jared will go for money laundering and thus your daughter Ivanka will go down in flames with him. All so you could be President right? Sad, sad sad!

You lawyers want to argue a President can’t obstruct justice, but you better look at history and past Impeachments first. Obstruction of Justice was brought against NIxon and Clinton and as to Johnson maybe not not sure. The fact is your will be charged with Obstruction of Justice and Collusion.In such an investigation as this one, a key to it all is the money, how it came to the campaign, how it was used and where it came from, it’s all being followed and dug up Mr. Trump. DO you think the Russians are going to protect you from the law, they won’t.They got what they wanted a puppet in the White House, that’s all they wanted. It’s amazing how you never say a bad word about Putin, Russia or what they are doing in the world, blinders or pay back for their help to get in the White House, which is it? I have seen this a sit developed so far, you fired some good people just to have your way, but like Richard Nixon you ran dead into things you won’t do, because there are limits aren’t there? You fire, Sessions , you won’t find a replacement and Congress told you not to, because they won’t approve a replacement. Try to fire Rosenstein and Sessions will step in and resign also. So the third in line will have to run the case. So that won’t work for you either will it, so it’s always back to distract, avoid and deny and in the end hide. Once Mueller finishes Mr. Trump you better hope your apartment in Trump Tower is available to hide in for the rest of your life, and you are not tried for treason against America. You will end up like Richard Nixon, alone, cast aside, and disgraced, because you did it to yourself. So keep lying, keep avoiding, keep pointing fingers at others, keep playing dumb games. In the end the Lady with the Two scales will make it balance out and Justice shall bite you in the ass! It’s coming!!!

Keep throwing the pardons out and giving em like candy at a candy factory. It’s just more evidence against you as people figure it out you are doing so just to send messages to the ones under indictment and charges that you have the pardon power and will hand them one. Go ahead, for they are the small fish, your the shark and your the target. No you can not sit in wait and hand pardons out and get away with it sooner or later, you’ll be the one charged, indicted, or Impeached and guess what, It’s coming!





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