Presidential Pardons/ No Way

This can be found under The Constitution Article two. The Power of Pardon covers criminal acts against the United States that are on a the federal level except in the case of Impeachment. Listen up Trump here is the deal, If you attempt to pardon yourself you will be impeached anyway and if you do or dont, they are going to impeach you anyway.

You qualify for Impeachment simply by conspiring with a  foreign nation, Russia period to take over and control the outcome of the 2016 election, thus colluding or collusion as it is being called is a traitorous act against the United States Government.

Next: Obstruction of Justice, is any act on behalf of the President to stop, interfere, reroute or change the path of a legal matter in such a way as to prevent it from being prosecuted. So you talking to James Comey to save Michael Flynn from prosecution fits it well, as well as the firing of James Comey and Sally Yates and your lying to the American People on a daily basis. Then add in the two or three times or more you have tried to get Attorney General Sessions to put himself back into the Russia Investigation and you have full outright Obstruction of Justice.

I don’t know what you or your attorneys are thinking, but I can guarantee if you attempt to pardon yourself, Michael Flynn, George Papadapolis , Bill Gates, Roger Stone, your son Donald Trump JR., Paul Manafort, or others involved and indicted by the Russia Investigation, Impeachment will sound like an atomic bomb at your front door and take you down.

I understand how you got the Presidency well now and many americans don’t as of yet, but I do. Russia, Putin, many rubles and deals you made to get elected all exist and are being found daily. Your a Russian Puppet Trump, bought and paid for by Putin and the Russians to take America down a notch in anyway you can from inside. Sadly, not many Americans fully understand it as of yet, but they will soon enough. You sir should change your name and handle to Comrade Trump! For that is who you are and you should be tarred and feathered and rode out of Washington and the country on a rail!.

Comrade Trump is the second Benedict Arnold in American History and sadly he is in the White House. You are a  draft dodger who was given a deferment on the basis of bone spurs in your feet. the same feet you spend days and numerous hour on playing golf and having a good time. Your daddy must have paid those doctors very well back then. he kept you at home because you were and are a chicken even today.  In the end Mr. Trump go ahead and pardon yourself if you think you can, and I will watch as Congress Impeaches you big time and then drives you and your family and cohorts out of the country in disgrace. It’s coming watch and see!

For those in Congress, wake up, if you don’t start impeachment soon, you will all lose your jobs come November 2018 anyway. The country and those of us who understand what is happening will vote all of you out of office.  So if I were a republican in either the Senate or House I would think twice before I stand by or back President Donald Trump, he is isolating America and wrecking it from the inside and the american people can see it. If I were a Senator or Congressman or woman, I would be looking at my fellow members going why haven’t we started to write Articles of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump, and I would question a lot about why it hasn’t started already. I don’t care if your Republican, Democrat, or an Independent when it comes to your job and future as a Senator, or Congressperson, I would step back from Trump and start to call for Impeachment now and get it done before November 2018.

To those Republicans who are like the so called analyst on CNN and other channels who sit and back Trump no matter what he does like Jack Kingston, Steve Cortese, Paris Dennard, and the Fox crew of so called Trump supporters, I would stop and realize this, when Trump goes down so will you unless you stop supporting him. I watch CNN a lot and yes I know Trump and his supporters hate it and call it fake news, but I am noticing a trend lately, some so called Trump supporters are slowly backing off, and not going full ahead like before now. Even the former Senator Rick Santorum is slowly peeling back his support for all Trump does. He isn’t stupid, he knows and sees it is ridiculous and stupid shit Trump is saying and doing. But these supporters are Trumps little team of media consultants and helpers, who believe he can do no wrong. They are wrong too, and when Trump goes down they will also.



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